BGL Basics: How do I add Tree Stands?

There are 2 ways to add tree stands to a camp 1. Go to camp home page and click on Add/Edit items at the top of the map 2. Click on the tree stand iconPoint and Click 3. Find location on map where you want to add the stand and click the left mouse button 4. Enter the stand … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Use the Map to Track Deer Movement?

Here is the fun stuff.  Once you start accumulating data you can begin to query for trends in deer movement based weather patterns, moon phase and rut phase.  By default, the map on your Camp Home will show ALL movement with no parameters.  It displays the data by using heat map technology.   The most deer … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Add Items to the Map?

To add items once you have created your map, click on the “Add Items to your Camp” button as seen below.  This will allow you to add stands, trail cams, food plots and deer sightings to your map.Clicking the Add Items button takes you back to your map.  On the top border of your map you … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Create a Camp Map?

To create your camp map, click on the button as seen below. This will take you to your map. If you had entered a location for your camp it will have zoomed to that location. Find your hunting area on the map and zoom to your desired level using the zoom bar on the left. … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Add Deer Sightings?

Now we get to the fun stuff, adding deer sightings to the map to store in your outdoor database. Let’s say you went hunting this morning and you had seen deer at 6:00 AM, 7:30 AM and 11:00 AM. You would treat each of these as separate sightings and add them to your map as … Read more

BGL Basics: How do I use the Food Plot feature?

To add any item on the map, you must first click on the Add Items icon at the top of the camp map. Once you are on the Map Edit screen, you must then click on the Food plot Icon.This will bring up a pop up window with another copy of your camp map and … Read more

BGL Basics: Tracking Deer Movement

Big Game Logic allows you to predict future deer movement based on the data you post to your camp now. Some of the most important data you can post are deer sightings from your hunts and off-season scouting. You can post these sightings using interactive maps within your camps. You can track all sightings on the … Read more

BGL Basics: Using the New Trail Cam Activity Feature

I have thousands of trail cam photos, how do I import them into BGL?You don’t need to import all your photos, you only need to import the date and time stamps. We have created the file to do this for you. Note: BGL suggests that you do import individual photos on the trail cams for … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Track Individual Deer Movement

Another feature of the Camp Map is tracking Notable Deer movement. Let’s say you have a huge buck you call Bruiser that you have been tracking over the past 2 years. If you had entered your sightings right you would have tagged him on every sighting where he had been seen.  Now you can use … Read more

BGL App Features

Big Game Logic is an interactive deer tracking resource that enhances the traditional scouting process and increases your chances of harvesting that dream buck this hunting season. Big Game Logic provides you with an innovative format for virtually tracking herd movement, journaling hunts, and privately storing treestand, trail camera, and food plot information.With Big Game … Read more

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Tracking A Wounded Deer

No matter how hard we try to make responsible and ethical shots, there are times when blood trailing a deer is necessary. I have successfully tracked several deer. Some shot by me, some by friends. Unfortunately, I’ve also been a part of a few fruitless deer tracking expeditions. Some shot by me, some by friends. Finding … Read more