Best Recurve Bow Sights of 2021 – Complete Guide

| Last Updated October 5, 2021

Recurve bows provide a nice way to arch in the deep woods, hunt through the dark forest, or trail through the bushland. And what better way to upgrade your usual hit than with a trusty and robust sight mounted onto it. Right?

But again, as with many other products, you’re probably stuck in a crowd of bow sights, not sure which one to go for.

Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you all there is to know about recurve bow sights. So, let’s get right into it!

Comparison of the Best Recurve Bow Sights

  • Aluminum construction designed for ambidextrous adjustment
  • Adjustment Knobs/Options: Windage and elevation
  • Fiber Optic Diameter: 0.029"
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  • Simplified design easy to install and use
  • Designed for precision targeting
  • Durable construction designed for lasting use
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  • Best for the Money
  • Adjustment Knobs/Options: Windage and elevation
  • Universal mount with easy fixture
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  • Best Recurve Bow Peep Sight
  • Low-light performance with three different settings
  • Tubed for precision placement
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  • Best Pin Sight For Recurve Bow
  • Equipped with a high-translucent acrylic lens
  • Fiber Optic Diameter: 0.039"
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What is a Bow Sight and What is it Used For? 

If you’re an archer trying to land the perfect shot and refine the aiming of all your future shots, a bow sight will be your best friend.

A bow sight is a device that aids hunters hit their targets with more precision by making use of pins, circles, lenses, or other markers. Providing the huntsman with a reference point for aiming, it can be used to ameliorate the hunting endeavor as you center your sight on the target. 

It can make a huge difference in the accuracy, getting you to the mid of your target a lot faster than if you were to use a bow without a sight. Additionally, using one is a nice way to increase your bow weight and, consequently, your vigor in the long run. 

What Size Sight For a Recurve Bow?

Bow sights usually come with a fiber optic pin size ranging from .010, .019, .029, .040, .060 to 1.25 inches. 

The key here is to understand that the lower the figure, the smaller the pin's size, and the lesser the amount of light it will transmit. The larger the pin, the more light it will transmit.

So, when you’re deciding what bow sight to buy, consider the conditions in which you’re arching. Bowhunters who find themselves typically poaching in dark environments should opt for a larger pin, which will still glow in low light. On the other hand, if your normal activities happen somewhere where there’s sufficient light, you can choose a smaller pin.

If your someone who’s a sense of sight is not as sharp, we’d recommend you to go for a .029 pin in normal lighting or a .019 but with an attached battery-powered light. Anything lower than this would be impractical.

Types of Recurve Bow Sights

With so many different options available in the market, choosing the right bow sight for your device can be a daunting task. Here are the three basic types of recurve bow sights to make your decision-making process easier.

Pin Sight

Pin sights usually have two variations, single pin sight, and multi-pin sight. The former is suitable for when you’re shooting at stable targets, which are at a fixed distance from where you are located. The latter is more appropriate when you’re targeting mobile prey.

They have a simple and basic assembly. The only drawback to this type of bow sight is that it’s quite hard to find the perfect fit for wooden bows.

Open Ring

An open ring bow sight is a very reliable and inexpensive option for huntsmen. It’s basically just an open ring, and you use it by lining up your prey to the middle of the ring so you can see it. It’s ideal for short-range hunting as opposed to long-range sporting.

Target Sight

Target sights are the best and offer the highest performance among all other types. Accordingly, they also cost the highest. They aid in vertical and windage adjustments and can additionally be used in combination with other bow sights. But you need a certain level of skill to maneuver this device.

Key Terms to Know 

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean:

  • Adjustment Knobs/Options: These adjustment knobs or levers allow you to adjust windage, elevation, and yardage.

  • Tube Diameter/Fiber Optic Diameter: Diameter of the tube or optic.

  • Dimensions: The length, width, height, and weight of the sight.

  • Style/Number of Pins: The mechanism for measuring distance, fiber optics, pins, peep, single-pin.

  • Material: The main housing material of the sight.

  • Hand Orientation: The dominant hand this sight is intended for use with.

Review of the Best Recurve Bow Sights

Now that you know the different kinds available and the one you should go for, the next step is finding the perfect model. Here are some of the best bow sights available in the market. We hope you find one for your particular needs. 

Best Overall:
Topoint Archery 3-Pin Bow Sight

TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight - Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum Machined - Right and Left Handed


  • A quality piece of solid cast aluminum
  • Sight pins offer high and excellent visibility
  • Bright elevation for visibility in low light conditions
  • Comes with markings to facilitate elevation and windage
  • Provides adjustment options for both right and left-handed hunters


  • Level and fiber optic wire can easily fall off
  • Bushing holes aren’t deep enough for the screws which is why they’re easily loosened

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were impressed with their purchase and claimed that the sight worked pretty well. They reported that the mounting arm was sturdy, and the body of the sight was of decent quality. All their reservations about it being inexpensive and hence low in quality were falsified. Overall, they were pleased with the results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Topoint Archery bow sight is a nice affordable option that offers great quality and highly visible sight pins. It considers both right and left-handed archers by providing adjustment options accordingly. The elevation and windage procedures have been simplified with the addition of markings, which is a great feature.

The price-to-quality ratio of this device is excellent, which is why we love it for what it has to offer for the price. Ideal for both target hunting and shooting, the sight is reliable enough to not cause any discrepancies after a few runs.

Bottom Line

With a fiber-optic diameter of .020’’, this sight offers excellent sighting in normal lighting conditions. It’s perfect if you’re coursing around in the woods or elsewhere between sunrise and sunset. 

Product Specs

Adjustment Knobs/Options:

Windage and elevation

Fiber Optic Diameter:



5 x 3 x 6"

Style/Number of Pins:




Hand Orientation:

Left & Right

HRCHCG Archery T-Shape

Archery Recurve Bow Sight T Shape Black Color Hunting Shooting High Precision


  • Cost-effective yet high in quality
  • Well-built body ensures durability
  • Easy to Install on your bow of choice
  • Can be mounted on both, left and right-handed bows
  • 30-days money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied with the product


  • Some users find it a little heavy
  • Threaded pin is fairly difficult to fit through the slot due to the excessive black paint

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost all buyers said that the bow sight was an excellent addition to their gadget. They liked the solid and sturdy body, as well as the adjustment it has to offer. Users were a fan of its durability, adjustability, and, most of all, affordability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a little practice, all your future shots using the HRCHCG bow sight will be insanely accurate. This T-shaped device is simplistic yet robust. Designed to assist you in hunting and shooting, it will surely work well in a multitude of aspects. Fellows who rock a traditional bow with a riser section will find this to be a treat. 

We’ve included this product in our list for how simple it is to use and how well it aids in scoring precision shots, all while being cost-effective. 

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t want anything too fancy and looking for a cheap yet good quality alternative, this product is the ideal choice. Its money-back guarantee is an added plus. 

Product Specs


2.64 x 1.33"

Style/Number of Pins:

Single Pin


Stainless Steel

Hand Orientation:

Left & Right

Best for the Money:
ISPORT Archery Set

I-Sport Archery Recurve Bow Sight Metal Target Accessory Bowsight Black 1 Set


  • Smooth micro windage for easy adjustment
  • Machined aluminum construction confirms durability
  • Light in weight for a comfortable handling experience
  • Reversible and easy to use for both left and right-handed people
  • Ideal for beginners because it’s designed to facilitate the arching process


  • Not ideal for experienced archers
  • Micro adjustments are not present

What Recent Buyers Report

Users seem to love how inexpensive the bow sight is, considering that it does the job so well. They deem it to be a fine choice for recreational archery. The adjustments are easy and simple, while the attachment to the bow is effortless. It's a very basic device that’s well worth the money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ISPORT archery bow sight makes it to our top favorites because of many factors! Firstly, its high-quality aluminum metal body corroborates durability and hence, longevity. The product features universal mounting which makes it easy to install and adjust with thumbscrews.

The extremely smooth micro windage combined with fine elevation adjustments is a star feature. With a reversible option for both right and left-handed hunters, you don’t have to worry about your lack of skill being a halting factor. If you’re relatively new to the sport, this product is specially designed for you so you can equally enjoy the glory of archery and hunting.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product has a specially constructed body to facilitate novices with a vast range along both axes to facilitate adjustments for different shooting positions. If you’re looking for a good basic recurve bow sight, this product is the way to go!

Product Specs

Adjustment Knobs/Options:

Windage and elevation


6.30 x 3.35"

Style/Number of Pins:

Single Pin



Hand Orientation:

Left & Right

Best Recurve Bow Peep Sight:
Truglo Glo-Brite

TRUGLO Glo-Brite Peep Sight, Black


  • Ideal for low light conditions
  • Offers tubing to simplify positioning
  • Highly accurate, aiding in precision shots
  • Offers high quality, which ensures longevity
  • Has an adjustable green insert with three different settings


  • Edges are sharp
  • Does not offer any aperture variants

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were surprised by the accuracy of this product and recommended it to potential purchasers as well. They claim that it offers a rather quick acquisition of sight picture. The pins are nice and illuminated and serve as an additional reference for the sight picture. Overall, easy to use and clear sightings make it a buyer’s pick.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Truglo Glo-Brite is an impeccable choice if you’re hunting in dim or low light conditions. Professionals will find this peep sight very enjoyable. One of the unique features it has to offer is the adjustable green insert with three different settings fostering flexibility. 

The tubing has especially been included to aid in proper positioning so you can hunt effortlessly in a variety of different postures. The four glow spots located on the side of the peep sight serve as an excellent aligning companion, improving your arrow grouping skill.

Overall, we highly recommend this product. 

Bottom Line

Having a reputation as an ideal peep sight for low light conditions, this product will be your best friend if that’s your preference. The accuracy it has to offer will surely be a shock if you look at the price point.

Product Specs


4.8 x 4.8 x 0.5"

Style/Number of Pins:




Best Pin Sight For Recurve Bow:
Milaem Archery Recurve Bow Sight

Archery Recurve Bow Sight Scope Sight Pin with 0.5/0.75/1.0 Optical Fiber Arrow Aluminum Sight for Hunting Bow Accessory (Black, 1.0)


  • Ideal fit for a recurve bow
  • Lens is manufactured from highly translucent acrylic
  • 1.0 optical fiber pin allows sufficient light to transmit
  • Made from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel
  • Professional archery product company, ensuring reliability


  • Only suitable for right-handed archers
  • Green fiber optic pin is difficult to view on a standard FITA quarry which has a yellow center

What Recent Buyers Report

The product is nice overall and provides a surprisingly great value; this is what the buyers have to say. They like the product for the quality at such an affordable price. They also claim that instructions are not included, which is a small problem, but the well-built anodized body surely makes up for it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A product showcasing such high quality at such a reasonable price has to be a part of our formulated list. It’s well machined and anodized. The lens it features is also made from top-of-the-line translucent acrylic material. 

It’s strong, steady, and extremely easy to use. The good-quality material used in its construction ensures that it stays well put and functions even in rain, mud, or snow. 

Providing you with a better view of the field, this product will surely surpass your expectations.

Bottom Line

It’s not every day that you find such a premium-quality product that’s also economical. Sometimes, you don’t need micro click adjustments or complicated features to ensure optimal performance, and this product is an ideal proof of that. 

Product Specs

Fiber Optic Diameter:



2.44" Length

Style/Number of Pins:

Single Pin



Hand Orientation:


What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Recurve Bow Sight? 

While deciding on which bow sight to buy, you need to take the following factors into account.


Choosing the right bow sight all comes to down personal preference. And here, you need to look at the kind of activities you intend to pursue so you can install a sight accordingly. 

If you’re more on the adventurous side, professionalism is your standard, and competitive arching is your caliber, you’ll obviously need a top-of-the-line product.

But if you’re more of a laid-back hunter, camping every now and then, deer hunting through the woods near your base camp, and just enjoying the thrill, you can opt for a mid-priced product. It’s cost-effective yet functional.

Light Enhancement According to the Hunting Conditions

Hunting comes with its own set of characteristics that distinguish each hunter from the other. Some like to hunt in broad daylight while others prefer poaching in the hours of darkness. Likewise, you’ll need an appropriate bow sight for each set-up. 

The simplest and cheapest way for you to gather sufficient light if you’re arching in the dead of night is to have a flashlight. The drawback to this is that a device running on batteries is not always dependable, and the light from the flashlight will basically ruin your camouflage.

This brings us to our next option, fiber optics. This is a more reliable option as it doesn’t run on batteries and works well in both low and bright light settings.

The third alternative is tritium, a radioactive element incorporated into the paint. It gathers light, similar to how glow-in-the-dark watches work.

Robust Quality

Even if you do not intend to splurge huge stacks of money on a bow sight, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should forgo quality and sturdiness. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, you need to make sure the device is made from machine-manufactured high-grade aluminum or an aluminum composite. This will ensure durability, reliability, and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Peep Sight

While looking at the various options in peep sights, you need to find one that best fits your personal as well as your hunting characteristics. If a peep sight is small, it will work in broad daylight but not in dim lights. On the other hand, a larger peep sight will get rid of this problem, but it also offers more margin for error. Another factor you should consider is that if you wear glasses, you can also opt for no peep at all.

Easy to Use

When you’re out arching in the field, your sight will need adjustment as you continue taking shots. You will need to adjust both vertical and horizontal settings.

A good option is to have lock settings, or your aim can be off. The lock settings need to be easy to access and of a substantial size so they can be somewhat resistant to the incessant vibrations. Taking a wrench to tighten the loose bolts and screws as necessary is a smart idea.

Also, remember to take the pins into account. These are tiny metal pieces clenching fiber optics in the sight aperture. It’s usually recommended to go for thinner pins as thicker ones can blur smaller prey

Lastly, a glo-ring is a nice option that some bow sights have. Its illumination is excellent in refining clarity and defining the field of vision.

How to Use a Bow Sight on a Recurve

Now that we’ve talked about the types, variations, and main qualities to look for in your bow sight, let’s see how to use one.

  1. The most imperative thing to keep in mind while using one is that the sight should not be the focal point; instead, it should be the target. 

  2. The next reference you need to consider is the string. You should be able to see your string around the side of your vision, forming a rear sight. This allows you to align the string with the sight ring. The sight picture needs to be consistent.

  3. If you’re a beginner, practice is extremely necessary. Use the groupings as an indicator but don’t adjust after every arrow shot.

  4. Focus on getting your form right.

  5. A crucial rule that exists in archery is called ‘follow the arrow.’ This rule reminds the hunters of how to adjust their sight, so their arrows land exactly on their target. Small adjustments make a difference. So make sure you make use of this rule.

  6. If you’re training for competitions, you know it’s relatively harder to shoot the target from a farther distance. For this, start by shooting from a location you know you can hit the target. 

  7. If you’ve managed to hit the right target from this position, take note of your sight position and write it down.

  8. After that, step back a few meters, estimate the sight drop, make necessary adjustments, and shoot again.

  9. Keep walking back successive distances and record the accurate sight distances you need to shoot.

  10. Use these to base your sight settings on, but also keep in mind that the weather and environmental conditions will impact the settings.

Tips For Using a Bow Sight

When using a sight, some tips to keep in mind are:


Be confident in using the sight and see where it’s pointing. If you don’t do that and keep aiming off, there’s really no point in using it. Hence, always measure your sight settings and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Don’t Keep Your Focus Solely on the Sight

Use the sight as a reference point only. Keep the whole shot procedure in mind.

Last but not least, be sure to refer to the following video for an even better and visual understanding of what we just explained.

How to Mount a Sight on a Recurve Bow

Perplexed about how to mount the bow sight on your recurve? Read right ahead!

  1. The very first step is to take your bow and screw your side block into the riser with the aid of the screws that come in the bag. Make sure it’s tight and correctly positioned.

  2. Next, put your locator into the block.

  3. Put the sight into the bow and make sure it’s locked down.

  4. Once it’s installed, check the sight alignment on the riser. For a rough starting point, you need to align it, so it’s straight with the riser. So, the measure by eye and loosely tighten it down and then check

  5. Next, to check it properly, put your bow on a surface like a chair where you can look down on the sight. 

  6. Once it’s on the chair and the sight is roughly aligned with the riser, insert the arrow and line up the string with the arrow.

  7. Now check the string's position concerning the sight, whether it’s to the right or the left. It needs to be in the middle of the sight.

  8. You need to make sure that as the sight moves up or down on the sidetrack, it doesn’t move to the left or right. This ensures that the string is in line with the sight, and as you move between distances, you don’t need to adjust your horizontal windage all that much.

  9. Tighten the ideal position and check again to confirm that it’s still perfectly or near-perfectly aligned

  10. To finish setting up your site, line up your sight with the arrow. It should be somewhere above the arrow. Being off to one side can be problematic.

That’s how you lodge the device onto your bow. For an even better demonstration, check out the following video and enjoy a full overview.


So there you have it, a complete guide to help you make a well-informed decision. We personally love bow sights! Not only are there so many alternatives to choose from, but each one offers a unique set of features that may fit each huntsman. All in all, they’re a great tool to have around if you want to enhance your arching dexterity. 

People Also Ask

Here, we’ve formulated a catalog of some of the most frequent questions potential users have in mind and attempted to answer them. Read through them so you have answers to questions that might still be roaming around in your mind. 

Are Bow Sights Necessary For Hunting With a Recurve?

We would like to address by saying that bow sights are not really necessary, but they do facilitate the arching process to a great extent. Cultivating skills is more important than learning to shoot barebow. To be able to shoot from a distance, minimize the wind factor, and control your nervous system, use a sight. 

How Much Do Bow Sights Cost For a Recurve? 

A good bow sight that’s cost-effective but also high in functionality will cost you anywhere ranging from $10-$30.

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