Ravin R15 Crossbow – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

Archery is an age-old sport that is known to be good for the mind and body.

With time, bows and arrows evolved, and now we have high precision crossbows. If you are in the market for one, Ravin R15 is an excellent choice.

Here is a detailed insight into the Ravin R15.

  • Deliver at up to 160 foot pound of kinetic energy
  • Quiver and extra bolts and points included
  • Comes with a 12 pound draw force included
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Ravin Crossbows R15


  • Speed
  • Helicoil Technology
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System
  • Versa-Draw Cocking System


  • Expensive Price-Tag
  • Proprietary Arrows

Ravin R15 Specs 

Draw Weight: 195 lbs

Arrow Speed: 425 FPS

Weight: 6.9 lbs.

Length: 34.5"

Width Axle to Axle: 6" Cocked

Width Axle to Axle: 10.5" Un-cocked

Power-Stroke: 13"

Draw Style: Versa-Draw crank

Trigger Pull Weight: 2.9 lbs


The R15 from Ravin packs a ton of features that make it one of the best crossbows out there. Some of the best things about R15 include:


The R15 from Ravin is one of the fastest crossbows on the market. The cocked length at six inches makes it a handy crossbow. This allows freedom of movement even through tight spots while cocked and ready. Furthermore, the 160 ft-lbs. The rating makes it deadly, even at 50 yards.

The R15 was made with speed and efficiency in mind. The compound crossbow has a frictionless system that means the arrow speed will not be hampered at all. The system is well-designed and provides deadly accurate shots. Compared with the other crossbows from Ravin, the R15 is a tad bit longer and has a speed of 425 FPS.

Trac-Trigger Firing System

Ravin put in years of research to give the Trac-Trigger Firing System a marketable shape. R15 also houses the trigger; it slides forward and rests on the string. The best thing about the system is that it rests on the same spot always and leaves no room for error. This detail adds superior down range accuracy thanks to the balanced draw made possible by the trac-trigger firing system.

The system solves the basic issue that crossbows can have: a different point of contact with every fire, which can make a crossbow inaccurate. Thankfully, R15 takes care of it effortlessly.

Helicoil Technology

The state-of-the-art HeliCoil technology makes the Ravin crossbows compound. The system coils the cables in helical loops and keeps them away from the top and the bottom of the cams. When the cables are away from the cams, efficiency, and accuracy are automatically increased. The cams can scale back as much as 340 degrees. 

This small but great tweak allows the R15 to have a small cocked footprint of just six inches. The arrow can go straight into the air without any worry of friction that also adds to the accuracy. 

Versa-Draw Cocking System

HeliCoil technology shaped the bow in a manner so it can support Ravin’s versa-draw cocking mechanism. The mechanism is revolutionary and is unique to Ravin. A removable cocking handle attaches to the main body and cocks the bow with a ratchet sound until it is fully cocked. The same can be winded in reverse that shifts the strength in the drawstring back to the cocking handle for effective uncocking. 

Like the Helicoil and Trac-trigger, Versa Draw is also unique to Ravin and gives the ability to effortlessly cock and uncock the crossbow. This not only keeps the crossbow stable but also reduces wear. 


There are certain downsides to having a feature-filled package. Some of these include:

Expensive Price-Tag

Ravin crossbows have always been expensive, and R15 is no different. But, as is with other Ravin crossbows, the high price contributes to the never-ending research programs that made the Ravin R15 possible. HeliCoil technology, the Versa-Draw cocking system, and Trac-Trigger are all marvels of engineering. The high costs of research and development are spread over all the products. 

The R15 is, undoubtedly, a great crossbow but might be a bit too expensive for some archery loyalists out there. 

Proprietary Arrows

The Ravin R15 is a great piece of hardware. But that greatness and exclusivity to Ravin accessories can get in the way of usability and practicality. You cannot find Ravin branded arrows in far-flung areas, and no other arrow would fit the R15. Moreover, Ravin does not offer lighted arrows that some hunters love.

Although the R15 checks many boxes that even some of Ravin's offerings do not, it still lacks such basic things. Out in the field, if there is a need for additional arrows or if you feel the urge to use light arrows, you are on your own.

Best Uses for the Ravin R15

The R15 is one of the best crossbows out there that boasts great speed and precision. It can be put to many versatile uses. Some of them are:

Archery Range

The R15 is a moderate length crossbow with a ton of technology integrated into its build. The 160 ft. per lbs of kinetic output make it suitable for long distance archery shots. R15 is a sleek crossbow with only 6” spread when cocked. Allowing you the ease of movement around the range and the lightweight makes sure you don’t tire out during long archery hours.

An Able Hunting Crossbow

The small spread, when cocked, gives the Ravin R15 advantage over its competition out in the field too. Added to that, the safe cocking and uncocking mechanism is something not every crossbow can boast. It may not be the smallest crossbow but is sleek nonetheless which helps you get around difficult forest terrain.

At 425 fps and 160 ft. per lbs. of energy, your prey does not stand a chance. The 220 lbs draw weight is minimized to just 12 lbs for effortless cocking during your hunting excursions. The cocking and the uncocking mechanism is not slow either, which is a must when time is critical. It is one of the fastest crossbows both in arrow speed and cocking speed.

All this makes it a good hunting companion. 

Is the Ravin R15 Hard to Use? 

Not at all; Ravin R15 is so simple to operate that even a child would be able to shoot one. Getting better at archery is all about passion, and that requires skill. But, because of the immense power and deadly capabilities that it has, it should only be handled by adults. Furthermore, state gun laws must be consulted before purchasing because some states do not allow for such powerful weapon ownership without prior approvals. 

Components and Included Accessories 

The Ravin R15 comes with:

  • Illuminated scope

  • 3-arrow quivers

  • Draw handle

  • 6-pack 100-grain match grade arrows

  • Field points

Illuminated Scope

R15 features a 100-yard scope out of the box that can switch between green and red lights with the turn of a dial. Hence, nighttime hunting is fun with it. The lenses are also multicoated for a crystal-clear view from 1.5 up to 5x.

Arrow Quiver and Match Grade Arrows

Ravin’s arrow generosity is appreciated. R15, like all other Ravin offerings, offers more arrows than the competition. It ships with six Ravin 100-grain practice points that can go a long way in helping you zero in. The material is 100% pure carbon. There are high-impact brass threaded fixtures with two-inch offset vanes.

R15 has a detachable quiver that can carry up to three arrows in one go. Added to that, it offers vertical positioning and optimal balance. Furthermore, it is easy to install and remove.

Cocking System

The Versa-draw cocking system is a state-of-the-art patented cocking system from Ravin. It makes the R15 easy to crank with the clutch system. Added to the easy cocking, it adds the ability to uncock safely. The Versa-draw cocking system decreases the 250lbs draw weight to just 12 pounds, and that too with a ratchet guided sound. 

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Ravin R15 Suitable For?

The R15 from Ravin is simple to operate, yet houses a massive amount of power. It is a deadly weapon from close range, and hence its use should be in the supervision of an adult or preferably by adults only. Local weapons laws can also restrict its purchase and subsequent sale. However, the skill set required to operate Ravin is fairly simple and should be good for people of all ages.

What Makes the Ravin R15 Stand Out From the Competition?

The effective design and a ton of advanced technology built straight into the crossbow frame make it one of the best options out there. 

The R15 is perfect for shooting games, moving while wielding, and with exceptional downrange accuracy, it can make archery adventures fun. Some of the competition does not possess a safe uncocking mechanism that the R15 has, thanks to Ravin's proprietary Versa-Draw Cocking System.  

Ravin R15 vs. R20 - Comparison Overview 

R20 took what the R15 already had and improved it on all fronts. Both are great options from Ravin, but the R20 has become more powerful, faster, and more accurate because of the improvements. The main differences between the two are:


The R15 was rated at 425 FPS, but the R20 has a flight velocity of 430! The increased FPS makes it even deadlier than the R15. The five-fps difference can even take down an elk or a moose.


The R20 has an increased weight of one pound. It feels heavier and more fulfilling compared to the overall feel of the R15. The increased weight has further added to the stability, and the crossbow has reduced vibration and somewhat lower noise. 

Specifications and Use

The R20 is designed with the big game in mind. The downrange accuracy and the arrows might be the same for the two, but it packs a higher FPS and costs a bit more than the R15. The draw weight, width between axles, and cocking style all remain the same that was already perfected by Ravin. The Kinetic energy on them is also roughly the same. It is 164 on the R20 compared to the 160 on the R15.

How to Sight in a Ravin R15 Crossbow?

The Ravin R15 is simple to operate; with a little practice, you can become a shooting expert.

The bow comes ready out of the box, and you only need to adjust the equipment according to your needs. You will need some practice arrows from Ravin. The goal is to have the dot centered so you can shoot accurately.

Here’s how to sight in the Ravin R15:

  1. Adjust the eye relief according to your needs.

  2. Set the speed dial on the scope to match the speed of the arrow.

  3. Crank the crossbow and shoot at the ten yards mark to assess the settings. If the target is off-center at ten yards, then adjust the point of impact. 

  4. Once adjusted, crank and shoot again, at the ten-yard mark. If the hit is on point, then proceed to the next step; otherwise, adjust again. 

  5. Shoot at the 20-yard mark for confirmation. If the target is not in the center, then adjust the point of impact. 

  6. Once adjusted, shoot again at the 20-yard mark. If the hit is secured, then proceed to the next step. If not, then further adjustment is required.

  7. Place in Vice and Zero-in at 50 yards.

  8. Once the crossbow has been zeroed-in. Crank and shoot again at the 20-yard mark to confirm the accuracy.


Ravin has added many advanced technologies into the Ravin R15 to make it a super fast and effective crossbow. It is lightweight, accurate, portable, and feels great in the hand, and is a delight to shoot with. 

Ravin R15 will add a great weapon to your archery cabinet and can prove a worthy companion out on the field.

People Also Ask

Crossbows do not come cheap but can prove to be a good investment. Raven R15 is one of the fastest crossbows out there, but you might still have a few questions regarding it. Go through the following section for further clarity on this model. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the Ravin R15 Come With?

Ravin R15 comes with a limited warranty of five years. However, the warranty can only be claimed if the crossbow is used as per the provided instructions. The warranty does not cover the use of any other third-party accessories or arrows with the crossbow, nor is any physical damage covered.

Where Are Ravin R15 Crossbows Made?

Ravin R15 crossbow is manufactured at the Ravin Facility in Superior, Wisconsin, USA. Assembly of all Ravin products is done under the same roof. The quality assurance on the Ravin products means that you can use them with peace of mind.

How Far Can the Ravin R15 Crossbow Shoot?

Ravin R15 is rated for the 100-yard mark with pinpoint precision. Ravin claims that the crossbow gives rifle-like accuracy in a small footprint that is fun to use. Even for hunting game, a 50-yard mark is recommended, but the crossbow can shoot much further than this mark. 

What Yardage Should the Ravin R15 Be Sighted in?

The scope on the Ravin R15 includes a nine-dot calibration like all other Ravin crossbows. This helps calibrate the illuminated scope between 20 and 100 yards. There are rheostat-controlled illumination modes for low-light or night sight. They can illuminate the lens in red or green, as required.

Why is the Ravin R15 so Expensive?

The features and technologies built into the shooting mechanism took years to develop and perfect, and they are what make the Ravin R15 a worthy buy. The high costs increase the overall price tag. Even with the high price point, it is a great crossbow.

What is the Difference Between the Ravin R15 and R9?

The draw weight of R9 is 10 lbs as compared to the 12 lbs on the R15. This might be because of the increased speed of the latter that is 425 FPS as compared to the 390 on the former. Moreover, the kinetic energy of R9 stands at 135 ft-lbs compared to 164 ft-lbs on the R15.

What is the Speed on a Ravin R15 Crossbow?

The Ravin R15 is rated for a whopping 425 FPS and can shoot so quickly that the prey does not stand a chance. Even the Ravin R26 and subsequent models are not rated for such speed. The 160 ft per pound rating makes it dangerous at any distance.

How to Cock a Ravin Crossbow R15

Ravin has incorporated a simple and effective cocking mechanism into the R15. Here are the steps to cock the model:

  1. Place the cocking handle on the side of the stock.

  2. A magnet will hold it in place.

  3. Rotate the cocking handle forwards. 

  4. While rotating, press the thumb-release button.

  5. Remove the handle.

  6. While pressing the thumb-release, slide the Trac-Trigger firing system forwards until it clasps.

  7. While grasping the grip, rotate the cocking handle forwards to draw the Trac-Trigger back.

  8. Keep rotating the handle until the clutch slips. 

As the clutch slips, the clicking sound will become silent as the crossbow won’t crank anymore. This marks the end of the cocking procedure.

How Many Lbs Draw Weight is the Ravin R15?

The draw weight on the Ravin R15 is 195 lbs. Thanks to the Versa-Draw cocking system, it is reduced to a mere 12 lbs. This draw weight makes sure that the arrow zooms away faster, which is made possible because of the HeliCoil technology that strains the drawstring.

What Year Was the Ravin R15 Produced?

The Ravin R15 was first available for sale in 2017. The company has put years of research and development into the R lineup of crossbows. R15 was the best crossbow Ravin model that money could buy for a long time until the R20 came out.

What is the Limb Width of the Ravin R15 Crossbow?

Ravin R15 has an uncocked spread of around 10.5”. This goes down to just six inches when the crossbow is cocked. This slim profile makes it small enough to carry with ease and move around.

What Broadhead is Recommended For the Ravin 15 Crossbow?

The Ravin R15 is compatible with all the broadheads offered by Ravin. Steel, aluminum, and titanium broadheads are all compatible for up to 450 FPS, so there shouldn’t be a problem with them. Moreover, Ravin only recommends using Ravin broadheads.

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