How To Bait Bears And What To Use

Bear baiting is a “tricky subject.” Rules and regs vary greatly from state-to-state, and indeed, can vary from year to year – even season to season. Be cautious, and check out your state or area regs carefully before baiting. In a previous article we mentioned that you want to start baiting in early spring. In Wisconsin, that … Read more

Deer Hunting Scent Myths Debunked

There are a lot of companies making a lot of money on hunter’s fears about scent and the wind. In many cases, scent control is important. However, some people take scent control to the extreme and in my opinion, many times its just not necessary. Since, I’m throwing the “O” word around, keep in mind … Read more

Hunting The Pre Rut

“The Rut” are the two most magical words in a deer hunter’s vocabulary. However, if the only days we spent in the stand were during the rut, our season would be pretty short.  Bucks are busy chasing does throughout daylight hours during the rut, giving hunters an excellent opportunity to tag one. However, the pre … Read more

Determining The Age Of A Deer By Tooth Wear

A deer rarely exceeds its average life expectancy of five years of age in the wild. They are capable of living over ten years but that does not happen very often. The main reasons are natural causes such as being hunted by predators such as humans, wolves, bear, and big cats. Other causes are accidents (when … Read more

Does Killing Deer Affect Stand Sites?

The rut is heating up throughout much of whitetail range. I hear a lot of hunters say the only thing they are going to pull an arrow on this time of year is a trophy whitetail. They are holding on to their buck tag for a brute and I really can’t argue with them on … Read more

Calculating Kinetic Energy For Archers

Back in the days of the long bow, calculating kinetic energy was pretty important. Modern compounds and arrows have virtually eliminated the worries about having enough kinetic energy to ethically hunt big game. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable information. Kinetic energy is a major factor in arrow penetration. Penetration is a major factor in … Read more

Why Do Turkeys Fight?

It seems like every year a photo of two or even three giant bucks locked together and found dead is circulated across the internet. Whitetails battle for dominance every fall. The prize is first choice among does in estrus. Turkeys do the same thing but the fight doesn’t end in death. Turkeys obviously don’t have … Read more

World Record Whitetail Buck Found In Missouri

St. Charles, Mo — The king of bucks, the world-famous Missouri Monarch, was nearly overthrown a few weeks ago in St. Charles County. On the evening of Wednesday, March 13, an antler shed hunter discovered a large, near-record set of non-typical antlers while searching the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles. The shed hunter … Read more

10 Dumb Things Hunter Do to Miss a Shot

I guess no one told you, riding around on a four-wheeler all day will vibrate your scope out of zero; here are ten more dumb things we do to miss a deer. You bought a thousand-dollar deer rifle, with a scope and from my observations over the years, you don’t have the slightest idea how … Read more

Recovering Gut Shot Deer

No one wants to put an arrow in the guts of a deer. It takes much longer for a deer to expire from this type of wound which is obviously not a good thing for the animal and it’s mentally excruciating for a hunter. We strive for quick, clean kills. Preventing gut shots is the … Read more