Steel Shot For Duck Hunters

| Last Updated September 24, 2020

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Most duck hunters are quite use to shooting with steel shot. The general consense is to buy the cheapest steel shotgun shells and then go hunting. But there is something better.

The newer Hevi Shot or High density shot is actually about 10 % heavier than lead shot, which once was the standard but now illegal for waterfowl. However, the High desity shot hits much harder than steel or lead making it ideal for waterfowl as well as legal. The only problem is, it is more expensive.

The tip here is to take two shells for every duck you plan to take (a legal limit). With this philosophy you will find yourself shooting less and bringing back more ducks. Hevi shot also makes less wear and tear on your shotgun barrel, another thing to consider.

Chokes such as the Strangler Choke made in Winfield la and The Patten Master seem to work best with the new hevi shot. Hey high density shot works really well on turkeys and coyotes too, and they now make Heavy Shot buckshot and slugs for the deer hunter. This is John Simeone reporting, Pass it on.

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