The “Hit List”

In my previous article, I mentioned that I am using Big Game Logic to pattern and possibly recapture a few study animals for my graduate research. After a couple weeks of running trail cameras at bait stations, we have identified numerous marked animals, and patterns are starting to emerge.  We even had a close encounter … Read more

How to Search for Answers

Big Game Logic (BGL) was originally created to help hunters to pattern deer using field observations and trail camera data. Throughout the process of patterning “Notable” deer for my graduate research, we have been adding trail camera data to our BGL camp map. We do not record data from every picture; rather we only record … Read more

Patterning Turkeys with BGL

Although running and gunning is a great strategy when turkeys are vocal, when they are silent, it’s a great way to inadvertently scare birds. Regardless, mapping the areas turkeys use frequently and recording the time they use those areas can pay off big on the days when they’re silent.  Although, I rarely see turkey hunters … Read more

How Do I Use the Queries?

The best feature of this map is the ability to query based on key hunting indicators.  At the bottom of the Camp Map are a set of parameters.  By default the parameters are initially set at null.  To find patterns of deer movement based on certain indicators you simply have to click on the parameter … Read more

How do I store Trophy/Notable Deer?

Simply go to your camp home page and click on the Notables tab.  This is where are your most wanted game is tracked.  To add a new animal, simply click on Add new Notable and follow the instructions.  Once you have entered an approximate age, BGL will automatically age that deer.  Something you had added … Read more

How Do I Create a Profile?

To register for Big Game Logic, click on either the Register or Join Now tabs as seen below.  Once you click the link you will be taken to a new page to fill out your data.  Make sure to enter a valid email address as this is where your invite and camp requests will be … Read more

How do I create a camp album?

Camp photo albums are created to share camp photos, trail cams, and other miscellaneous photos that you want to share with just camp members. Any deer sighting or trail cam sighting that was used to store movement data will also be stored in the album under the title “Journal”. One recommendation I have is to … Read more

How Do I Add Sightings Using the Trail Cams?

To add sighting or images to trail cam, simply click on the “Add More Items” button from you Camp Home screen to go to your map editor. Click on the trail cam icon on the map where you have images to load. Follow the same instructions as adding a deer sighting with image. NOTE: Adding trail … Read more

How can I edit or delete past sightings?

Click on “Manage Deer Sightings” link on the Camp Home page next to the query input fields. This will take you to the “Deer Sighting Edit Map” screen. On the left will be the map and on the right will be a scrollable list of all the sightings. It will show 30 per page. You can … Read more

Who Can See my Camp Data?

All camp information is private to only camp members who are invited. Nobody outside of the camp can view any data inside of your camp, including map boundaries, stands, food plots, etc., unless you grant them permission. This applies to Closed and Private camps as designated during your camp creation.

Big Game Logic Tip #2

Just a couple of items I want to highlight to make sure every understands:All camp info is private to only camp members that are invited. Nobody outside of the camp can view anydata inside of your camp, including map, stands etc…, unless you allow them.  This is of course for Closed and Private camps as dictated from … Read more

Patterning Predators

I hope some of you have had the opportunity to use the Big Game Logic (BGL) website and figure out how it works because in upcoming articles I am going to discuss how you can use BGL to help you pattern wildlife and manage your property. For many, deer season is now over and it … Read more

BGL Quick Tip: Formula for Success

Keep things simple and do not lose sight of the big picture. The most valuable pieces of information are: 1. which stands deer visit most frequently during daylight hours, and 2. which way the wind is blowing. Before each hunt, I use BGL’s search tools to identify the stands that have the most daytime activity for notable … Read more

How do I use/view the trophy room and what features does it offer?

To get a buck or doe in your trophy room you need to add harvest data on the map. To do this, please reference the instructions in the tutorial “How do I enter Harvest data”Once you have entered at least one deer in your harvest data it will automatically enter into your trophy room. This is … Read more

Why am I having trouble using GPS coordinates from my GPS device?

Currently, we have the website set for the decimal format and it’s not able to convert from minutes/seconds which most hand held devices use. We are working on this fix and ultimately we will be able to just import, but in the meantime, here is a simple work around.The website I used was the … Read more

How do I invite my hunting buddies to join my camp?

Camp administrators can invite their friends to join their camp.  Go to your main camp page and click on the “Manage User” Tab.  From this tab you can paste in email accounts of people you wish to invite to your camp or you can invite people you are already friends with on the site to … Read more

How do I Enter Trail Cameras?

There are 2 ways to add Trail Cameras to a camp 1. Go to camp home page and click on Add/Edit items at the top of the map 2. Click on the trail cam iconPoint and Click 3. Find location on map where you want to add the camera and click the left mouse button 4. Enter the camera … Read more

BGL Tip of the Month: Mapping Hunting Pressure

For those willing to “think outside the box,” Big Game Logic (BGL) can be used for a wide range of data collection and monitoring purposes. This is the start of a series of tips designed to help you use BGL to its maximum potential. Many of the basic tools that BGL offers are similar to … Read more

How Do I Share Trail Cam Photos with Other Camp Members?

One of the best things about this site is that now you don’t have to email friends your trail cam photos and spend time uploading huge images.  Now you can simply upload an entire album right to the camp and all camp members can view them.  Simply go to your camp home page, click on the album … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Enter Harvest Data?

Harvest data is similar to Deer Sightings.  From the Map Editor (by clicking on Add Items to Map from camp home) you can click on the Harvest icon and click on the map at the location the deer was shot.  Now you can upload a picture of your kill (either pose with deer or trail cam image) … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Create a Camp?

 Once you are logged in you can create your own camp.  To do this, click on the “Create New Camp” text as seen below. Navigate through the camp creation by entering data in the required fields.  Please pay attention to the member access fields.  Listed are the options: Open = Open to all public.  Any member of BGL can access … Read more

BGL Basics: How do I add Tree Stands?

There are 2 ways to add tree stands to a camp 1. Go to camp home page and click on Add/Edit items at the top of the map 2. Click on the tree stand iconPoint and Click 3. Find location on map where you want to add the stand and click the left mouse button 4. Enter the stand … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Use the Map to Track Deer Movement?

Here is the fun stuff.  Once you start accumulating data you can begin to query for trends in deer movement based weather patterns, moon phase and rut phase.  By default, the map on your Camp Home will show ALL movement with no parameters.  It displays the data by using heat map technology.   The most deer … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Add Items to the Map?

To add items once you have created your map, click on the “Add Items to your Camp” button as seen below.  This will allow you to add stands, trail cams, food plots and deer sightings to your map.Clicking the Add Items button takes you back to your map.  On the top border of your map you … Read more

BGL Basics: How Do I Create a Camp Map?

To create your camp map, click on the button as seen below. This will take you to your map. If you had entered a location for your camp it will have zoomed to that location. Find your hunting area on the map and zoom to your desired level using the zoom bar on the left. … Read more