Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster – Everything You Need to Know for 2021

Spinning reel or baitcaster- Which should you choose?A line and a hook used to be the only fishing equipment an angler needs, but all that has changed. Here, we’re comparing two pieces of gear: spinning reels and baitcasters. Your choice depends primarily on your skill level and the fish size you’re planning to catch.Let’s start … Read more

4 Great (and Cheap) Fly Rod Storage Ideas

Stainless steel, stained oak, and other fanciful fishing rod displays are okay.Still, a practical storage solution is more important to many anglers than showcasing their collection of fly-fishing gears. Here are four practical and economical ways to store your fly rods and potentially extend their lifespan without putting a huge hole in your wallet.How to Store … Read more

Spinning vs Casting Rods – 2021 Complete Comparison Guide

Thinking of fishing but not sure of which to use between spinning vs casting rods?We suggest you first read this article in its entirety.You’ll find out which rods are best suited for what fish size and what you should be going for if you are a beginner angler.Photo credit: premierangler.comSpinning vs Casting RodsSpinning RodsCasting RodsProsProsEasy … Read more

Best Catfish Rod And Reel Setups – Complete Guide

Catfish is one of the most commonly sought-after species.However, they are quite heavy and can put up a fight, which calls for specialized fishing rod and reel and tact in your fishing technique. The best catfish rod and reel setup consist of a catfish rod and reel fitted with the appropriate lines for catfishing.This article … Read more

Fly Rod Manufacturers – Guide to Popular Brands

There are several fly rod and reel manufacturers on the market today, whether available in local stores or online.However, not all of them produce what you’re looking for, and it may be daunting to find the ideal product for your purposes.Today, we’ll look at some of the best manufacturers and what they specialize in.Manufacturers of … Read more

Bass Rod And Reel Setup – Detailed Guide

Bass fishing can be challenging because fish are finicky. Many different factors contribute to their activity levels and feeding habits. Because of this reality, anglers use a ton of different setups. The sheer amount of rod and reel combinations can make your head spin. How do you know which one to use?In this helpful guide, we’ll … Read more

How To Set Up a Fly Reel (Correctly) – Tips and Costs

Your fly reel’s correct setup is one of the most critical preparations required before going fly fishing.Too much backing line, imperfect knots, and frayed fly line are small examples of what could cause a day of fishing that you’d rather forget.Photo credit: IntoFlyFishing.comQuick Questions Before StartingBefore starting, you’ll probably be asking yourself the following:How Difficult … Read more

Parts of a Fly Rod – Guide With Pictures

The main components that you will need to take up fly fishing successfully are: the rod, reel, backing line, fly line, leader, tippet, and fly—with a hook attached.You can purchase these seven items from tackle shops or online.This article will provide you with a brief overview of this enjoyable and very relaxing activity. Parts of a … Read more

How Much Braided Line To Put On a Spinning Reel? – Your 2021 Guide

Here’s what manufacturers advise; spool your reel with 200 yards of braided line. While that may be the standard recommendation, braided lines don’t usually come in that length. What do you do if your braided line is 150 yards or as long as 600 yards or more? Read on to find out.Why Use Braided Line on a … Read more

Pier Fishing Rod Setups – Beginner’s Guide

If you would like to enjoy a good fishing session without getting your feet wet or riding into the waters, pier fishing may be a great option for you.With the right equipment, it is easy to get started and can offer a good opportunity for networking with other anglers.This article discusses pier fishing equipment, related … Read more

Spinning Reel Size For Bass – Informational Guide

First off, any size of the spinning reel will catch fish.However, if you want to make the most of your fishing activity, it is best to choose a reel size that matches your fishing technique. This guide will help you decide whether to go for a lightweight setup or a reel with considerable heft.Photo credit: giphy.comSpinning … Read more

5 Most Expensive Fly Rods: Are They Worth Purchasing? – 2021 Guide

If you take any pleasure from the relaxation and peace that fly fishing offers, then you understand why so many people invest thousands of dollars in their equipment.A fisherman’s tools are his life, and the most important tool is his rod.Today we will assess five of the most expensive fly rods and their benefits to … Read more

Matching Spinning Reel To Rod: How-To Guide

For optimal performance, spinning reels need to be correctly paired with the right fishing rod.Unfortunately, many retailers tend to match fishing equipment to achieve higher sales instead of focusing on compatibility. This how-to guide will show you the correct way of matching spinning reel to rod for best performance.What Does it Mean to Match a Spinning … Read more

What Size Fly Rod For Trout? – (Answered)

There are very few feelings in this world that are better than hooking, fighting, and then landing a nice-sized trout on not-so-heavy gear. Except maybe when you do it again, and again, then a few times more!Trout fishing is one of the most popular fishing types worldwide. It’s currently ranked fourth in North America in … Read more

Spinning Reel Parts – Your Detailed Guide

Did you know that a spinning reel can contain up to 88 parts?Designed very intricately, this type of reel has only eight main components that you need to know about to use it effectively.We have designed this article to equip you with the knowledge required for the ultimate fishing experience.Photo credit: minrel.clSpinning Reel Parts ExplainedA … Read more

Best Recurve Bows – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Hunters want the best product before they go out in the open to hunt with their friends or competitors. Recurve bows took the market by storm when they were first introduced. These longbows store more energy and hence hit the target with a greater force. There are so many different brands and models in the market … Read more

How To Cast a Spinning Reel – Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures

People new to fishing often choose a spinning reel because it seems easy to use. However, casting a spinning reel presents more challenges than you would think. Even some experienced anglers miscast these reels. But, with proper training and some practice, you can avoid some common mistakes. This article will teach how to cast a spinning reel … Read more

How To Set Up A Fly Rod – Beginner’s Guide

Unlike in other fishing techniques where the bait or lure is presented to the fish in the water, fly fishing involves artfully presenting the fly on top of the water.You require specialized equipment for this type of fishing, including fly rod, reel and line, and flies, among others.This article discusses in detail the necessary gear … Read more

How To Cast a Fly Rod (Properly) – Beginner’s Guide

Learning to fly fish can overwhelm beginners.Fly fishing differs from conventional fishing in both terms and casting. However, it’s easy to learn, but it takes a fair amount of practice to get it right.This guide is a beginner’s step-by-step and tips to unearth your abilities in casting for fly fishing.Quick Questions Before StartingHere are some … Read more

How to Oil a Spinning Reel – Beginner’s Guide

If you want your gear to work well for years to come, you have to meticulously maintain it. This means your spinning reel should be washed and oiled regularly. Aren’t sure how to do it properly? Well, we have the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your reel in perfect working order. Once you … Read more

How To Spool a Spinning Reel Without Line Twist – Quick Tips & Guide

Twisted line is the most common problem anglers face, and it’s incredibly frustrating.You’ve tried every technique you can find to prevent it, but none of them make your spinning reel twist-free. We’ll explain why your line is still deformed and give you a step-by-step guide of the best way to spool a spinning reel. Quick Questions Before … Read more

How To Spool a Fly Reel – Beginner’s Guide

So you went out and bought a fly rod and reel? Awesome, but now you’re sitting there with fly backing and fly line wondering how exactly all of it’s going to come together so you can start catching fish. After staring at it for a bit, hoping to “Jedi Mind-Trick” it together, you finally came across … Read more

Game Guides & Resources

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