Four Ways To Mess Up A Food Plot

Some people think all they have to do is put some seeds on the ground and their food plot will take right off, eventually leading them to the giant whitetails they see on TV. It sure would be nice if it were that easy. Growing productive food plots isn’t difficult. But there is more to … Read more

Tink’s 69 The Original Deer Scent

Tink’s is by far one of the most recognized names when it comes to deer scent. We had a chance to chat with Terry Rohm from Tink’s at the 2011 ATA show in Indianapolis. Tink’s 69 is like the Coca Cola of deer urine. Tink’s 69 contains real deer urine but there are also other ingredients … Read more

Field Dressing Your Trophy For The Taxidermist

For those hunters privileged enough to harvest a once in a lifetime trophy animal, taking the proper steps after the animal is down, could mean the difference between a beautiful wall hanger and a devastating phone call from your taxidermist. The art of skinning takes time and experience to develop; I used to practice on smaller … Read more

Best States For Boone & Crockett Bucks

Some hunters don’t care. For others, shooting a Boone & Crockett whitetail buck is the holy grail of hunting. In order to be considered a Booner, typical antlers must score at least 160 inches. Non-typical racks must score 185 inches. If you’re wondering how antlers are scored, see the Boone & Crockett Scoring Sheet. Buffalo County, … Read more

Hunting Geese Over Water – What You Need To Know

Goose hunting is really taking off among waterfowl enthusiasts. There are plenty of geese to hunt these days and access to private land is fairly easy to obtain compared to other hunting. In my state of Wisconsin and in most others, bag limits are liberal, especially during the early season. When most people think of … Read more

How To Field Dress A Whitetail Deer

Field dressing a deer is some kind of job. You’ve got to have a very strong constitution for it. It’s all blood and guts, after all. But you’ve decided to be a deer hunter, so you’ve got to be able to do it and do it well. Sure don’t want to waste your catch by … Read more

How To Sit In The Stand All Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re an antler fanatic looking for your next trophy buck or solely on a mission to fill the freezer and willing to kill the first deer you see, sitting in the stand all day will sway the odds in your favor. Every time you get up you make noise and release … Read more

Rabbit Hunting- Winter Is “Prime Time”

Rabbits like this one stand out against the white snow making them easy to hunt in the winter. Rabbit hunting is fun and can be very exciting. Winter is a “prime time” for rabbit hunting because you can spot cottontails fairly easily against the snow.  Of course, it’s a little tougher to spot Snowshoe hares … Read more

Cleaning A Turkey

First time turkey hunters are often intimidated when it comes time to clean the the first turkey they shoot. Wild Turkey just like a chicken, pheasant or duck are most often cleaned using one of two basic approaches:Plucking a Wild TurkeyIf you want to help keep the moisture in the turkey while cooking it whole, … Read more

How To Make Homemade Turkey Calls

One of the questions I am asked most often when it comes to turkey hunting is: How do you make your own turkey call? Learning how to make a home-made turkey call is a great way to help extend your turkey hunting obsession into a year round hobby. Testing and tuning your call as you build … Read more

Understanding Deer Droppings – Scouting Deer Part 3

Our previous two articles discussed reading deer sign for “tracks,” and reading deer sign for “scrapes and rubs.” This article will talk about reading deer sign for “droppings.”Deer droppings are not usually thought of by hunters as providing much useful information–but they do. Typically, deer droppings will consist of small jelly bean-shaped droplets scattered about … Read more

Shoot To kill

“A deer has no bulls eye, you must know its anatomy, while a laser range finder helps.”I have killed a deer at every possible angle you can imagine, except The Texas Heart Shot, not that I haven’t tried. In actuality when I did try, I hit the deer in the back of the head, oh … Read more

Food And Drink For Hunting

Most hunters think they know it all, particularly when it comes to what type of food and drink to take with them on the hunt. We’ve done a lot of camping in the wilderness, and here are some basics which have been proven useful over the years. You can easily adapt them to your needs … Read more

Avoiding Ticks While Hunting

It was one of those moments tourists and “leaf lookers” die for. A sunny, mid-October day with temperatures in the high 60s. A cold snap earlier in the year had the birch, maple, and aspen trees in their full glory. The oaks were in that perfect phase right before they turn dusty brown. It was … Read more

Daypack Hunting Essentials – What To Pack While Hunting

One of the mot important things I make certain I have with me while heading out into the field, is a positive mental attitude. It is important to have all the right gear and equipment, but I think that mindset is just as important as any paraphernalia. After that, I have a personal list of stuff … Read more

Five Tips For Early Goose Season Success

Early season goose hunting can be feast or famine for hunters. These hunts are intended to manage resident goose populations which in many states are far above population goals. This burgeoning population allows for higher bag limits during the early season, a season that didn’t exist in many states until recently. In my home state of … Read more

Expert Elk Hunting Tips

Elk could be the most exciting big game animal to hunt in North America. They are huge, incredibly wary, and the hunting is interactive. You can literally have a conversation with the animal you are hunting. The bugle of a herd bull will give you chills, especially up close. Getting started in elk hunting is different … Read more

Deer Driving Tips & Techniques

Talk to most whitetail deer hunters and they will tell you the way to shoot deer is by sitting all day. Don’t go in for lunch & don’t go back to the truck. Just sit. I believe in their logic and many of these sitters will shoot great bucks and see several deer. On the other … Read more

Duck Hunting For Beginners

Waterfowl hunting is perhaps the most difficult of the hunting sports to enter. There is a lot of equipment involved and complex regulations can be intimidating to a beginner. Calling is also an obstacle for duck hunting neophytes. How do you set the decoys? How do you know the species of a particular duck before … Read more

A Closer Look At The Decline In Hunter Participation

My son Jack is going to turkey camp this spring. At just three years old, he knows the difference between a flock of geese and a flock of ducks. He can point out an elk compared to a whitetail. From his backseat roost, he yells, “there’s turkeys!” when his dad is obliviously watching the highway. … Read more

How To Use Diaphragm Turkey Call (Using A Turkey Mouth Call)

Learning to use a mouth call can be a very difficult and frustrating experience for most. To use it properly it may take years to hone your skills to properly emulate a wild turkey. Your first mouth call should be a good quality single or double reed call. These calls are typically the easiest for beginners … Read more

Five Tips For Novice Mule Deer Hunters

Mule deer hunting is an experience like no other. Western scenery is unmatched by anything else in the country. Mule deer are big, wary, and challenging to hunt. The land is vast and traversing hills and mountains will make your lungs burn. For eastern hunters unaccustomed to the ways of the muley, they can be … Read more

Squirrel Hunting 101

When kids start to hunt, usually the first things they’ll go after are chipmunks and gophers. That leads them to the smallish red squirrels, ubiquitous gray squirrels, and the highly prized and relatively rare fox squirrels. Hunting squirrels is not only a lot of fun, but they make excellent eating. Believe it not, for their … Read more

The Buffalo Guns

“Now comes “Modern Primitive Weapons,” you still only get one shot, but believe me that’s all you need.”  They were playing Cowboys and Indians for real back in the old west outpost of Adobe Walls Texas, and the Indians were winning. (Some how I like the sound of that). But the group of trappers and mountain … Read more

Aging A Wild Turkey

It’s not the classic turkey habitat most hunters think of. The hardwood ridges of my native Southwest Wisconsin are hundreds of miles away. Elms and maples take the place of oak trees in this story. A muddy, freshly planted Illinois corn field lay before me on this morning. The land is flat as a pancake … Read more