Best Deer Buckshot – 2021 Top Picks Reviewed

Shotguns can be extremely effective in hunting deer and other big game animals if they’re used with the right buckshot. But with so many different options available today, choosing the right bullet is often a difficult task.

But don’t worry! To ensure you make a clean, effective, and ethical kill, we present you with these reviews of the best deer buckshot available today.

We invite you to give them a read before making your next purchase.

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Comparison of the Best Deer Buckshot

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What is Buckshot?

Buckshot can be defined as the largest type of ‘shot’ used in shotgun shells, and a normal buckshot load consists of several medium diameter pellets. As the name suggests, it was originally designed for hunting medium-sized game like deer. There are many different variations and types of buckshot available today, but the most common one is the 12 gauge 00 buckshot, which consists of nine .33 caliber pellets. 

What is Buckshot Used For?

Buckshot is used for hunting moose, caribou, deer, and any other large game. But, because of the low pellet count, the bullet is not as effective in hunting birds and smaller animals.

Due to the superior stopping power it offers, buckshot is also commonly used for self-defense. The low recoil and coated shot further make the unit a great choice for home defense.


How to Choose Buckshot for Deer Hunting

To ensure a successful hunt, following are a few things you should consider before choosing your buckshot:

Rules and Regulations

Considering the rule book is certainly the first step you need to take. It’s essential that you know the type of ammunition allowed in your area, including the stipulations on slugs and buckshot, along with the type of firearm you’re permitted to use. You can consult your state’s Department of Natural Resources for all the rules and regulations, or you can ask a local sporting goods store.

Shotgun Gauge Sizes

Selecting the best gauge is one of the most important aspects of purchasing the right buckshot. In the firearms industry, shotguns are measured in gauges rather than calibers. According to experts, large ammunition is the ideal choice for hunting big game animals, including deer and turkeys.

Shotgun Shell Length

Along with different gauges, shotgun chambers are also available in different lengths. To ensure your own safety and the safety of bystanders, make sure you choose a shell that matches your shotgun’s chamber.

However, if you want to shoot with greater power and accuracy, you’ll need to purchase the longest type of buckshot that can be safely used in your gun.


Review of the Best Buckshot for Deer

Having the right gear and ammunition is essential for a successful hunt. To ensure you choose the right buckshot, the following are reviews of some of the best options available on the market today. So make sure you give them all a read!

Best Overall: Winchester Super-X Buckshot Shotshells


  • Reduced felt-recoil allows easier follow-up shots
  • High-quality instruction ensures durability and reliability
  • One-piece hinged wad produces consistent and tight patterns
  • Ideal for predator hunting, self-defense, and big game hunting
  • Delivers superior stopping power and excellent performance


  • Quality control of Winchester is a bit poor
  • Might not be suitable for those who are recoil-sensitive

What Recent Buyers ReportMost recent buyers were extremely satisfied with their purchase and said that they would not hesitate to buy the bullets again. They particularly liked the purchase value and stopping power they offered. However, some users reported that they received defective products. They also said that this unit is not a good shell and choke combination.Why it Stands Out to Us The Winchester’s high-quality components are what make it stand out from the crowd. The materials used in production ensure superior, reliable performance and provide jaw-dropping results. With a velocity of 1,325 fps, the bullet delivers heavy stopping power, allowing you to make precise and effective shots.Who Will Use This MostAs mentioned above, the Winchester Super-X Buckshot Shotshells are the perfect option for predator hunting, big game hunting, and self-defense. This load is most effective against big game animals, including fox, deer, bobcats, and coyotes, but it can also be used for smaller animals, including ducks, quails, and rabbits.What Could Be Improved and WhyThere are a few things that could be improved with this product. As some users received faulty products, Winchester could work on their quality control. The pattern of the bullet could also be reduced to ensure precise, accurate shots.Bottom LineAll in all, the Winchester Super-X Buckshot Shotshells surely deserve a place on our list of top picks. The high-quality components deliver superior stopping power and performance, while the mild recoil ensures easier follow-up shots. However, be sure to inspect the shot you receive immediately, bearing in mind that some users reported receiving a defective product.

Best for the Money: Hornady 12GA 2 3/4″ 00 Buckshot Critical Defense Ammunition


  • Extremely accurate, deadly, and dependable
  • Specially loaded to ensure proper functioning
  • High-quality construction ensures durability and reliability
  • Delivers tight, consistent patterns every single time
  • Perfect for hunting, personal defense, and law enforcement purposes


  • Very strong muzzle flash
  • Kicks more compared to other options, and may not be appropriate for those who are recoil sensitive

What Recent Buyers ReportMost buyers were extremely satisfied with this product’s quality and stated that they would not hesitate to purchase it again. They were particularly impressed by the bullet’s tight and consistent pattern and even recommended it to other potential buyers. However, some users reported that the unit has a strong muzzle flash and a great deal of kick. Why it Stands Out to Us The Hornady’s consistent performance and reliable function make it stand out from the crowd. Designed with the company’s Versatite wad technology, the bullet delivers tight, even, and consistent patterns every time without any modification to your gun. It is also manufactured to ensure proper functioning, making it an extremely dependable product.Who Will Use This MostThis bullet is the perfect option for pest control, home defense, and Southern whitetail hunting. Moreover, this unit is extremely effective if you need to take a 10-yard or longer shot, especially if you’re using a shotgun with actual sights.What Could Be Improved and Why?Although the Hornady has received positive reviews, there are a few things that could be improved. The recoil and muzzle flash should be reduced to allow quicker and easier follow-up shots. The price of the product was also an issue for some buyers.Bottom Line

The Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition is clearly the best 00 buckshot available on the market today. Designed with Versatite technology, the bullet delivers tight, consistent patterns, while its high-quality construction ensures proper functioning. However, this buckshot is a bit expensive compared to other models.

Best 20 Gauge: Remington Express Buckshot Shotshells


  • Extremely affordable
  • Designed to deliver tight, even patterns
  • Ideal for both hunting and home defense
  • Consistent and low recoil allows easier follow-up shots
  • High-quality construction makes this bullet reliable enough for self-defense


  • Quality control is a bit poor
  • Bullet patterns can be a bit too tight

What Recent Buyers ReportMost people who invested in this product were extremely satisfied with their purchase and recommended it to other potential buyers as well. Some buyers even said that this is the only ammunition they use. However, some users reported receiving faulty bullets and felt that the pattern was too tight.Why it Stands Out to Us  One thing that makes the Remington stand out to us is its innovative design. As mentioned above, the bullet is manufactured into a brilliant combination of granulated polymer buffering and heavy cushioning behind the shot column. As a result, pellet roundness is maintained, leading to tight, consistent, and even patterns.Who Will Use This MostAs this unit offers versatile rounds, it is the ideal option for both hunting and home defense. Since the pattern is tight, it is perfect for hunting deer and coyotes and ensures an effective, clean kill.What Could Be Improved and WhyAlthough the Remington Express has received positive reviews, there are some things that can be improved. The amount of plastic residue in the bore can be minimized to allow more rounds in the magazine. Remington can also work on their quality control to ensure every customer gets a high-quality product.Bottom LineTo put it simply, the Remington Express Buckshot Shotshells are the best 20 gauge shells available today. Their innovative design ensures tight, even patterns, while their high-quality construction makes them reliable enough for self-defense. However, due to poor quality control, there is a chance you might receive a faulty unit.

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Best 410 Buckshot: Winchester 410GA 2.5″ 000 Buck 3 Pellets Super-X Ammunition


  • Perfect for small animals and self-defense
  • Moderate recoil allows easier follow-up shots
  • Extremely accurate and delivers excellent performance
  • Deposits tremendous energy upon impact, ensuring a clean kill
  • Precise manufacturing processes and high-quality components ensure reliability and durability


  • May not be suitable for hunting deer
  • Pellets pattern a bit erratically at 25 yards
  • Kicks a bit more compared to other alternatives

What Recent Buyers ReportAccording to most reviews, buyers were extremely happy with their purchase and even recommended it to other people. They were particularly impressed by the bullet’s quality and stopping power. However, some users felt that the bullet kicked excessively. Why it Stands Out to Us The Winchester’s superior performance is why it deserves a place on our list of top picks. Designed with high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes, the bullets deliver better and more reliable knock-down power. They also deposit tremendous energy upon impact and provide maximum accuracy, resulting in an effective, clean kill.Who Will Use This MostThe Winchester Super-X Ammunition is an excellent self-defense and close range round. Although this bullet can be used for hunting deer, it is more effective in hunting smaller animals, including coyotes, foxes, and bobcats.What Could Be Improved and WhyAlthough the Winchester has mostly received positive reviews, there are a few things that could be improved. Firstly, the unit could be designed to have a lower recoil to allow easier and quicker follow-up shots. The pattern could also be improved to be tighter and more consistent to ensure precise and accurate shots.Bottom LineThe Winchester 410GA Super-X Ammunition certainly deserves a place on this list. Designed with high quality components, this allows you to make accurate shots, while its superior stopping power ensures a clean, effective kill. However, it is a bit louder than other varieties of buckshot.

Best Low Recoiling 00 Buckshot Ammo:Fiocchi Buckshot 12 Gauge 2.75 in 00 Buckshot


  • Only nickel plated pellets manufacturer
  • Suitable for thick skinned game like hogs
  • Folded closed crimp and not a cheap rolled crimp
  • Nickel plated pellets deliver better penetration and patterns
  • Felt recoil is considerably less than other 00 buckshot ammo


  • Excellent value but not cheap
  • Cycling issues with some semi-auto shotguns

What Recent Buyers Report

These are great shells for the price and the most liked factor was their low recoil. These shells recoil like a #7 or #8 buckshot. The patterning is slightly larger than similar ammo, but the penetration and accuracy is great. Some users reported cycling issues with several semi-auto shotguns. Especially the ones with a heavy recoil piston. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

These Fiocchi shells offer 9 nickel plated pellets. Which are harder and offer better range due to improved velocity. The pellets will pack enough punch and penetration to surely bring down a thick-skinned animal. Whether two legged or four legged. These shells use boxer primer and a folded closed crimp for perfect performance. These shells burn clean with most of them being perfect for reloading. 

With a muzzle velocity of 1325 f/s on a 24 inch barrel, these shells are great for shotguns with a good swing. The comparatively less recoil of these shells makes them more manageable for stout, as well as smaller stature shooters. 

Bottom Line

The Fiocchi 12 gauge buckshot is a powerful and reliable deer hunting ammo option when you are using pump action shotguns. It has a lesser recoil, better penetration and velocity than most 00 buckshots. Plus the nickel plated pellets are a unique and useful disposition. 

5. Hornady Lead Buck Shot


  • Designed to hit harder and fly straighter
  • Antimony prevents any deformities after firing
  • High-quality construction makes them extremely easy to load
  • Bullets have a uniform size and weight, with no air pockets
  • Roundness tolerance allows you to put more pellets in your targets


  • Expensive as compared to other alternatives
  • Extra 0.01-inch diameter might be a bit inconvenient for target practice

What Recent Buyers ReportThe majority of the people who invested in this buckshot agree that it is an absolute hit! They were particularly impressed with the bullet’s uniform size and weight, and the accuracy it offers. They also recommended this model to other potential buyers. However, some buyers complained that the buckshot was expensive compared to other options.Why it Stands Out to Us Considering that the Hornady Buckshot is the best overall item on our list, there are quite a few things we like about it. Firstly, its high-quality construction with lead alloy and antimony prevents any deformities once it’s fired, resulting in accurate shots. While the industry standard is a +.006” tolerance, this unit is designed with a strict roundness tolerance of +.001”, further cementing its status as our favorite. Who Will Use This MostDue to their uniform size and accuracy, the Hornady Buckshot is ideal for both target practice and hunting. The bullet can be used to hunt varmints, wild boar, and deer.What Could Be Improved and WhyAs this bullet has mostly received positive reviews, there is hardly any room for improvement. However, one thing that could be improved is its inch diameter. Hornady could change the .350” shot to .360” to make it more convenient for target shooters. If this issue is resolved, then this unit will surely become everyone’s favorite!Bottom LineThe Hornady Lead Buckshot is certainly one of the best bullets available on the market today. With its high-quality construction and +.001” roundness tolerance, the bullet strikes the target accurately and effectively. However, this buckshot is a bit expensive compared to other models.


With so many different types of buckshot, choosing the right one is indeed a stressful and difficult task. For us, the best unit is the Hornady Lead Buckshot, due to its high-quality construction and superior stopping power. However, make sure you read through all the reviews and find the model that suits you best!

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People Also Ask

People often have several questions before they finalize their purchase. Some of these questions include:

How Many Pellets in 0 Buckshot?

A 0 buckshot has around ten pellets per round and offers a range of about 50 yards.

How Many Pellets in 00 Buckshot?

The number of pellets per shell is determined by their weight and size. But, normally there are around eight pellets in a 00 buckshot.

How Many Pellets in 000 Buckshot?

Normally, there are eight pellets in a 000 buckshot, each with a diameter of .36 inches.


How Many Pellets in 0000 Buckshot?

In buckshot measuring .36″, there are around five pellets, each weighing 1oz.

How Many Pellets in #1 Buckshot?

There are around 11 pellets, each with a weight of 1oz in a #1 buckshot, measuring .30″.

How Many Pellets in #4 Buckshot?

Typically, there are between 21 and 24 pellets or .24-inch lead balls in a #4 buckshot.

What Choke is Best for Buckshot?

This question can be answered by testing and comparing the results of different guns and chokes. You’ll need to test every buckshot cartridge you have to find which choke is best for the buckshot.

What is Buckshot Made Of?

Traditionally, buckshot is made with lead. However, due to  restrictions on lead use, buckshot has been manufactured with tungsten, plastic, and steel, along with other heavy metals, including tin and bismuth.