Understanding Deer Tracks – Scouting Deer Part 1

Because of the complexity of reading deer sign, we’re going to do a series of three articles. The first is “tracks,” the second will be “rubs and scrapes,” and the third, “deer droppings.” The best “teachers” of all are our Native American brethren who have forgotten more about reading deer sign then any hunter will … Read more

How To Prepare A Deer Pelt Or Deer Hide

There’s more to an enjoyable aftermath of a deer hunt than just venison — like using the pelt. Lots of hunters have discovered that with a little work, they can realize some extra dollars, a wall mount, or some very nice wearable items by preparing the deer pelt properly. There are a number of alternatives … Read more

Deer Hunting Jokes

A Professor was giving a lecture on “Involuntary Muscular Contractions”  to his first year medical students.  Realizing that this was not the most riveting subject, the Professor decided to lighten the mood slightly. He pointed to a young woman in the front row and said, “Do you know what your ass hole is doing while you’re having … Read more

Become A Better Deer Hunter – Deer Biology

You may not need to know what species and class the deer belongs to but some of the information on this page will help you become a better deer hunter by giving you in site into the deer’s physical characteristics. Whitetail biology studies have identified up to 30 different subspecies of whitetail deer across North … Read more

Whitetail Deer Facts

Impress your friends with these unusual deer facts or check out some popular deer hunting buyer guides below:Best Deer Hunting RiflesScopes for Deer HuntingComplete List of the Best Deer Hunting Gear29 Whitetail Facts We Bet You Didn’t KnowDeer have a four chambered stomach that allows them to digest tough plant foods.  Deer eat quickly with … Read more

Duck Hunting Glossary

Band – A duck band is the equivalent of trophy antlers to a duck hunter. Duck bands are highly prized and some even have bounties. Hunters who call in bounty bands are usually rewarded monetarily. Biologists use duck band information to study ducks. Breasting Out – A butchering technique often used by waterfowl hunters. The breasts contain … Read more

Deer Tracking And Recovery – Tracking A Wounded Deer

You’ve just shot the deer that you’ve patiently waited hours to find. You’re excited and your anticipation is high, but you know that you have to exercise restraint and the proper course of action to track your deer. What you do in the crucial moments after you shoot the deer will determine whether or not … Read more

How To Age A Whitetail In The Woods

If your goal is to shoot big bucks, you have to pass on younger bucks. In many states, filling a buck tag essentially puts an end to any opportunity of taking another buck that season. As a land manager, shooting young bucks does even more damage. The 2 1/2 year old buck you shoot today … Read more

Beginner Tips For Using Deer Calls

Calling is a common tactic in waterfowl hunting. In fact, most duck hunters wouldn’t even attempt to hunt without their calls. But many deer hunters have never used a call. Some question their effectiveness while others are afraid of messing up the hunt with calls. Most don’t really know how to use them. The following … Read more

Turkey Myths & Facts

With wild turkeys becoming prolific (populations are growing rapidly, even in areas that never were a major base for the birds), wherever one drives, it’s more usual than not to see turkeys right off the roadway, in fields or on roadsides – at times in flocks numbering 50 or more birds. So, you see these … Read more