SA Sports Crossbow Review – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated September 28, 2021

Hunters and shooters impatiently wait for the latest innovations and improvement in archery equipment. One of the market-leading brands, SA Sports, fully satisfies the wishes of those archers. SA sport introduces quality bowhunting goods that intend to cater to the needs of all shooters.

The company keeps on launching versatile shooting gear. However, the Sports Empire Terminator crossbow is one of their most remarkable products.

Below you will find an in-depth review of the SA Sports Empire Terminator.

  • Deliver speeds up to 260 foot per second
  • 4.2 lbs bow
  • 175 lbs draw weight
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Who is SA Sports?

SA Sports is a renowned name included in the list of frontline crossbow manufacturing brands. This company has been dedicated to producing quality crossbows and other relevant archery goods and components since 2010.

Mark Ambrose in Pennsylvania founded the company. The brand is very considerate about the worth and quality of their products. For this reason, it hires skilled engineers who have deep knowledge of archery requirements and techniques.

For all the products, SA Sports features a one-year warranty. This warranty is claimable for fault in the material or manufacturing, and not for damages caused by mishandling or for replaceable parts like strings, arrows, etc.

Why Are SA Sports Crossbows So Popular?

SA Sports is well-known in the world of archery equipment. When it comes to manufacturing crossbows, this company seems to catch everyone's attention. Its crossbows bear the finest quality and take the archery game to a whole new level through unique features.

The extensive series of crossbows and signature components also makes its products famous and impactful. Using crossbows with the manufacturer's extensive accessories, users get great value for the money.

Another factor that contributes to its popularity is that SA Sports crossbows are highly reasonable.

Key Terms to Know 

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean:

  • Weight: The weight of the crossbow.

  • Draw Weight: This is the amount of force necessary to draw a bow and is measured in pounds.
  • Length: The full length of the crossbow

  • Kinetic Energy: This is the amount of energy transferred into your target by the arrow. It is measured in Foot Pounds of Kinetic Energy (fpke).

  • Power Stroke: The distance (in inches) between the resting point of the bowstring and the position of the string when fully drawn. This is similar to the draw length on a traditional bow. 

  • Speed (fps): How fast the arrow flies when released from the crossbow.

  • Trigger Pull: This is the amount of force needed to release the trigger. Lighter trigger pulls tend to be more accurate.

Review of the Best SA Sports Crossbow

If you're just looking for the best SA Sports Crossbow, look no further:

Types of Bows From SA Sports

SA Sports Empire Terminator

SA Sports Empire Terminator - 175lb - 260 FPS - 612


  • Scope has a fog-proof construction
  • Twenty minutes of hassle-free assembly
  • Very lightweight and handy for travel purposes
  • Camo exterior makes the equipment undetectable
  • Recommended for both right and left-handed persons


  • Not suitable for stronger or larger animals

SA Sports Empire Terminator Other Specs

Arrow Speed: 260 feet per second

Draw Style: Forward Draw Crossbow

Recurve or Compound: Recurve

Best Uses For the SA Sports Empire Terminator

SA Sports Empire Terminator is quite useful in several hunting and archery situations and occasions. Mentioned below are some uses and benefits of this product.

For Mid-Range Shooting

If your game is 30 to 60 yards away, this weapon will serve you the best because of the scope having the appropriate zoom power. You can easily aim for the target in the aforementioned ranges with this crossbow.

For Targeting Many Types of Animals

The greater draw weight leads to more kinetic energy and skin-deep penetration. With a moderate draw weight of 175 pounds, this weapon releases kinetic energy sufficient for an arrow to go at a rate of 260 feet per second. In other words, it is useful for shooting deer, elk, geese, and other animals that require accurate but not extra powerful hits.

Components and Included Accessories

Besides having a sturdy construction, the package also offers a bunch of bonus accessories. These include:

4x32 Multi-Range Scope

On purchasing this product, you will get a multi-range scope with a magnification of 4x, along with a 32mm objective lens. By using this scope, you will be able to observe the target more closely and clearly from a distance of up to 60 yards.

16-inch Aluminum Arrows

Two 16-inch arrows are also provided along with this product. These arrows are made from 2219 aluminum.

Claw Lever Latch Quiver

A quiver comes in the package to store your arrows and gives you the freedom to move around comfortably and climb, camp, and hike with ease. It has a quick lever latch for pulling it off on the go.

Cocking Device

Another accessory is a user-friendly rope cocking device, which makes it easy for newbies to cock the string.

Hex Keys

For installing or removing the screws and bolts, there is a set of hex keys already available in the package.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the SA Sports Empire Terminator Suitable For?

The draw weight and arrow velocity of this model are accurate but not extraordinary. Hence, it is a decent and budget-friendly option for youngsters and entry-level archers. 

Moreover, it would be safe and convenient for beginners to polish their skills with this crossbow since it has a lightweight design. The low weight also makes it ideal for users who wish to carry and travel with this unit.

Product Specs

Bow Weight:

4.2 lbs

Draw Weight:

175 lbs



Kinetic Energy (ft lbs):


Power Stroke:


Speed (fps):



20.6" cocked

This company offers three types of bows and has divided them into different categories based on their functionality and purpose. All the products are manufactured, keeping in mind the demands and desires of most shooters and hunters.


These types of bows are the specialty of this company. SA Sports is a master in making crossbows and incorporating unprecedented features in them. They have a wide range of crossbows made to cater to the different needs of different customers. Some of the most prominent ranges of crossbows they have made include models suitable for pro-level hunters, women, and kids too.

Compound Bows

They also produce compound bows that are known for the robust construction and long-lasting life. You get user-friendly yet professional-level compound bows. Most of these are good for hunting moose, elk, deer, panthers, and bison. On top of that, these bows are not heavy on the pocket at all.

Recurve Bows

SA Sports recurve bows are a favorite for bow hunters. Some models, such as Fox Recurve Bow and Antelope Recurve Bow, are favorable for kids and help them cultivate their talent while also ensuring safety.

The company includes various extra components to let buyers explore new techniques and improve their performance.

Other Archery Equipment Made By SA Sports

Crossbows are the highlight of SA Sports’ product range. However, the company impresses us further with its other excellent-quality archery equipment and tools. It also offers modern and purposeful hardware related to archery and bowhunting.

A range of accessories, including limb set, cam set, stock, axle set, cables, cocking device, foot stirrup, quiver, is also sold by this company worldwide.

As for optical equipment, they manufacture scopes, range finders, and video cameras.

Other noteworthy items made by this company are bolts, arrows, sports hats, and youth bows. Different styles of recurve and compound bows come in the category of these youth bows.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow vs. Empire Terminator – Comparison Overview

Fever Crossbow and Empire Terminator are two of the most amazing and best-selling crossbows created by SA Sports. Both deliver astounding precision and stand tall on their claims.

To help you understand these products' performance levels, here’s a brief overview of their similarities and differences.


Fever and Empire terminator crossbows have no difference in the following aspects:

Draw Weight

Both have a draw weight of 175 pounds. Ultimately, they impart an equal penetration potential to the arrows and require the same amount of energy to pull the string.


The same type of scope with the same zoom power (4x32mm) is provided with both units. With this scope, a person can keep a close eye on the game as far as 60 yards.


The prominent differences between the two are:

Arrow Speed

Fever crossbows have an arrow speed of 240 feet per second. However, the Empire Terminator makes arrows fly with a greater velocity of 260 feet per second.

Overall Weight

Empire Terminator weighs only 4.2 pounds, which is less than a Fever model weighing 4.8 pounds.

Power Stroke

The Fever unit has a power stroke of 10.5 inches, which is less than the 11.25-inch Empire Terminator. This is the reason why the Fever model has a slower arrow speed.


Relying on SA Sports for upgrading your archery setup and gear would be one of the best decisions for a bowhunter. Their products make bowhunting successful and easy even for on-the-go hunters and beginners. The Empire Terminator is one of its most successful and popular products.

Empire Terminator crossbow has impressed many with its top-notch features, construction, and accuracy it offers, making it a great investment.

People Also Ask

While buying a crossbow, a person may have some concerns regarding the product's capabilities and specs. This section will be informative for those who are new to bow hunting or going to try SA Sports for the first time. Read on to get rid of your questions.

How to Load Arrows in a SA Sports Fever Crossbow

First, place the crossbow horizontally. Don't make the mistake of placing fingers on or around the trigger. Insert the arrow into the flight rail. Make sure the riser surrounds the arrowhead. Also, verify the fitting of the arrow in the barrel. Now, it's ready to be fired.

What Size String is on a SA Sports Fever Crossbow?

A 26.5-inch long string is used in this product. The string's length has a draw weight of 175 pounds, which is ideal for shooting down mid-range targets effectively. The string is combined with a power stroke of 10.25 inches.

Where is the Serial Number on a SA Sports Crossbow?

SA Sports mentions the respective serial numbers of the crossbows on the underside of the rail. You can find it anywhere on the part of the rail near the stock. In some models, it might be mentioned around the trigger.

How to Use SA Sports Crossbow Crank Cocking Device

After installing the device properly and tightly, lay the crossbow on the floor horizontally. Press the pawl mechanism while also stretching the hooks and engaging them with the string. Turn the crank handle clockwise until the string is fully cocked or a 'tick' sound is heard.

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