Best Ice Fishing Bibs – Buyer’s Guide for 2021

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

Have you ever experienced the extreme shock of freezing cold water rushing into your fishing boots as you stepped through some thin ice on a cold winter’s day? If you have, you’ll appreciate the importance of the right fishing bib to keep you safe, warm, and dry while ice angling.

We’ll break down the factors you should consider when buying an ice bib and also share our top picks for the best ice fishing bibs that will protect you from the elements on a trip.

Comparison of the Best Ice Fishing Bibs

  • Extremely lightweight and insulated pure polyester ice fishing bib
  • Reinforced design for durability and long boot zipper for convenience
  • Features a D-ring and boot gaiters with grippers for protection
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  • Simple and lightweight design with a highly visible color
  • Made from 100% nylon and properly insulated and strengthened
  • Adjustable leg cuff for comfort and machine washable design
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  • Internal waist adjustment and insulated reinforced design
  • Quick-drain expandable cargo pockets and zippered chest pockets
  • Ankle to knee side zips and adjustable leg openings
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  • 2-layer design with sheer hydrostatic resistance and perfect insulation
  • Reinforced knees and cuffs with padding and elastic shoulder straps
  • Zipper vents for temperature regulation and pockets for convenience
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  • Tough waterproof/windproof and breathable shell with adjustable inseam
  • Two-way front zipper with magnetic storm flaps
  • Padded knees, fleece-lined pockets, and a rapid drainage system
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  • Durable, lightweight material is waterproof and breathable
  • Heavy-duty coverage and protection
  • Drop-seat design, adjustable inseam, reflective, fast-drain hems
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  • Keeps you comfortable and warm in wet conditions
  • Floatable so no worries if you fall through the ice
  • Large storage pockets and hand warmer pockets
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Are Bibs Important While Ice Fishing?

Fishing bibs not only keep you dry, but they also protect you from cold and wind. Ice fishing can get very cold, and if you don’t dress properly, you could get hypothermia. Quality bibs are made of a material that will keep your body warm and not let any moisture in. They are not just latex covers to keep you dry, but they also let the internal moisture like perspiration be released. This helps maintain normal body temperature. It is always vital to protect yourself first.

It is, therefore, important to wear the right fishing bib. You need to know which one will fit you and which one will be best for the place you are going to.

What is an Ice Fishing Bib Used For? 

Like every recreational activity, ice fishing becomes more enjoyable and rewarding when you have the right equipment.

Because ice fishing is often done in bitterly cold conditions, keeping warm and dry is paramount in order to safely enjoy your day.

Ice fishing bibs are specifically designed for this activity, with plenty of insulation and other features to keep you dry and warm in freezing or sub-zero temperatures.

While standing or sitting still for long periods of time while fishing, you have a high risk of frostbite or hypothermia if your body is exposed to the biting winds, cold air, and water.

Ice bibs will protect you from getting hurt or sick due to the cold weather and you should definitely consider getting one for your next ice fishing expedition.

Choosing the Best Ice Fishing Bib

Not all ice fishing bibs are created equally. Some emphasize durability and insulation while others have extra features that can come in handy for some fishermen. Let’s look at the factors that will influence your decision on which one to get.


Insulation is important for your ice fishing trips because standing in biting cold winds will deprive you of body heat very quickly. The wind chill factor, combined with already freezing temperatures, can lead to hypothermia or frostbite.

A well-insulated bib will prevent you from losing body heat and will allow you to withstand harsh weather. Look for bibs with Thinsulate or fleece linings.

Does It Float?

Not every bib is designed to float. This feature proves its worth when you fall into the water and need to stay afloat. They may look like any other ice fishing bib, but floating bibs can save your life!

Is It Waterproof?

Just as the bib should keep you warm, it also needs to keep out the rain, snow, and water. Look for a bib that has a waterproof coating or layer.

With differing levels of waterproofing available, you should check what level of water protection is offered by the bib before you purchase. Bibs will provide you protection from rain ranging from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour.  

Does It Have Padded Knees?

Angling requires sitting, standing, and kneeling on occasion, so having reinforced knees on your bib will help protect your knees in case you fall or need to kneel on the ice.

Reflective Material or Lining

For increased visibility at night, it is recommended to get a bib with reflective tape or lining. This will make you safer when angling in the dark.

Other Features

Try to get a bib that’s lightweight, so you will not experience issues in moving around freely. It should also be durable, comfortable, and have room for layers of clothing underneath.

Depending on the weather, you might need additional clothing underneath the bib for additional insulation.

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Bibs

We’ve gone through the many options available on the market and rounded up the best ones.

Best Overall:
Arctix Men's Overalls Tundra Bib With Added Visibility

Arctix Men's Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls With Added Visibility, Black, Large, Large (36-38W 32L)


  • This is a very lightweight product
  • A boot zipper for easy removal and put on
  • Boot gaiters to keep the feet dry and warm
  • Has seat and knees, friction and scuff guards
  • Polyester garment makes it warm and waterproof
  • Plenty of pocket space
  • Insulated for warmth
  • Waterproof up to 5K M/M
  • Night visibility with reflective stripes


  • It does not have many size options
  • The elastic bands become loose throughout the day once adjusted

What Recent Buyers Report 

People are surprised by the level of protection and warmth it provides. Even after years of usage, the most error they could find was a broken zipper. No moisture gets in, and the skin remains protected from burns. The extra pockets also helped store keys and kept hands warm.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

These are heavy-duty multi-layered bibs that are ultra-lightweight. They use micro-chambers in the fabric to keep the wearer warm and dry even in extended use. It is laminated with a waterproof material that is also breathable so that your body moisture can evaporate and not build up inside. Ankle, scuff, and hem guard made of ballistic-nylon make it durable and resistant to tears.

Our top pick is the Tundra Bib from Arctix, which is made of 100% Polyester Ballistic and contains W/R + W/P 5000mm ThermaLock Coating and 85 grams of ThermaTech Insulation.

The bib is both lightweight and warm, with plenty of padding and reinforcement at the points where you may experience wear and tear.

The 20" boot zipper makes removing and putting on shoes easy and the trouser legs integrate seamlessly with boots to keep warmth in and moisture out.

For increased comfort, the bibs have zippered hand-warmer pockets and feature reflective safety webbing for night visibility. The 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation keeps you cozy in the coldest weather.

Aside from that, the bib is breathable and windproof. These relaxed-fit pants are machine washable, making them perfect for outdoor activities.

Who Will Use This Most 

This bib keeps out not only water but also snow and is windproof. This heavy-duty construction saves you from all kinds of weather conditions. If you plan on wearing it at night time, then this bib has an additional feature of reflective webbing for visibility.

Bottom Line

This is our top pick for ice fishing bibs. Arctix has kept all your comfort and safety in mind while making this high-performance outerwear. It is 100% insulated, with sealed hems and improved mobility, and it all comes at a low price as well.

Offering great value, this bib is the perfect one for the ice fishing enthusiast who values comfort and safety and will not compromise on quality.

Grunden's Men’s Weather Watch Bib

Grundens Men’s Weather Watch Sport Fishing Bib Trousers | Waterproof, Stain-Resistant, Red, Small


  • Has adjustable leg cuffs
  • Suspenders can be adjusted
  • Elastic side gussets for mobility
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Fully taped seams to ensure water protection
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable and easy to move while wearing


  • More expensive than others
  • Not insulated
  • Not designed for flotation

What Recent Buyers Report 

The bib is pretty strong and sturdy for its weight. People attach many things like keys or radios on it, and it holds. The price is also very reasonable. It doesn’t let your body temperature gets too warm, so people have also been wearing it in spring and autumn seasons without complaints because keeping dry is important in any weather when fishing.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This bib uses nylon material and oxford weave to make it comfortable, lightweight, and durable. It has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating that ensures your body remains dry and maintains its normal temperature. The seams are fully sealed to prevent any moisture from getting in and to make it wind-resistant as well. It takes care of the comfort of the wearer by adjustable spenders, ankle cuffs, and elastic side gussets.  

The Weather Watch Bib is made from 8k/3k waterproof, breathable, 420D Nylon Oxford weave fabric. It has fully taped seams, adjustable suspenders, and the hook-and-loop cinch ankle closures are adjustable. It offers plenty of storage in the leg cargo pocket and interior zippered chest pocket.

Being light, yet tough, the bib is durable and provides protection against the elements while the breathable construction prevents sweating and overheating. It can be rolled into a tight bundle and yet covers all of you and performs well in the heaviest of rain.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is used for fishing, mostly in cold weather. Its construction ensures internal moisture to get out, which is needed in outdoor activities. It is very comfortable and completely waterproof and comes in various sizes and colors for every body type. However, it’s not suitable for too extreme weather.

Bottom Line

This bib is designed to ensure a dry, warm, and safe experience. It ensures that your body remains 100% waterproof and windproof. It is also lightweight, breathable, and easy to use. That is really all you need from a bib, making this one an excellent pick. 

Choose this bib if you plan to wear layers inside, and are looking for something that works in both cold and warm weather.

It is great for outdoor activities that involve exposure to the elements and will keep you dry and comfortable in all sorts of rainy weather.

Best for the Money:
Frogg Toggs Pilot II Camo Bib

FROGG TOGGS Men's Pilot II Guide Waterproof Breathable Rain Bib Red/Black, X-Large


  • A lot of storage pockets
  • Breathable, lightweight and flexible
  • Suspenders and waist are adjustable
  • Ankle-to-knee zips to make the taking off and putting on easier
  • Inner layer is made of micro-textured tricot fabric to reduce skin contact
  • Keeps you dry
  • Layering is possible with the right size
  • Side pockets are deep and easy to access


  • They are not very durable
  • Zipper is a little difficult to operate in the rain

What Recent Buyers Report 

There are many pockets in this bib, and that comes in handy for everyone. People wear it in snowy and windy weather, and with appropriate undergarments, it keeps them warm all day. Also, the different sizes allow everyone to be able to use it. Many people have exchanged sizes for a better fit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bib is low-priced but still keeps all your requirements in mind. It is very comfortable with adjustable suspenders, waist, and ankle-to-knee zips. All this makes mobility and usage easy. It also has ample room for your accessories with the expandable cargo pockets, D-rings, and chest-storage. The Teflon-coated polyester and micro-textured inner fabric make it seem very light.  

The Pilot Frogg Guide bibs are designed for the worst weather conditions and are both waterproof and breathable. They are made from 3-layer submersible material, with 100% seam sealed, full-zip front entry, and thigh-length leg zips for putting them on and taking them off easily.

In addition, you can adjust the Y-suspenders and waist for a more comfortable fit. They are lightweight enough for mobility while giving you storage options via the expandable cargo pockets and zippered chest storage pockets.

Who Will Use This Most 

This comes in many different sizes for both men and women. It can handle harsh weather and is resistant to any wear and tear. You can use it for any outdoor activity in cold weather. Hunting and fishing are the most common. It is also affordable, so if you are on a budget, you can invest in these.

Bottom Line

This bib gives all the necessary protection and warmth features you need from this product, all while maintaining a low price. It comes in many different colors and sizes for everyone. The waterproof and breathability index is standard and not too low, as well. 

While it doesn’t have much insulation, this bib will protect you from the elements and can fit layers of clothes within to ensure you stay toasty on the coldest days. It is not as durable as some others, though, so factor that in if you plan to use it for a long time.

Best Frabill Ice Fishing Bibs:
Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill 2505041 Ice Fishing Safety Gear, Black, 2X-Large


  • Good waterproof index for breathability
  • Made of lightweight denier material
  • Uses 100% seam sealing for protection
  • Has knee and seat paddings on the inside
  • Zipper vents to regulate the temperature of the body
  • Windproof
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Sizing issues
  • No fly opening due to being waterproof

What Recent Buyers Report 

People living in a snowy area wear this product when the temperature outside is 10 degrees, and they are perfectly warm. The price is also not too much. This gets overall good reviews. People use it for all kinds of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. Users also report that the material is strong and resistant to any wear and tear.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The seams are completely sealed to ensure no moisture gets in that way. It is resistant to cold weather and will keep you warm. It is also very lightweight with zippers and knee cuffs to make it more comfortable. The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted, and it has padding and warm pockets to keep you safe and dry.

This bib is waterproof, windproof, and breathable, with a 300 denier nylon shell, YKK Zippers, 500 denier nylon reinforced knees and pant cuffs, 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation, and full elastic shoulder straps with cam lock buckles. For additional durability, the bib has internal knee and seat padding, and for comfort, it has hand warmer pockets and zipper vents for temperature regulation.

You can put away your gadgets and gear in the spacious cargo pockets, and stay safe at night with the 3M Scotchlite reflective material. It includes a self-rescue set: ice pick holsters, ice safety internal label, and drainage mesh.

Who Will Use This Most 

This bib has reflective material for use at night time. It also comes with a rescue kit that has drainage mesh and ice pick holsters. If you are going fishing in extreme weather, you can be sure to be warm, dry, and safe in it.

Bottom Line

Our second pick for ice fishing bibs comes with extra safety features and equipment. The zipper vents and padding, along with elastic shoulder straps, all ensure your comfort and safety. The material is also completely waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

With plenty of insulation and other features, this bib is no slouch! Opt for the Frabill I3 if you need a warm, comfortable, and waterproof bib for all kinds of weather conditions.

Editor's Pick:
IceArmor by Clam Edge Bib for Men


  • Storm gaiters to keep feet dry
  • Suspenders are adjustable for comfort
  • Scotchlite reflective elements for use at night
  • Lightweight and comfortable with padded knees
  • Ankle-to-waist zipper with magnetic flap for easy on and off
  • Well insulated
  • Plenty of storage
  • Reflective material suitable for night fishing


  • It is much more expensive
  • Some customers are dissatisfied with the length of the zip-up leg

What Recent Buyers Report 

These bibs are reported to be reliable and warm. They last for years, even after daily use. They are easy to use with all the zips and adjustable suspenders. People also love that there is plenty of room to keep their things. It certainly meets expectations and does not disappoint.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This bib uses 300D waterproof material that ensures breathability. It is also comfortable and durable with 1000D nylon knee patches and padding. It has internally lined pockets to keep hands warm and two-way zippers, adjustable inseam, adjustable suspenders, and storm gaiters for ease of use and comfort.   

This bib comes in bright and vivid colors and has plenty of insulation for keeping you warm while ice fishing. Offering comfort, mobility, and convenience, the bib has a tough 300D waterproof, windproof, breathable shell, and reinforced and padded, 1,000D ballistic nylon knee patches which make kneeling more comfortable.  

Ease of use is enhanced by the 2-way front zipper, fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets, long 2-way leg zips, adjustable inseam system with storm gaiters, and adjustable nylon suspenders with quick-release clasps. There’s even a built-in rapid drainage system for wet or slushy days. The fitting of the bib is also comfortable and allows for easy movement.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is made for outdoor ice activities. It ensures warmth and protection in extreme weather. Thus, you can use it for ice fishing, hunting, snowboarding, and other activities as well. There are different sizes available for every body type.

Bottom Line

When it comes to comfort, warmth, safety, and dryness, it does its job well. Plus, the manufacturers use ballistic nylon with padding to ensure water protection and maintain a low weight.  

While not ideal for extreme cold, this bib will keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures and you can add additional layers inside if needed.

The well-padded and thoughtfully designed bib is sure to be a great hit with ice anglers looking for some storage for their tools and equipment.

Best Women's Ice Fishing Bibs:
StrikerICE Women's Prism Bib

StrikerICE Women’s Prism Bib with Sureflote Technology, Size 6, Gray


  • Padded seat and knee area for added comfort
  • Porous tussore shell material that allows for breathability
  • Zip is magnetic, which makes the usability of the bib easier 
  • Enhanced floating ability through the in-built Sureflot flotation system  
  • Cuffs are adjustable, and the pockets can be expanded to store more accessories


  • Some users have reported it to be a bit loose around the ankles

What Recent Buyers Report

Apart from this bib coming from a reliable brand, users have reported it to be super durable and breathable in various atmospheric conditions. Since it is made to fit the female ergonomics, it is adored by women of all sizes for its high adjustability, which extends lengthwise for the legs. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Since the target group for this bib is women, it is also designed by women to bring out the most functional aspects, such as the 1680D Snakeskin knees and the adjustable inseam, which has proved to be super effective in enhancing comfort levels while harvesting seafood. 

Featuring a drop-seat design, StrikerICE offers cutting-edge wear, which can potentially outlast all available bibs. Special attention has been paid to the materiality, infusing it with Thermadex® insulation to give the user continuous comfort, even if the temperature goes below 40 degrees. It also has reflective elements that help lure the fish nearer for the angler to catch. 

Bottom Line

If storage is not your main concern and you want a bib that would serve the primary function well, this is your best bet. The inseam's adjustability and the drop-seat design of this bib are sure to provide an unforgettable harvesting experience.  

Best Ice Fishing Bibs And Jacket:
WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit | Insulated Bibs and Jacket | Flotation | Tons of Pockets | Adjustable Inseam | Reflective Piping | Waterproof Gear for Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling (Small)


  • Super easy to put on 
  • Fits most body sizes well 
  • Back, arms and waist have elastic adjustments
  • Waterproof and well-insulated for extremely cold temperatures
  • Double zipper construction for added durability under stormy conditions 


  • Harness is reported to be a bit challenging when it comes to its adjustability
  • Not available in different sizes but has adjustable features for different user groups

What Recent Buyers Report

This suit makes most anglers feel empowered when they step out for seafood harvesting. They admire its amazingly good insulation along with the knee padding and the thermal insulation, which help retain normal body temperature for extended periods.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

For most anglers, warmth is the priority. WindRider takes it up a notch by including thermal insulation even in the headpiece and has kept it removable so that the user has control over the desired temperature. Moreover, the bib has double zippers that allow for just enough opening up to prevent overheating. 

Another great feature is the foam inclusion in the gear, which allows for flotation in case the user experiences any slips. This takes away the fear of falling on ice due to the added weight of water soaking your gear. Pockets have also been included in the thigh area along with a hand warmer. 

Bottom Line

For anglers who believe that ‘it is all in the details,’ there can be no ice fishing bib better than this one. Its design allows the user to stay dry, warm, and comfortable no matter the activity. Design features such as extra padding, knee supports, and large inner mesh pockets can go a long way in adding to the overall comfort of the fishing experience. 

Best Floating Ice Fishing Bibs:

STORMR Men's Performance Andjustable Shoulders Reinforced Knees and Seat Black Strykr Bib, Small


  • Zipper can be opened all the way to the crotch
  • Sturdy exterior construction made out of polyester
  • Back panel is vented to keep the temperature under control
  • Side pockets are large enough for storage of small gearing items
  • Knee and shin pads are double-reinforced to prevent bodily injuries 


  • Some users have reported the straps to be a bit hard to adjust
  • Thick overall build offers little spaciousness to the chest pockets

What Recent Buyers Report

Stormr has gone beyond an average angler’s expectations of a bib by the inclusion of a buoyancy technology that manages to get rid of any water seeping into the bib, thus helping you stay afloat for longer hours. This is the most-liked feature by its users, along with its high stretchability. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

If there is one thing that Stormr takes pride in, it’s the high-grade bib for harsh conditions. The polyester provides warmth in the coldest of atmospheric conditions while the back panels help with the ventilation in case you don’t like your body to get too heated up.

Moreover, it offers a thick overall build with chest pockets, allowing you to carry tools with you and access them easily. The firmness and no-tug ability of the material make it a great choice for hunters, too, as little to no sound will be created while moving in this bib. 

Bottom Line

Designed to tolerate harsh weather, it makes for a great fit for professional fishermen. The included hand warmers, along with the waterproof exterior pockets, make for great comfort features, while the waist ankle cuffs and shoulder straps offer adjustability like no other.

Honorable Mention:
 STORMR Strykr Bib

Stormr Strykr Bib, Smoke, XXX-Large - Fishing, Fly Fishing & Ice Fishing


  • Flotation
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Highly adjustable


  • The size chart on their website is unreliable

Made from 100% polyester,  this bib has adjustable shoulder straps, a vented back panel, and two fleece-lined chest hand-warmer rests.

Combined with the matching jacket, this waterproof bib can provide almost head-to-toe protection in even the harshest weather.

The bib uses an abrasion-resistant material in high contact areas, features 3M reflective graphics, and nearly five pounds of positive buoyancy. So you can now enjoy warmth, flotation, and flexibility in one great package.

Bottom Line

With plenty of insulation and extra features like positive buoyancy, this bib gives great value and will be an asset to any angler in rough weather. Just double check the size with the seller before purchasing, as their stated sizing may not be reliable.

What to Wear When Ice Fishing 

Ice fishing calls for gear that is comfortable throughout fishing and has the necessary functions that would allow the user some form of adjustability and control. The following items should be worn to ensure a good ice fishing experience; 

  1. Waterproof Bib: This is usually a very basic outfit for ice fishing and contains a layered laminate fabric, which helps you stay dry throughout the day and prevents the body temperature from rising to uncomfortable levels. 

  2. Pocket warmers: These can be purchased additionally and are big enough for your hands to snug in when the temperature drops and you need to keep your hands warm to carry out the rest of the fishing activity. 

  3. Gloves: No one likes a loose fit, and the wrong size can make you slip out on good ice fishing opportunities, which is why you should go for gloves that are snug to wear. 

  4. Waders: These come in the category of footwear and can be essential for preventing water seepage to the lower legs and feet so that you can carry out ice fishing without getting soaked and risk getting the flu.

What Size Ice Fishing Bib Do I Need? 

Smooth mobility calls for the right-sized bib. The selection criteria for the size of any ice fishing bib must include the gender of the user, the type of activity that the user intends to carry out in it, and the functional expectations of the user of the bib. Normally, the size of the ice fishing bib will be your normal clothing size. 

An insulated bib is usually thicker, so keep that in consideration when determining the size. If you end up with a size bigger than your own, the chances are that you will experience a slip on ice. If it is smaller than your size, you will be unable to guard your body. 

Some bibs come only in medium sizes to cater to heights ranging till 5’11” and a waist of 34” and compensate for the absence of varying sizes by including adjustability features for the chest, waist, and overall length. For further clarification, you can refer to the sizing chart that is provided by the brand of your choice. 

Can Any Bib Be Used for Ice Fishing? 

No, not any bib can be used for ice fishing because regular bibs do not contain protective and storage features, such as waterproofing, flotation levels, and padding. These are must-haves in bibs designed specifically for ice fishing as they help retain normal body temperature and guarantee safety against injuries.

Additionally, you can expect a high-quality ice fishing bib, probably made of nylon, to have a reflective tape that serves as a safety feature and spacious pockets to help your hands fight the cold or store fishing equipment. So, keep the aspects mentioned above into consideration before you make your purchase.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Some important things you should keep in mind when buying an ice fishing bib are:

Waterproof Level

Your bib’s main purpose is to keep you dry and warm. If it doesn’t do that, then nothing else matters. Normally these have a waterproof index of 11,000 to 15,000. This is the pressure at which water is able to press through and is measured in mm. This range ensures breathability while keeping you dry. Always wear insulating layers to keep warm. They also have pockets to store your things and keep your hands warm.


You should be able to move around in your bib, or fishing could get very difficult and annoying. Some bibs provide for this by various stitches and design improvements that help you stay comfortable. The materials used are usually flexible.


The bib should be your normal clothing size. If it is too big, you will slip and fall, and if it is too small, your entire body will not be protected. So, of course, buying the right size for you is essential.


If you are going to be using this every day or in extreme weather, the bib needs to be strong and durable. It should handle all the snow and wind and last you a long time. The value for money in any product is important. Most of these are made of ballistic nylon and micro-textured to make them light and comfortable while remaining strong.

How to Clean an Ice Fishing Bib

Waterproof bibs are crucial for the winter season, but they can only last if the user cleans them as per instructions, and proper maintenance is done. Follow the steps laid out below to clean the StrikerICE Women's Prism Bib;

  1. Select the load size in your washing machine and set it on small or medium, depending on the size of your bib. Another option is to use a mild detergent with cold water. 

  2. In the case of pretreated stained areas, a stain removal spray can be used if necessary. The bib should be used after every six to eight uses. This helps the stains from strengthening and gets rid of all the oil, sweat, or dirt that may have gathered up on the inside of the lining or seams. 

  3. To dry the bib, use a medium-low setting for 20 minutes. If these settings are not available to you, let it air-dry; otherwise, excessive heating may cause shrinkage of the nylon or polyester material.

Ice Fishing Bib vs Waders - Comparison Overview 

Ice fishing bib and waders serve differently in both form and functionality. The bibs are meant to be a protective piece of clothing, while waders are protective footwear. The only thing they share in common is the ability to keep the user warm and protect them from coming in contact with water. Some of the other features through which they can be compared are mentioned below; 


Waters can be used to hunt and fish both while bibs are more specifically made just for ice fishing. They both can be quite comfortable if chosen wisely, keeping the activity in mind. For in-water activity, waders are a better choice as compared to bibs, which would have to be paired with good-quality insulated boots if the user has to go into the water. 


Waders are more likely to retain body moisture and thus become a bit heavy to walk around in after some period of time. So it is recommended that they should only be used in water, and as soon as the user comes out, a bib can be worn. Waders do not offer a lot on the walkability factor and tend to wear out quickly if worn excessively on the ground.


With several options for ice fishing bibs made from modern materials that will keep you both warm and comfortable, you have no more excuses to get cold or wet this ice fishing season. So what are you waiting for?

Just keep in mind our tips for selecting the right bib while shopping for an ice fishing bib so that it offers the right features. Go for bibs that are well insulated, waterproof, and float, so that you remain safe and comfortable while having fun fishing on the ice.

People Also Ask

Even though we have covered all the essential aspects for choosing the right ice fishing bib, there are still many queries that can confuse the user in the long run. Some of these have been expanded on below to save up on your time and effort;

How Much Does a Quality Ice Fishing Bib Cost? 

A quality ice fishing bib can cost anywhere from $150 to $300, as it contains features like adjustability and insulation. Features that further add to the cost are extra pockets and pocket warmers; these are not essentials but still come in handy and add to the user comfort in the long run. 

Can I Wear a Bib Over Fishing Pants?

Yes, a bib can be worn over ordinary fishing pants. The waist's elasticity permits a comfortable fit, and pants can be tucked under or out, depending on the user. Fishing pants also usually come in a sturdy material to prevent water seepage inside. They are also pretty breathable, and this layering of clothing helps the angler stay warm in the harsh temperatures.

What is a Drop Seat Bib?

A drop seat is one of the additional features that high-quality bibs offer. It comes in handy for fast accessibility in case nature calls. It basically converts the bib into pants by allowing the user to take the top straps away using the zip and the flexible inseam, which comes in various lengths for an immediate hem.

Does a Bib Go Under My Boots or Over?

A bib goes over the boots so that the ice does not get a chance to slide its way inside the boots; otherwise, it would be an extremely uncomfortable and irreversible situation. Since the user's main concern behind purchasing a bib is to keep the cold out, it is only common sense to put it over the boot for protective purposes. 

How Do Fishing Bibs Connect to Boots?

Fishing bibs go over the boots, and in case the length turns out to be too long, they can be folded till the ankle. Normally, professional anglers prefer to use muck boots in combination with waterproof bibs as they are sturdy and practical for on-the-field game. 

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