Best Bow Sight Lights – 2021 Comparison Review

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Bow hunting is no child’s play. It requires not only serious skills but also unique and appropriate accessories. A bow sight light is one of those accessories.

Choosing the right sort of bow sight light may seem like an easy task, but don’t be fooled. The struggle of finding the appropriate bow sight light that is compatible with your bow sight and enhances your bow hunting experience is one that can get on your nerves.

But we’re here to help you with that. In this article, we’ll go through all the steps that you need to go through to choose the perfect bow sight light for yourself.

Comparison of the Best Bow Sight Lights

  • Best overall bow sight light
  • A green hood accent allows a quicker sight acquisition for your hunting experience
  • Five ultra-bright 0.19-inch medium horizontal fiber optic pins provide ultimate visibility
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  • Runner up, given its numerous excellent features
  • Battery-operated device with easily replaceable batteries
  • An adjustable rheostat light will provide you with brightness settings that will be sure to meet your needs
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  • Best for the money, providing what you pay for
  • The 3/8 - 32 thread features to be a universal fit for all sorts of bows
  • The blue LED light included in the design operates on replaceable batteries
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  • Best for compound bows thanks to its stabilizer and other accessories
  • A 600 lumens flashlight that also features a filter that allows the best of functionality
  • The aukmont stabilizer feature adds a proprietary duo Picatinny 20mm rail to your compound bow
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  • Best for low light, allowing you to hunt at any time
  • Best for low light, allowing you to hunt at any time
  • Features 3 different light intensities with an easy switching in between them
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  • Best from Truglo
  • A violet LED that features a simple on and off switch
  • Sight housing adapter makes it compatible with a number of bows
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  • Best from HHA since it is suitable for various uses
  • Designed to be compatible with all HHA sights except for the 3000 series
  • Adjustable brightness provided by the Rheostat suits any lighting condition
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What is a Bow Sight Light and What Are They Used For?

A bow sight light is an incredibly important accessory while hunting with a bow. While it may look like a comparatively small tool that may seem to play no vital role in bow hunting but, that is far from the truth. These devices can enable hunters to enhance the accuracy of their shots—not just in ideal conditions, but even when the circumstances are unfavorable and seemingly harsh.

These mini devices work to provide you with the most appropriate light, ensuring that you get the perfect shot every time, throughout the day. It may seem like a simple function, but it is a crucial one, which can have a huge impact on your overall hunting experience.

Why Should You Use a Sight Light on a Bow?

Bow hunting is an art; one that requires clear vision. Clear vision requires optimal lighting conditions, but that may not always be available. Dawn, dusk, and overcast weather all introduce the challenge of darker light conditions. These factors can’t be avoided. So instead of sitting around and just waiting for the natural light to go your way, it is much wiser to simply use a sight light.

Hunting in darkness can greatly impair the accuracy of your shots. As a result, you miss more than you hit. A sight light will provide you with increased safety and improved accuracy.

Characteristics of our Favorite Models

Choosing the best bow sight light is really no simple task. There are a lot of specifications to be looked at and a lot of aspects to be evaluated. Here are the characteristics that we noted in the models that we found to be our favorite.


It is not often that you would find a sight light made by the brand to which your bow sight belongs. For this reason, it can be really hard to find a device that is compatible with your bow sight light. While picking our favorites, we tried ensuring that the tool was compatible with a wide range of bows.


The price of the device itself will invariably be a deciding factor. You can pay a fortune for a tool that works just fine. The key is to find one that provides you the best of functionality but at the minimal price. A product’s affordability is, therefore, another characteristic feature you’ll find in all the chosen models.

Affordability is not just related to the cost of the device itself, but its usage. The batteries, for example, could cost you more than the device itself if not efficiently used. One must, therefore, consider all aspects of the device before buying.

Customer Satisfaction

Any product’s description would draw it out to be the best of its kind in the whole world. But the truth lies in the user reviews, and that is what one should trust. Before we decide on the product’s efficiency or the lack thereof, we should take a closer look at what other users have to say. All the items we pick are those that others have certified as being the best.

Review of the Best Bow Sight Lights

We have now gone through all the basics that one needs to know. It is now time to get to the real business; reviews of the best of the models that the market has to offer. This list of products will ensure that you find the best model to suit all your bow hunting needs.

Best Overall:
Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight, Black


  • Laser-etched marking on the model allows easy and convenient windage and elevation adjustment
  • Specially designed fiber optic pins of the model allow great visibility that is unmatched by others
  • Provides reduced vibration that helps with further accuracy with its ballistics coating
  • Composed of strong aluminum, this model is 25 percent lighter than the standard bow sight lights and soft to the touch
  • Rheostat light, along with the pins and green accent rings, helps to maintain the visibility when the light around you is low or constantly changing


  • Light is dimmer than other comparable sight lights
  • This product can be adjusted with an Allen wrench, which is not included and needs to be purchased separately

Hands down, the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is the best bow sight light that we’ve seen. Equipped with all the right features, this tool will guarantee an enhanced hunting experience with a reliable, steady light and accuracy that is beyond the level of those provided by others.

What provides this model with its outstanding visibility is its five ultra-bright medium horizontal fiber optic pins. What makes it even better is the precision installed bubble level. This may seem like a small addition to the design, but it is what allows you to properly align all your shots, giving you the accuracy that you need.

But that is not all the Volt 5 has to offer. It also puts customization in your hands with offset mounting holes and a reversible mount design. This feature allows the device to be of function even for all those that are left-handed.

Bottom Line

Even though this product emits less light than others, the pins catch a great deal of light, allowing you to have the light that you need. This just goes to show how well the device works on its own. Outstanding functionality, easy use, and convenient installation make the Volt 5 the best buy for you.

TRUGLO TG55 Tru-Lite Sight Light


  • All-metal composition of the device makes it sturdy and durable, ensuring it lasts long
  • Latches on to the bow sight with great ease, presenting no troubles for the installation
  • Various provided adapters make it compatible with a number of sights


  • Batteries die swiftly and need frequent replacement
  • Rheostat does not present the functionality that you would expect it to

The intricate design on the exterior of this sight light is enough to put it on the top of any list, but that isn’t why it is here. What brings this model to a close second is its ultimate functionality. With this deceivingly simple device, you can be sure to have your shooting accuracy turned up by quite a few notches.

This product runs on batteries that can also be easily replaced, allowing you consistent functionality. The model features an adjustable rheostat which serves to provide you with virtually infinite brightness settings. Such control over lighting can allow you great precision while shooting.

But that isn’t all. This unit also comes with a violet LED that will make up for the lack of light, and it also comes with sight housing adapters that only add to your convenience. The model is convenient to use and install, and will prove to be a great addition to your bow sight.

Bottom Line

Even with the adjustability of the rheostat in question, the sight light proves to provide functionality that is beyond the levels of those provided by other models. With outstanding performance and easy installation, this device is definitely worth all the battery replacements,

Best for the Money:
SAS Compound Bow Fiber Optic LED Sight Light 3/8-32 Thread

SAS Compound Bow Fiber Optic LED Sight Light 3/8-32 Thread Universal Fit


  • Comes with included batteries that are required for the functioning of the model
  • Allows ample light that makes the fiber optics prominent in broad daylight and shines even at dusk
  • Sturdy and composed of top-notch material so you can forget your worries about breaking it while out on a hunt
  • Threads of the unit fit perfectly on almost all bows available in the market, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about this masterpiece being compatible with your bow sight


  • Unit needs to be unscrewed in order to shut it off, rather than using a simple switch to do the job

You wouldn’t want to spend as much money on your bow sight light as you spent on the bow. Even though some products will make you believe that you need to spend that much for a fully functional device, that simply isn’t true. This unit will offer you everything that you need, but with a price tag that won’t weigh too heavy on your pocket.

What we love about this model is its compatibility. Its ⅜ - 32 thread designs allow to work with not one, two, or a few bows, but with the vast majority of bow sights that are available in the market. Topoint, Apex, Cobra, Copper John, PSE, Trophy Ridge, and TruGlo are all brands with which this sight light is compatible. But these are only a few names.

This unit features a blue LED light that will be your perfect solution for uncertain lighting. And if you need more from this model, it also provides you with a set of batteries that are required for proper functioning. There isn’t really more than we can ask for from this device.

Bottom Line

If you’re spending your money, you might as well spend it on an item that gives you value for what you’re paying. And that is exactly what this unit will provide you with. With all the features that you need for the perfect hunting experience, this unit is an excellent budget component for your bow sight.

Best for Compound Bows:
Gazelle-Trading Tactical C8T6

Gazelle-Trading Tactical C8T6 1200 Lumen Archery Compound Bow Sight Flashlight with Damper Mount


  • Remote pressure switch feature can be activated with a toggle switch
  • Design is compatible with a number of bows and fits perfectly, allowing no gaps in the attachment
  • High durability aluminum alloy that this item is composed of provides it with a sturdy design that won’t snap with rough use
  • High functioning light added in the design allows you to take accurate shots even in the dark, providing you with the perfect light


  • Batteries required for the operation of the device need to be purchased separately and are considerably hard to find

Compound bows are a class apart from your standard bows and feature a special and complex functioning. These enhanced devices call for enhanced accessories. And that is where this model by Gazelle Trading fits in. With professional functionality, this unit will be sure not to disappoint you.

Constructed out of an aluminum alloy, this unit features a stunning matte black look. But the look is not the only thing that it gets from the material. It also gets a sturdy and durable structure that will not be easily damaged. Furthermore, the side Picatinny rail mount is capable of attaching to it a number of more items such as a damper or other things.

The best feature of this unit has to be its aukmont stabilizer. This provides the model with a proprietary duo Picatinny 20mm rail. This outstanding design of this unit is perfectly compatible with not only a number of bows but also guns and rifle accessories. With this added accessory on any of your bows, you will be sure to get the best of shots.

Bottom Line

Accessorize your compound bow with the perfect bow sight to aid in its function. Make sure you choose nothing less than the best, which for a compound bow is this C8T6 model. A little run for batteries will prove to be worth your money and time with this device, which will greatly enhance your shooting experience with your compound bow.

Best for Low Light Conditions:
Trophy Ridge Rheostat Light


  • Comes with the required batteries, which can be easily replaced
  • Brand offers a lifetime warranty of the product to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Designed to provide you with the best of compatibility with its universal design
  • Adjusts to the lighting condition outdoors, allowing you to easily control the light with a simple switch of a dial


  • Featured light is not of very high intensity and may start to fade with time and use

Someone who loves hunting would know that mood for hunting can strike at any time, regardless of how much light is outside. It would really be a shame to not be able to grab your bow and go out when needed, which is why you need a bow sight light that can aid your hunting in low lights. For that, nothing beats this model by Trophy Ridge.

This rheostat light by Trophy Ridge comes with the standard ⅜ inch 32 thread hole that allows it to be a universal fit, compatible with many different types of bows. But that is not where the convenience of this item ends. It also features easy installation with a perfect fit, ensuring the best of functionality.

The model allows you to switch between three different levels of light intensity. This adjustment of light can be made according to your needs just by simply twisting a dial included in the design. With this feature, you can add the perfect amount of light to view each pin, without any hassle.

Bottom Line

Even in low light, this model is specifically designed to rid you of all your light issues. So if you do not want to be stopped by the limitations of light around you, invest in this model and get the satisfaction of a lifetime.

Best from TRUGLO: 
TRUGLO Tru-Lite Xtreme Adjustable Sight Light


  • No matter what bow sight you use, chances are that this model will perfectly fit with it
  • Experience the ease of installation and convenience of use that you’ve always wished for
  • Design of this model is such that it allows easy installation and use, providing you with the best of experience with no hassles


  • Batteries required for operation are included but are of very poor quality; you may need to buy new ones right away

When it comes to bow sights and their accessories, the very mention of Truglo is simply inevitable since the brand is known to produce some of the best products available on the market. For this reason, we feel the best model from Truglo deserves a mention on this list, or it would be an incomplete one.

What we love about this model is that it comes with multiple sight housing adapters. So even if the device doesn’t perfectly fit your bow sight, the adapters will be sure to bridge that gap, adding good compatibility to the product’s list of features.

Adding further to the convenience of the item is the violet LED. This LED will further provide with an easy turn on and off feature. This makes the functioning of the model extremely simple yet efficient. And if all that isn’t enough, let us also tell you that the batteries required for the operation of this device are also easily replaceable.

Bottom Line

If you want to go for the best that is provided by the ultimate brand, then this is the model for you. With easy installation, convenient use, and optimal function, this model is an aggregation of all the features you would want from any product. You surely won’t regret choosing it.

Best from HHA:
HHA 2500 Sight Light


  • Device is backed by a lifetime warranty that will ensure a lifetime customer satisfaction
  • Device will give you complete control of the brightness to allow the perfect light for your perfect shot
  • Controlled design with an enclosed mounting bracket ensures that the light shines only on the optic fibers


  • Switching between the on and off feature for the light can be tricky, as the dimmer has to be turned tightly in each case, or it moves back to the other option

Designed exclusively for all HHA sights, this model is definitely the best that HHA has to offer in terms of bow sight accessories. If you’re looking for a product that aids the accuracy of your shots made with an HHA sight, regardless of uncertain lighting, then wait no further to invest in this product. It will definitely prove to be everything that you need.

With the exception of the 300 series, this single product is designed to be a perfect fit for all of your HHA sights, providing you with the same efficient functioning for all of them. The special design of this model will allow the light to shine only on the fiber optic wrap, providing you with the perfect lighting in the exact intensity needed.

Another notable feature of the unit is its rheostat, which allows you to control the brightness of the light. With this adjustability, you will find yourself able to take the perfect shot in all sorts of lighting conditions. And when it comes to bow hunting, isn’t that all we really need?

Bottom Line

Grace your HHA sight with the perfect accessory that is exclusively designed for it. No option would be better suited for the job than this one. It will provide you with the exact brightness that you need and ensure the best of functionality at all times.

Editor's Pick:
IQ Sight Light

IQ Sight Light


  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Comes with replaceable batteries 
  • Compatible with many sight light threads
  • Works well in low-light and dark conditions
  • Both right and left-handed versions available 


  • Replacing the batteries is very difficult 

What Recent Buyers Report

The recurring theme amongst its users is that the product is excellent when it works, but the battery is very difficult to deal with. However, that factor is easily overlooked because its adjustable brightness is what users buy it for. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main feature that this bow sight light provides is a rheostat that electronically increases and decreases the intensity of light by changing the current of the device. It gives out a purple glare that can go from dim to bright for hunting in dark or hazy weather.

It is designed to fit all IQ bowsights and most SURE-LOC ones. It will easily adjust to both left and right-handed bows. There are three Energizer 392 batteries needed to operate it, and they are provided with the sight light. You can also replace them when needed. 

Bottom Line

Sight lights can greatly enhance your aim, especially in low-light conditions, which is why this particular model works best as it lets you increase the brightness as needed. Another thing is that it can easily fit many different sights, making it a favorite of many.

Pros and Cons of Bow Sight Lights

Bow sight lights, of course, have many advantages. They are easy to set up on your sight, and you are good to go. But they are not perfect for every scenario. Here we will look at some of the positives and negatives of using bow sight lights.


There are various different situations where you can leverage from a bow sight light. These include:

Low-Light Conditions

When shooting in the dark, they enhance your sight and help you aim better. If you are using a fiber optic bow sight, these lights help illuminate the fibers in dark or low-light conditions.


When getting into archery, you realize that there are many different accessories people use to improve their aim and make it consistent. Not all of them are easy to use or cheap, but sight lights are probably the smallest, easiest to install, and cheapest accessories for your bow.

Brightness Levels

Because they don’t have just one high brightness setting, they can be used in different conditions and times of the day. By adjusting the level of brightness, you can use them in the evening or if you are in a clustered area, like behind a tree.


No product is perfect, and bow sight lights have their drawbacks as well. 


Many bow sights come pre-equipped with LEDs to help improve aim. In these cases, bow sight lights become useless.


They require batteries to run, which can run out at any time or become dim. This can get very inconvenient, and you also have to keep buying and putting in new ones. 

How to Install a Bow Sight Light

Bow sight lights are small devices, and they are not too difficult to install. You can follow these steps for help.

  1. You’ll need a kit with 440 ¼ cap screw, sight light, sight mounting chip, and a 3/32 Allen key.
  2. Take the Allen key, insert the cap screw on it, and then install the mounting chip (with its smaller opening).

  3. Put this assembly on the 440 screw hole on the top of the scope housing.

  4. Tighten the screw in with the Allen key.

  5. Check to see if your sight light works then thread it onto the mounting chip on top of the scope housing. 


Low light should not be the reason you miss your perfect shot while you’re out bow hunting. Exempt yourself from the pain of inaccurate shots due to inappropriate lighting today, and choose the right kind of bow sight light to do the job. All you need to do is take a closer look at your bow sight and evaluate what features you really want. And you'll be on your way to picking the best possible product for yourself.

People Also Ask

Looking for more insight into these small and ingenious devices? Everyone has questions about these, but you can read through the frequently asked questions by different users for help. 

What Batteries go in a Bow Sight Light?

If you have a bow sight light, open its battery area, and check for the battery it uses. You can order the same ones online by checking the manufacturer, size, and voltage, etc. and you can also go to the radio shack as they have most of the bow sight light batteries.    

Why is There Paper in My Bow Sight Light?

Paper is used by many archers to tune their arrow’s flight and enhance accuracy and penetration. There are a lot of things that go into getting the perfect shot. You should have a good aim/sight, the bow should be comfortable to use, and the bowstrings should neither be too tight nor too loose. 

By practicing on paper, you can tune the bow and its accessories until you get perfect results.

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