Best Fishing Spinners of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

Fishing is enjoyed around the world as a hobby, profession, and sport. The industry is heavily armed with various types of equipment. And one such important piece of equipment is fishing lures. 

Fishing lures are the bait used to lure fish into biting on the hook. Spinners are one of many types of lures that have metallic blades attached to a wire and hook. Inside the water, the blades spin, creating the illusions of small fish. Bigger fish fall for the trap and bite onto the hook. As a result, you get a catch!

In this article, we will be discussing the best available spinners so that your fishing experience is a success rather than a lost day in the water.

Comparison Chart of the Best Fishing Spinners

  • Designed to offer optimal water displacement
  • Has fine silicone skirt
  • Comes with a reliable hook
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  • Will not roll or twist the line
  • Comes plated with either 24K gold or pure silver
  • Enables long and easier casts
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  • Best for the Money
  • Design makes them irresistable to the fish
  • Creates fast and easy spinning
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  • Best Small Fishing Spinners
  • Causes a lot of water disruption
  • Sharp hook is included
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  • Best Fishing Spinners for Trout
  • Heavy and large for bigger fish luring
  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater use
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  • Best Bass Fishing Spinners
  • Best-suited for freshwater fishing
  • Simulates yummy bait for fish
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  • Best Salmon Fishing Spinners
  • Manufacture from high-quality material
  • Great for salmon fishing
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What to Look For When Buying a Fishing Spinner

Before we get into reviewing the options, let’s first take a look into what makes for a good spinner. There are a few features that make a difference not only on the quality but also on your intended use. Getting an unsuitable lure due to lack of understanding would be money and time wasted.

Wire Form

The wire forms the skeleton of the spinner bait. Thinner wires aid in creating an underwater hum that attracts the fish. A heavier wire, on the other hand, gives more durability. The wire also makes a tie between the blade and the hook. 

A V-tie is usually used for ordinary fish. But when catching ‘toothy’ fish, a closed coil is used. This bend holds the fish securely without tangling the line.

Head Design

You will notice a lot of differences in the design of the lure head as well. Lead is used most commonly, but Tungsten is also gaining popularity. They differ in weight, 1/16oz. for small fish to 2oz. for large fish. 

Streamlined heads overcome water resistance and give speed underwater. Meanwhile, curved heads give them the ability to retain the structure when bumping into heavier objects.

Booyah Pond Magic in use.

Spinner Bait Skirt

Skirts come in different colors and materials. Multi-strand, Silicon skirts are the popular choice for sea bass. Silicon gives an almost natural pulsating swimming motion to the bait. For toothy fish like muskies, however, Silicon bait will not last longer than 3-4 fish. Anglers, in such cases, use more disposable hooks such as bucktails.


Multiple hooks on the lure are always a good idea, for they increase the chances of fish biting onto them. Another popular choice is trailer hooks. These are usually used for bass when they are biting short. The trailer hook holds them in place, reducing the chances of escape.

Review of the Best Fishing Spinners

Now that we’ve seen what makes or breaks a good spinner bait, let’s get into seeing some of the best available options in detail. This review would show you how the features described above when put together, can make various different types of lures for various needs.

Best Overall:
Booyah Pond Magic

BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner, Shad


  • Fine Silicon skirt to mimic the swimming motion
  • V bend tie aids in swift movement through water
  • Mustad hook reliably holds fish in place during retrieval
  • Tandem blades assist in displacement and attract the fish
  • Hand forged to give fine details to mimic the fish as much as possible


  • Optimal performance is limited to small water
  • Not suitable for use with bigger and heavier lines

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that they had an incredible experience with this lure. They were able to catch a lot of fish like Crappie, Bream, Channel Catfish, but specifically bass. Even after several dips in the water for many hours, the bait did not rust. It didn’t need much sharpening even after constant use. They found the Craw Fish mimicking colors to work the best.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The spinner uses silicon, which can withstand heavy weight and multiple sharp bites as well as mimic swimming motion well. The lure has a V tie that provides agility in the water yet holds fish in place. Moreover, the bait is not limited to a particular size range and can catch multiple weights of fish, including large and small Sea Bass.

Who Will Use This Most

This Booyah spinner is suitable for anglers wanting to catch game fish. It works best with slow to medium-fast spinning reels. It would be highly suitable for those who fish in small water bodies. It is suitable for anglers looking for durable, long-lasting bait. The versatility in color is advantageous for those who plan on fishing various different types of fish.

Bottom Line

Overall, this lure is a perfect solution to all your fishing problems. It has a Silicon build for durability and lasting operation. It is strong enough to support heavy fish and a great option if you are targeting a plethora of game fish types with special focus to sea bass.

Johnson Sliver Minnow

Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Silver 3 3/4in - 1 1/8 oz


  • Does not tangle the line
  • Weed guard to prevent tangling in aquatic plants
  • 35-degree wobble balls for moving back and forth
  • Brass blade construction for endurance and increased life
  • Silver and gold plating to give enhanced shine for attracting fish


  • Imperfection in the eyes of the bait may cut through the line
  • Has only one blade that might reduce chances of catching a fish’s attention

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers have hailed the Johnson Silver Minnow is a very effective bait. It cast long distances and was efficient in catching bass, pike, salmon, and many other inshore species. Fishing trips turned out to be much more successful with theis bait. The hook dug in well and held it in place strongly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the shining features of this spinner is its weed guard. Almost all water bodies have aquatic plants. The weed guard prevents the bait from getting stuck in the weeds and keeps it moving in the water. Moreover, the bait is silver and gold plated. This adds to the shine of the bait as it swims through, increasing the chances of attracting a fish.

Who Will Use This Most

The bait requires some experience to handle during rough conditions. That’s why it might not be the best choice for beginners. However, for seasoned anglers, this is one of the unbeatable spinners. It has a very strong design, and it could be used to catch plenty of types of fish. Keeping in consideration the weed guard, it is also a very effective solution for those who fish in water dense with plants and weed.

Bottom Line

All in all, the lure supports a very intelligent layout. It is designed to target big fish and employs useful characteristics for it. Suitable for use even in deep water, it casts long distances and makes for a popular choice among its users.

Best for the Money:
Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin Spinner


  • Very high spinning action underwater
  • Closed coil bend prevents coil tangling
  • Features sharp premium hooks to hold the fish
  • Heavy weight of the bait aids in sinking the bait deeper
  • Sonic vibrations produced by Concave Convex blade to attract fish


  • Chances of getting tangled in the weeds
  • Heavy weight would be difficult to maneuver in shallow depths

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who’ve used these spinners are ecstatic over the results. Most don't walk home empty-handed when they’re fishing with this bait. It sinks deep, which enables anglers to target the fish present there. The closed coil prevented the line from tangling even when cast to the depths.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The blade has a concave, convex shape that mimics the appearance of a fish. Not only that, but the blade also produces sonic vibrations when moving. These vibrations are similar to the ones produced by small fish. This helps in luring the prey in the bait’s direction even before they see it. 

Who Will Use This Most

This bait has been most successful in catching trout. Novice or experienced anglers who fish for trout will thus find this lure very useful. The Panther Martin Spinner is one of the best baits for deep freshwater fishing to catch almost anything from a salmon and bass to a pike or trout.

Bottom Line

A bait that introduces yet another approach to catch the fish, the Panther Martin Spinner is very effective. It utilizes the concept of sonic wave production to mimic a fish’s movement to catch the fish. It has a superior build that can catch different types of fish. 

Best Fishing Spinners for Trout:
Fishing Lure Spinnerbait by Tbuymax

10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait, Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit with 2 Tackle Boxes by Tbuymax


  • Usable in both freshwater and saltwater
  • Brightly colored blades/sleeves to attract the fish
  • Sharp treble hook ensures proper latching of fish
  • Large bait (2.5”-3”) with heavy weight (0.25oz.-0.28oz.)
  • Suitable for catching the big fish i.e., Bass, Trout, Walleye, etc.


  • Spinning action is not the best
  • Does not last very long with big fish

What Recent Buyers Report

There were mixed reviews on this product, with most tilting towards the positive side. Recent buyers have had some trouble with the spinning of the bait. However, it provides a good value for its price. They have decent quality, and the hook is piercing. The leaves have different colors and patterns, which are very useful for attracting fish.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bait is large and heavy, which is very suitable for catching trout. But more importantly, it has a treble hook. The treble hook is incredible when it comes to fish who bite sharp and escape. With these, the chances of your catch escaping are very few. The hooks also aid in preventing the line from tangling.

Who Will Use This Most

This lure is very suitable for trout fishers. However, those who deal with large and heavy fish will find it quite suitable as well. It is very easy to handle, which makes it a great choice for beginners. Also, the fact that it could be used in fresh and saltwater enhances its usability.

Bottom Line

All in all, this lure is robust and also affordable. It has strong components like a sharp hook and reflective leaves that trap the prey well in its place. Moreover, it comes in various colors to mimic a wide range of baitfish. This is a good deal for its price.

Best Small Fishing Spinners:
Mepp's Plain Aglia


  • Concave blade mimics the shape of a fish
  • Supports a closed coil bend to add durability
  • Metal blades for a shiny attractive appearance
  • Varying sizes from very small (0.08oz.) to large (5oz.)
  • A sharp treble hook to secure the prey and avoid tangling


  • Stainless steel blade might rust
  • Not suitable for water with heavy forceful currents

What Recent Buyers Report

Once the buyers started using this, there was no going back. The lure caught fish almost every time. The color range is very attractive to the fish to which they fall prey almost immediately. Although it’s great for all game fish, trout is most attracted to it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The quality build supports various features that make the bait stand out. It comes in various sizes, which cover a wide range of bait requirements. The spinner produces quite a show with its eye-catching colors and movements that produce vibrations to attract fish. They have versatile colors. Silver, gold, and brass are suitable for clear water while the colorful ones are useful in murky water.

Who Will Use This Most

The blade is French, which means it makes a medium angle with the wire. As a result, it works best with average and low retrieval speeds. Hence, anglers using low to medium speed reels will get the optimal performance out of them. These spinners are best for still or low current waters.

Bottom Line

These spinners come in various sizes that cover not only small but also large fish. Their versatile color range deems them suitable from clean to muddy waters. Plus, they are colorful enough to intelligently mimic a fish.

Best Bass Fishing Spinners:
Rebel Lures Pop-R Fishing Lure

Rebel Lures Pop-R Topwater Popper Fishing Lure, Ol' Bass, Pop-R (1/4 oz), One Size


  • Buzzbait i.e. supports multiple blades
  • A fast retrieving and lightweight spinner
  • Treble hooks are very sharp as well as revolving
  • Loud and actively moves to attract the attention of prey
  • Features a dressed tail for attraction and also for stability in water


  • Only surfaces the top water
  • Does not come in many sizes and weights

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all recent buyers found the Pop-r spinner to be a great addition to their tackle box. The splashes produced by the vibrant bait instantly catch the fish’s attention. Once near the surfaces, the excited fish bites right into the bait. These lures quickly became the anglers’ favorites.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Pop-R is a buzz bait, which means it carries more than one hook. The multiple treble hooks enhance the chances of catching a fish. Their rotatory action on the surface of the water combined with the flashy tail creates quite an attraction for the fish. Once the fish bite, there is no escape.

Who Will Use This Most

Fishermen of the shallow water will find great use in this bait. Anglers who do not require a variety of sizes will be very happy with these spinners, especially if their main target is bass. Since they are a little pricey, they would be best suited who are looking for unparalleled quality and performance but do not mind spending a little on it.

Bottom Line

The Pop-R is rightly named because it has a very popping appearance which works to the angler’s advantage. These spinners are second to none in their job and are capable of doing everything that would attract a fish. From appearance to motion and then to multiple blades, they’ve got it all.

Best Salmon Fishing Spinners:
5001104 Mepps Alaska Bonanza Kit

Mepp's K7 Alaska Bonanza Kit - Plain Single Hook Lure Assortment, Multi, one Size


  • Blades are protected against corrosion
  • Silver-plated bodies to give extra shine
  • Rugged vinyl finishes that overcome resistance
  • Beads on the body prevent chipping and breaking
  • Brass based bodies and hooks provide a solid overall construction


  • No decorated tail for aiding in attracting the fish
  • Hooks might be too big for fish other than Alaskan Salmon

What Recent Buyers Report

Users of the Alaskan region found this lure to be a monster in the water. The silver-plated blade was quite an attraction for salmon while the hooks secured their bulky bodies right in place. The blades are protected against corrosion and didn’t wear out even after long days at the lake.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The thought that went into designing this bait is reflective in its build. Since it was designed to work in Alaskan waters to capture powerful salmon, it has a strong, sturdy overall build. The vinyl finish works against resistance to give the bait an almost undisturbed flow mimicking a fish’s motion. Moreover, the beaded body prevents chipping as well as prevents the bait from snapping under resistance by the fish.

Who Will Use This Most

The bait is a superior choice for use in Alaskan waters. It could work in currents where the vinyl finish comes in handy to prevent resistance. Fishermen mostly focused on catching salmon are the ones who’ll make the most use of it.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Mepp Alaskan Spinner is second to none in catching salmon. It has all the necessary features that make for great bait. They are strong yet agile. The agility mimics a fish while the strength aids in securing the catch firmly in place.

Pros and Cons of Fishing Spinners

Spinners are one of the most efficient and useful types of bait. They are suitable for a variety of fish, including some of the very aggressive ones as well. They have their pros that make them very useful while there are also a few cons that might limit their use according to the situation to some extent. 

Following, we have discussed some of the most important pros and cons associated with spinners.


First, let’s take a look at the pros of this fishing equipment

Attractive Appearances

Spinner baits have vibrant, colorful bodies that are combined with blades and/or tails. The blades have shiny appearances and come in a variety of colors. The tails have a feathery appearance, and they too come in versatile colors. These appearances work in unison to very closely mimic a fish in vision, as well as movement.

Experts of Murky Water

Unlike most bait, spinners are very effective in murky water, as well as under strong currents. Their flashy looks are detectable in muddy water, and in clear water, can be spotted by fish from quite a distance. Moreover, the waves produced by their movements lure the fish towards them.

Multiple Uses and Usable Year-Round 

While most baits are limited in use to certain seasons like jigs for spring, spinners can be used all year round. Since they have versatile appearances, they can mimic a wide variety of fish that might appear at different times around the year. Moreover, they have metal construction, which makes them reusable.


On the other hand, they come with the following limitations:

Clear Water Conditions

Although they still function in very clear and calm waters, they might not be the best choice for such conditions. Their flashy looks are too noticeable and hence suspicious to the fish. 

Lazy Fish

Spinners are best at attracting active and aggressive fish. Under certain conditions, when the fish such as bass are lagging or have slowed movements, spinners are not the best performing choice of bait.

Fishing Lure Spinnerbait by Tbuymax


In the wide and vast fishing markets, baits hold a considerable place. They are crucial to fishing and come in many different types. One of the most popular types, spinners are hugely popular among the experienced and the novice alike. They support various features like a colorful exotic appearance and motion that produce swimming pulsating movements that mimic the fish very closely. 

A wide range of spinners is available, covering the need of almost all anglers. They are incredible baits that do not lack in performance.

People Also Ask

There might still be some questions remaining in your mind after going through the review. And we won’t leave before fully satisfying your curiosity. In this section, after careful research, we answer some of the most sought-after questions for you to take help from.

What Fish Do Spinners Catch?

Spinners can catch a wide variety of fish, but mostly active aggressive fish are attracted to them. They can tackle powerful toothy fish with their closed coil bends. To name a few, they can catch predatory fish such as perch, pike, bass, and salmon.

Do You Use a Float With a Spinner?

These differ in size and weight. If they are lightweight, they offer fast retrieval and remain closer to the surface. Hence, in these cases, you do not need a floater. However, with heavier spinners, the retrieval may be a little slow, and you might need to add a floater to avoid the escape of the fish before the hook is out of water.

Do Trout go For Spinners?

Spinners are great for capturing trout. Due to their colorful appearance, they look like prey that a trout would feed on. Also, spinners move fast, which is very useful for catching the trout’s attention. All in all, they are successfully being used widely for hunting trout.

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