Best Recurve Arrow Rests of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

Is archery your passion or hobby? Are you looking for more power and stability in your arrows while hunting?

Well, what you need is a reliable arrow rest as it can help you improve your aim without damaging the arrows.  

In this article, we will discuss how you can choose the best arrow rest for you. We will also review what we believe are some of the best arrow rests so that you can make an informed decision.

Comparison of the Best Recurve Arrow Rests

  • Boosts quiet arrow loading by preventing metal-on-metal contact.
  • A versatile product which can be easily used by both left and right-handed people.
  • Runner-up product on our list due to its excellent performance and strong construction.
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  • Fits both right and left-handed archers.
  • Self-adhesive tape backing makes it easy to use.
  • Best for the money as archers can enjoy all the benefits of an elevated rest without spending a lot.
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  • Is suitable for both left or right-handed users.
  • Durable product that is going to last many years.
  • Can be easily screwed on any bow with a threaded hole.
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  • Made from premium quality calf hair
  • Allows customized trimming to fit any bow rise
  • Adhesive back strip does not require any foreign glue chemicals to be used
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What is an Arrow Rest and What Does it Do?

Bow shooters are aware that an arrow rest is an essential component and one of utmost importance. It securely holds the arrow, keeping it in the exact same position on every shot. In other words, it stabilizes your arrow no matter what the horizontal or vertical orientation your bow was kept in. It also remains quiet during the draw and launches arrows continuously. Furthermore, it has minimal contact with the arrow’s vanes, feather, or shaft, ensuring a smooth and accurate shot.

Are All Recurve Arrow Rests The Same?

All recurve arrow rests serve the same purpose, and no additional functions are offered even with any changes in design or quality. However, how they deliver that to us can be very different, and this is exactly where the creativity of a company that produces these come in.

For example, there can be a difference in the materials used for these rests. Natural materials and plastic can change the way a product looks, and it might change how you feel about it. The weight is also altered depending on the materials used, and you obviously don’t want your arrow rest to be heavy.

Perks of Adding an Arrow Rest to Your Recurve Bow

An arrow rest is a small piece of equipment, but they can affect the flight of your arrows dramatically:

Stabilizes the Arrow

An arrow rest helps to stabilize the arrow until it leaves the bowstring. If the arrow touches the riser or the rest, for example, the vanes, or the shaft, it would affect the flight path of the arrow. An arrow rest will keep the arrow in place while not touching the arrow too much so as to alter the trajectory.

Allows the Shooter a Perfect View

You must have a perfect and clear view before shooting. An arrow rest not only provides a perfect view, but it also gives a specified and pointy view for the shooting. Moreover, it holds the arrow for the shooter’s convenience until he is ready to take the shot. 

Improves Accuracy 

A good quality arrow rest can improve your accuracy and ensure success in the field. If you want to become a skilled shooter, then installing a quality arrow rest is the perfect place to start.

How to Choose a Recurve Arrow Rest

There are various types of arrow rests available. However, choosing the best product depends on your purpose and requirements. However, the following are some vital considerations that should be kept in mind when choosing a recurve right arrow rest:


It is essential to have a durable arrow rest as it can hold arrows in place because of its sturdy build. The strength of an arrow rest's material also ensures that it is weather-proof. Moreover, a durable unit will not snap when they hit a hard surface. A tough and durable product will serve you efficiently while you draw the bowstring, jump, or run during bow hunting


An important factor for archery and bow hunting is the draw weight of the bow. Lightweight arrow rests can be easily adjusted in the middle of a hunt. In addition, when you release the bowstring, these units ensure minimal contact with the vanes of the arrows.

Smoothness and Noise

Arrow rests that operate quietly and smoothly are perfect for hunters as noisy units will distract the animals when hunters release the bolt.


Ease of use is another vital aspect of a properly tuned bow and rest. User-friendly units do not exert undue tension or pressure on the arrow shaft. Also, a user-friendly model is one that has all the features that can make shooting a pleasant experience.  

Arrow Alignment

It is important that the arrow rest must align with the shaft and nock point of arrows. Many rests have adjustable arrow alignments, which help to make accurate aims at targets.

Review of the Best Recurve Arrow Rests

If you are wondering about which is the best recurve arrow rest available on the market, then let us guide you. We have narrowed down the choice so that you can easily find the one that will serve you best:

Best Overall:
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest


  • Cost effective upgrade for almost any type of bow
  • Custom rubber boots ensure silent arrow loading
  • Increased strength because of the composite-encased biscuit
  • Advanced elevation adjustments and windage enable easy correction
  • Highly popular product preferred by bow hunters belonging to the various skill set


  • Plastic biscuit frame may widen when you lock it down

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this product are very happy with the fact that they can enjoy the numerous features of the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot arrow rest at a very reasonable price. They were particularly impressed by its reversible mount design, which allowed them to switch the rest according to their preference. Users also stated that the unit stabilized their shot and they would not hesitate to purchase it again.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot arrow rest is one of the best base models in our lineup because it is quiet, simple, and improved in many ways from the original model. We also like the fact that it has a strong frame and a smooth adjusting slider. Moreover, the engraved reference marks allow hunters to adjust quickly and easily. Another great thing about this arrow rest is its quiet performance, thus making it perfect for hunters who do not want to spook their quarry.

Who Will Use This Most

This product has been constructed by using superior quality materials, which makes it perfect for professionals and experienced shooters who want a reliable and durable product. It is reasonably priced; therefore, it does not put a lot of burden on your budget. This product can be used by all bow hunters as it is an ambidextrous product.

What Could Be Improved and Why

This product has a plastic biscuit frame. Over-tightening can harm it so it will be better if the biscuit frame was made of metal or other such metal, thus ensuring a long life. In conclusion, we feel that a change in the material used in its construction will make it more durable.

Bottom Line

This product offers impressive features to its users at very reasonable prices. It is one of the best options for hunting as it is very quiet and will not alert the game to your presence. It is very easy to set up this arrow rest. Also, it blends perfectly with the environment; therefore, you do not have to worry about it ruining the camouflage of your bow.

Best for the Money:
Bear Arrow Rest/Silent Plate


  • Perfect for bear recurve bows
  • Does not damage the arrow or the bow
  • Great for hunting due to its quiet operation
  • Durable construction ensures long-term use
  • The application requires only removing the sticker


  • Some people have found the adhesive tape does not stick for long

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this arrow rest is the best that they have tried so far. They are simple, quiet, and protect both the bows and arrows. They do not wear out easily but last for hundreds of shots. They particularly love the ease with which they can use this product. Once you mark the place where you want to fix this arrow rest, you remove the tape and simply stick it in place.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this traditional hair arrow rest a refreshing addition to our list as it is very silent and simple. It is constructed from soft plastic that flexes forward as you shoot thus ensuring that your vanes do not come into contact with the rest as you leave your bowstring. We particularly like its adhesive back, which makes it very easy to apply to your visor.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is a great option for new archers as it is very easy to use. Also, if you use arrows with feather vanes, this unit is a great add-on. It provides a silent strike plate and quiet platform for archers who prefer to shoot directly off the bow handle.

What Could Be Improved and Why

Some users are not happy with the quality of the adhesive tape and that it does not stick to their bows. Although it is possible that they have not properly cleaned off the area before sticking the arrow rest, it will be much better if the manufacturers made changes to the tape and made it easier to stick.

Bottom Line

The Bear arrow rest/silent plate is a durable and simple product. It is the perfect addition that will help to pad your riser rest. This product will help you take hundreds of perfect shots and still remain the same. Moreover, it will protect your feathered arrows and provide a more traditional feel to your bow.

3. Southland Archery Supply SAS Screw On Arrow Rest

Southland Archery Supply SAS Screw On Arrow Rest 5 Pack (Right)


  • A highly economical product that works great
  • Perfect for recurve finger-shooting and release shooting
  • Versatile rest that ensures that the arrow finds its mark
  • The extra length of the bolt can be cut off to suit your preference
  • A reasonably tough product that can handle the wear and tear it can experience outdoors


  • Barrel of the screw is very long

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has received some highly positive reviews from recent buyers. They have found it simple to install yet tough and durable. Its excellent performance and versatility make it a very popular product among buyers. The wear patterns found on the rest from the arrows allows them to determine whether their shooting technique needs improvement or not.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many features of this product that stand out to us. It is a very economical product which makes it perfect for seasoned shooters, as well as beginners. Its sturdy construction and ease of use ensure that the arrow will shoot accurately down the range. We also like the fact that it is available in a pack of five, thus ensuring that you always have a spare in your archery arsenal.

Who Will Use This Most

We highly recommend it for traditional shooters who want to practice recreational archery. However, it can be used by all shooters as it will help improve their aim without putting a lot of burden on their pockets. People who use feather arrows and aluminum arrows will also find this product highly useful.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A few people do not like the fact that the bolt is excessively long as they find the long length sitting to the right of their bow very irritating. Although this problem can be easily solved by cutting off the excess length, we recommend that the manufacturers make a slight change in the design of this arrow rest.

Bottom Line

The Southland Archery Supply screw on arrowhead is a versatile product that works very well. The screw shaft and the rest are one molded piece with a nylon nut that clamps it tightly to the bow. Although this arrow rest will last you a long time, they are available in a pack of five so that you always have one on hand.

Editor's Pick:
Archery 2 PC Calf Hair Adhesive Traditional Arrow Rest & Plate


  • Known to be highly stable 
  • Very practical and versatile
  • Uses premium natural calf hair
  • Custom trimmed to fit most bow shelves
  • No two rests look the same; hence you get a unique product


  • Need to be cut to fit

What Recent Buyers Report

It has a very durable build and can last for a long time without any damages. It is built from great quality materials and is very stable during your archery experience. It works well and helps you shoot accurately with your bow. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model stands out to us for its durability and premium build quality that lasts long and makes your investment worth it. It uses premium, real hair from calves and is then customizes it to suit most people, making it very versatile.

Bottom Line

In all, this arrow rest is a very premium and dependable product. It is also very stable and will help you aim better while you are hunting. In addition, it is as unique as you are. All of these make it a great investment.

 5FIVICS Recurve Butterfly Rest


  • Perfect for hunting and polishing your skills
  • Provides more support to the shooter's arm
  • Provides your arrow with accuracy and speed
  • Installation is very easy and can be done within minutes
  • Nickel-plated adjustment arm increases this product's life


  • Some people do not find the design appealing

What Recent Buyers Report

People who use bows and arrows are aware of the difference between compound bows and recurve bows. They understand that if they own a recurve bow, they should look for an arrow rest which is specifically designed for such a bow. The FIVICS recurve butterfly rest is one such arrow rest, which is why recent buyers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many things about this amazing product that stand out to us. Firstly, it is very easy to install. You will find that its installation hardly takes up any time, thus leaving you with more time to practice your shot. Moreover, it is a reliable arrowhead which lends more accuracy and speed to your shot. Another great feature is that it muffles the sound of loading an arrow. This is particularly helpful in hunting so as not to alert the game.

Who Will Use This Most

This bow rest is ideal for both experienced archers and novices. Beginners would love this product as its installation does not require any experience. It is very easy and can be easily done in minutes. Experienced archers, on the other hand, would love this product as it helps to improve the accuracy of their shot, thus helping them to catch the game easily. Also, this is an ambidextrous product; therefore, its appeal is universal.

What Could Be Improved and Why

However, some users have a problem with their design. They do not find it appealing. We feel that by making minor changes in this product's design, the manufacturers can make it a go-to product for a large number of bow shooters. This, in turn, will help boost up the sales of this product.

Bottom Line

The FIVICs recurve butterfly rest is a versatile and durable product especially constructed for recurve bows. Made from aluminum, this product will stay with you for a long time. Using this product will provide a positive change in your archery skills, whether you are out hunting for game or just using it to practice and polish your shot.

6. Allen Company Sharpshooter Arrow Rest

Allen Company Sharpshooter Arrow Rest, Right Hand, Black


  • Able to fit most right-handed bows
  • Adjusts easily, thus ensuring that perfect shot
  • Designed to prevent the arrow from sliding off
  • A reliable and durable product which will help shooters for many years
  • Accompanied by installation instructions which make the process very simple


  • Not suitable for left-handed users

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers have experienced an extreme improvement in their shot, which is why they love this product. It is durable, easy to attach, and provides great clearance. With its installation they no longer have vanes slapping their bow. It also saves the riser from the vanes and vice versa, thus efficiently fulfilling their purpose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a straightforward product which is one of its charms. Its simple installation and use are what is most appealing to us. It is also a low-priced product, which is why it is able to fit every pocket. The best thing that we like about this product is that it helps beginners hit that bull's eye.

Who Will Use This Most

This model from the Allen Company is an ideal choice for beginner bow users as it is very simple to use. The package includes detailed instructions that ensure that users do not face any problem in installation. This is a fairly low-priced option on our list which makes it more suitable for beginner bow archers.

What Could Be Improved and Why

This product is very popular among bow shooters, and has helped them a lot in improving their shot. However, it is only suitable for right-handed users. We feel that this is not right as left-handed shooters cannot take advantage of this product. Therefore, it would be better if this product could be changed into an ambidextrous unit.

Bottom Line

Although the Allen Company sharpshooter arrow rest is one of the low-priced products on our list, it provides high value for beginners. Its simple use makes it very popular among bow users while the straightforward instructions provided with this product ensures that even novices will be able to install it within minutes.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Recurve Arrow Rest?

There are certain important points that you need to consider before buying your recurve arrow rest. These make or break a product; hence it is wise to consider them seriously. They are mentioned as follows.


Whenever you are buying something, durability comes first, and it is no different with recurve arrow rests. The rest must have a durable build, and ideally, it should also be weather resistant. Also, it should not snap or break upon hitting a hard surface. A sturdy and solid bow will work flawlessly during the whole shooting process.

Weight of the Arrow Rest

It is very important to consider the weight of your recurve arrow rests. If it is too heavy, then it might weigh down your bow and make it difficult to be carried around. Meanwhile, if it is lightweight, then you can easily carry it around and conveniently adjust it during the hunt.

Noise Level and Smoothness

Another very important factor is the amount of noise your arrow rest produces upon contact and how smooth it is. If it is not smooth enough, then the friction might cause noise, and it might scare your target away.

How to Install an Arrow Rest on a Recurve Bow

It is essential to know how to properly install an arrow rest as the correct installation will help to keep your arrows on target, shot after shot:

  1. Make sure that the area where the arrow rest should be attached is free from old adhesive, debris, or dirt. Properly clean the area with the help of a commercial cleaner or rubbing alcohol to get rid of any adhesive residue. If the area is not properly clean the new arrow rest will not stick properly and will fall off within minutes.

  2. Remove the self-adhesive backing on the arrow rest. In case your bow has a plunger recess, align the center hole in the arrow rest above the plunger hole in the bow. However, if your bow does not have a plunger hole line, the arrow rests vertically with the bow handle. Apply firm pressure to attach the arrow rest to the bow once it is properly aligned.

  3. Next, install a nocking point on the string as this ensures consistent placement of arrows on the string. The arrows will rest on top of this point when you place them on the bowstring.

  4. Now shoot some arrows to check your setup. If you experience vertical movement when you shoot, then adjust the nocking point on the string. Don’t move the arrow rest to fine-tune the bow. 


All in all, an arrow rest is certainly an essential tool to have. However, with so many models available today, choosing the best one is often a difficult task. For us, the best unit is the FIVICS Recurve Butterfly Rest, but make sure you go through all the reviews to find the one that best suits your needs!

People Also Ask

Arrow rests can be difficult to access, and the only experience can get you to understand the real optimal points for buying one. However, while you gain your experience, we have collected some wisdom from experienced hunters that will help you navigate through the process.

How Heavy Are These Arrow Rests?

Usually, these arrow rests don’t weigh more than a few pounds. They are usually not heavy enough to alter your performance and speed of the arrow. However, some rests are relatively heavier, and that can cause your overall bow to be heavy, and it can be difficult for beginners to use.

How Long Do Recurve Arrow Rests Last?

If a recurve arrow rest is built from good quality materials, then it should easily last you for years to come. Some of them are weather-resistant, which adds even more years to their life. In addition, wooden pieces usually last longer than plastic ones. 

Are Recurve Arrow Rests Universal Across Experience Levels?

Any experience level can use any rest. While some facilitate some kinds of users, others can be a little heavy or complex for beginners, but there is nothing that cannot be figured out with a little practice, considering that these rests are usually very simple to use.

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