Ravin R10 Crossbow – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

Hunting is the profession of our ancestors. It was their means for food and clothing. However, times have changed. Hunting has become more of a hobby than the means of living. But what has not changed is the way we hunt. Just like before, we still use arrows for taking down animals, though traditional bows are now replaced with crossbows. This article discusses one such unit, the Ravin R10 Crossbow. 

Ravin R10 is the top-of-the-line flagship model from Ravin Crossbows. It is one of their best-selling units. They have pulled all stops to make it the most versatile weapon for all hunting games. Whether you are hunting in a blind or in forests with tightly packed trees, this narrow yet powerful crossbow will not obstruct you in any way. 

It is a unique model because it employs multiple innovative features. These include the reverse draw limb technology, the integrated cocking system, or the powerful yet lightweight build. It has all the makings of a great crossbow. Want to learn more? Here is a detailed analysis of the Ravin R10 Crossbow. 

  • Equipped with a removable cocking handle
  • Auto safe and anti-dry shooting feature included
  • Comes fully assembled and fine tuned
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Ravin R10 Crossbow

RAVIN R10 Crossbow Package, Predator Camo


  • Versatile
  • Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Great Speeds
  • Complete Package
  • Comfortable Aiming


  • Expensive
  • Clumsy Cocking System

Ravin R10 Crossbow Specs

  • Draw Weight: 12 pounds
  • Arrow Speed: 400 fps

  • Weight: 6.8 pounds 

  • Length: 33 inches

  • Width (axle to axle) when cocked: 6.5 inches

  • Width (axle to axle) when uncocked: 10.5 inches

  • Power Stroke: 11 inches

  • Draw Style: Trac-Trigger system

  • Trigger Pull Weight: 4 pounds 


Ravin R10 is one of the best crossbows on the market today. The manufacturer claims it to be a unique model that really hits the target or drops anything you point it at. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits that make it a worthy weapon of choice.


We really like the R10 for its versatile approach towards hunting. It is specially designed for hunting applications, so designers paid special attention to making this a preferred choice for any size of the game. With a long shooting range of up to 100 yards, the illuminated scope, and fast speed, you can easily take down small game like rabbits or squirrels or a big game like bear, elk, and more. 


This crossbow has a small profile. But don’t let that fool you. This compact and lightweight unit packs a massive punch of 142 pounds of kinetic energy. The revolutionary reverse draw limb design, combined with a lightweight carbon fiber construction, allows you to take a steady aim and fire accurately. With this as your gear, your chances of making a perfect shot for a clean kill will improve greatly. 

Great Speeds

With the axle-to-axle measurement as small as 6.5 inches in the cocked position, the Ravin R10 Crossbow delivers unmatched velocity. It shoots 20-inch 400-grain arrows at 400fps. The amazing speed generates 142 pounds of kinetic energy that is more than enough for taking down the biggest game. 

Complete Package 

A crossbow alone is not that much of a performer without its accessories. With most crossbows coming as stand-alone units prompting you to purchase the accessories separately, the Ravin R10 is a complete package that includes all the basic accessories you will need on a hunting trip. 

These include a reliable and high-quality scope, a Versa-Draw cocking handle, and six pieces of the recommended 400-grain arrows. These are the crossbow essentials that you will need. You can also purchase some optional accessories such as a Ravin Crossbow soft carry case to go with it. But even without them, you are good to go. 

Comfortable Aiming

Some experts say that this crossbow suffers from an identity crisis between being a rifle and a crossbow. And we can’t agree more, though positively. We find it as easy to wield as a hunting rifle with comparable speeds and accuracy at distances as long as 100 yards. 

The ease of aiming and the accurate aim really put it in line with the best hunting rifles, especially the foregrip. It features a pistol grip with finger grooves and a well-balanced texture. Holding one of these really gives you a steady feel.


In the crossbow market, you don’t get many units that have comprehensive warranty coverage. But, that’s not the case with the Ravin R10. It is one of the best models in the market today, coming from a reputable supplier, so you really can’t expect them to let you down in warranty. 

Ravin Crossbows is so confident of its performance that it follows it up with a five-year limited warranty coverage against all material and manufacturing faults. Though you must know that in order to benefit from it, you need to stick to the recommended usage they have outlined. Even if you use a different arrow, your warranty is void. 


Living in this imperfect world, we all understand that nothing is perfect. So why should Ravin R10 be any different? It, too, has some cons associated with it. Let’s have a look. 


Ravin R10 is a high-end product that comes at a costly price. We can justify the high price tag because it is a high-quality product that delivers exactly what it promises. Also, this is not a separate unit. It is a complete package that is supplied with all the required accessories. The arrows, cocking handle, and a high-quality scope are all part of the deal you are purchasing. 

Furthermore, it is ready to shoot straight out of the box because it comes mounted and tuned. Yes, not everyone can purchase it. But for the features, the price is just right. 

Clumsy Cocking System 

This is the issue consumers have been most vocal about. They find the cocking system to be a bit clumsy. That’s because the cocking device sits near the scope, so it gets in the way sometimes. 

Best Uses For the Ravin R10 Crossbow

The Ravin R10 is one of the most versatile shooting weapons we have come across. With an amazing distance, accuracy, and speed, it has managed to win us. The compact and lightweight unit is very suitable for several applications. Let’s have a look at some top uses for a Ravin R10. 

Running and Gunning

Running and gunning is a relatively new technique. It is a more active and aggressive style of hunting in which instead of waiting for something to happen, you go out and make something happen yourself. This style requires you to pack light, and R10 is certainly one of the lightest crossbows. 

So if you are planning a hunting trip that involves running and gunning, Ravin R10 is the right crossbow for the job. With a high speed and kinetic energy, it can help you harvest the game while on the move. 

Hunting From Tight Corners

The traditional hunting style requires you to climb on a stand and wait for your prey to show up. On such trips, you need a fast and accurate bow that shoots the deadliest of arrows. And Ravin R10 is such a crossbow. Using one of these will give you an immense advantage, considering the useful scope that will illuminate the exact spot your arrow will hit. 

Target Shooting

Ravin R10 has just the right yardage for target shooting. Using one of these, you can easily shoot targets placed at distances from 20 to 100 yards. The accuracy is spot-on, not to mention the illuminated scope. The amazing speed and draw weight will surely give you an edge over your friends. 

Is the Ravin R10 Crossbow Hard to Use?

No, we can’t deny this more. Ravin R10 is one of the easiest models to use. Yes, the cocking system is different from what we are used to, but that’s what makes it unique. You might have to pass a learning curve to get it right. And once you do, you will have it cocked and ready to shoot in less time than any other traditional crossbow.

Components and Included Accessories

The Ravin R10 Crossbow package is supplied as a complete set with all the basic accessories. Here is a detailed rundown of what you will get when you purchase it. 

A Fully Assembled Crossbow

This is the best part of purchasing the R10. This compact unit comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting it ready for shooting. For beginners, this ready-to-use out of the box aspect is very helpful as it enables them to operate alone. Meanwhile, professionals simply love that it comes mounted and tuned from the factory. 

100-Yard Illuminated Scope

The scope is a nice addition to the entire package. Normally, choosing a scope that is compatible with your crossbow is a tedious task. But with R10, Ravin really took care of it. They supply their standard 100 yards scope to facilitate all their consumers with the best crossbow performance. 

Versa-Draw Cocking Handle

Since it employs a unique cocking system in its construction, you will really need an appropriate draw handle to help you load your crossbow. And the right Versa-Draw Cocking Handle is just there inside the package. The system is ambidextrous and built right into the stock. 

400-Grain Arrows

We all know how specific Ravin is about the kind of arrows to use with the R10. Well, they have included six of their recommended 20-inch 400-grain arrows to help you start off. 

What Scope Comes on a Ravin R10?

The Ravin R10 package includes a fully illuminated scope. It is a Ravin branded unit that features an adjustable external range drum for a distance range between 20 and 100 yards. It also has FPS adjustment, red and green illumination, a fog, shock, recoil, and waterproof design with a fully-coated lens to prevent reflection. 

What is the String Length of a Ravin R10 Crossbow?

The recommended string length of a Ravin R10 Crossbow is 20 inches. But some experts and diehard Ravin users have learned from their experience that the actual preferred installed length for an R10 string is closer to 29.125 inches. 

What Makes the Ravin R10 Crossbow Stand Out From the Competition?

When we talk about design and power, Ravin R10 is certainly a great crossbow. The sheer power and kinetic energy have brought it a step ahead of the competition. The lighter weight and compactness make it very suitable to use in the wilderness. Meanwhile, the integration of advanced HeliCoil technology makes it very exciting to shoot with. 

It is one of the easiest models to assemble. Unlike some of its rivals, it comes pre-mounted and tuned by default, so you don’t have to deal with that tedious task. This aspect also makes it highly suitable for both beginners and pros. 

The designers at Ravin have paid special attention to making sure that R10 is one of the safest weapons to use. It is clearly a priority as the model features an auto safety feature and an anti-dry fire mechanism to prevent any dangerous misfires. A trigger track-firing system is also set up to provide sufficient space for the crossbow string to retract safely, even on repeat.

And finally, the accuracy cannot be left out. It guarantees an accurate and clean shot no matter what you point it at. It is one of the most versatile equipment as it performs equally well in any sort of environment with any size of game or distance of the target.

And the best part, it comes complete with all the basic accessories, especially the 100-yard illuminated scope. If it lies on the higher end of the price spectrum than its competitors, it surely deserves the spot because of all the amazing features and aspects. 

Common Ravin R10 Crossbow Problems

Boasting a great design and amazing power, the Ravin R10 is a well-loved crossbow. It has been a sensation from the time it was released. Though the flagship model is a bestseller, people who have been using it for quite some time have had to face some difficulties before they got used to it with the passage of time. Some common problems include:

Improper Placement of Cocking Handle

The cocking device tends to hit the area where the scope is mounted. This is a common problem amongst new R10 users. In fact, it is a problem that most Ravin users face when they first start using their crossbow. They have equipped this unit with a unique cocking system. You don’t have to engage in the aggravating task of using a cocking rope for loading. Here it is quite simple. Just insert the cocking handle into the shaft pins, rotate the trigger, and slide the arrow in. 

Now, what most people do is that they don’t engage the cocking handle right, which, in turn, does not allow the crossbow to shoot. When you do it right, you will hear three distinct clicks. We believe that there is a learning curve, but an experienced user can easily cock, load, and shoot the crossbow at least twice as fast as a traditional user. 

Ravin Accessories Only

When you decide to purchase a Ravin R10, be prepared to use it with the recommended accessories. Ravin crossbows have paid utmost attention to making this a unique model. So to maintain its individuality, they have gone to great lengths to ensure that it is always used with the right accessories. 

They even go as far as including the clause in warranty conditions, i.e., using other accessories with it could void the warranty. Consumers do complain about this. But we think that when you are shelling out a handful of money to purchase one of the best, you should use it with the accessories that are most compatible with it. And it does not hurt that the R10 package includes most of the accessories, including the arrows. 

Safety is a Bit Tricky

Some users complain that the safety lock equipped on this crossbow is a bit difficult to work with. To engage it, you have to turn it towards a safe position (white dot). And when you are ready to fire, turn it towards the fire position (red dot). It is a bit hard to turn. 

But we think that this isn’t too big of a problem because what’s the use of a safety lock when it can easily shift between safe and unsafe positions? You might want to check twice before firing, but in the end, it is for your safety. 

Comparison Overview

Ravin R10 is a game-changing product from a well-known archery equipment supplier. They put a lot of thought and effort into delivering superb hunting equipment that really stands out from its rivals. Though, with time, rivals have managed to catch up and produce their own unique designs. But Ravin, too, has manufactured other models that are as great as the classic R10. 

Let’s see how they compare with it. 

Ravin R10 vs. R20

Both R10 and R20 are Ravin units. Here is a comparison overview of both. 


Since both crossbows come from the same manufacturer, they share a lot of features. The carbon fiber build is one example. Both are lightweight, feature the same camo design, and are top-of-the-line flagship crossbow models. 


R20 is slightly heavier, longer, and has better speed. But the most noticeable difference between the two is their scopes. The R10 features a 100 yard-scope, while the R20 features a Vortex Strike Eagle scope from Vortex.  

Ravin R10 vs. Tenpoint Stealth NXT

Now let us look at how R10 compares to the crossbow from Tenpoint, a renowned name in the archery world. 


The R10 is quite similar to the Tenpoint Stealth NXT in terms of excellent performance, high-quality build, and power. Their strength is outstanding, and the weight is just right. In fact, they both are some of the finest hunting crossbows. 


The R10 has a slight edge over Tenpoint Stealth NXT in terms of power, weight, and even kinetic energy. But the dampening system on NXT arguably makes this crossbow a solid and reliable choice. Also, the R10 package comes with a lot of useful accessories that are lacking in the NXT.

Mission Sub-1 vs. Ravin R10

Mission Sub-1 is the original crossbow model from a reliable name. Let's see how it compares to the good old R10. 


We think that the Mission Sub-1 is fast and accurate, has a great trigger, and is well-constructed. It is a good unit in terms of speed and accurate aim, just like the Ravin R10.


As we already know, R10 reigns superior thanks to its amazing speed and accuracy. It is more of a hunting bow, while the Mission Sub-1 is more of a year-round crossbow. The wider design of Sub-1 really prevents the user from taking some shots that an R10 user can easily pull off in the wild. 

How to Use a Ravin R10 Crossbow

Just like any other shooting device, you have to be careful around crossbows as well. That’s why knowing how to shoot one properly is very important. The Ravin R10 features a unique and unusual design, so you have to be aware of the safety features as well as the right operation method. 

Here is how to use a Ravin R10 Crossbow. 

  1. The first and foremost thing that you should know is that you should only use the 20-inch 400-grain Ravin arrows recommended for it. 

  2. If you are an absolute beginner, you may need to learn how to hold it properly. The stock side should be towards you while the bow side should face away from you. 

  3. Now, choose a sturdy target and place it at a distance of ten yards. This is the recommended distance for beginners. Start short, then keep increasing the distance once your aim gets better. 

  4. The Raven reticle has a yardage converter to help you identify a suitable elevation in relation to the distance. 

  5. Now load and cock your R10. Make sure that the safety is in the safe position (white dot) throughout the loading and cocking process. 

  6. Place one hand on the foregrip and the other on the stock to pick it up. Make sure your hands and fingers stay out of the path of the bowstring. 

  7. Lightly press the stock against your shoulder and aim.

  8. Once you are ready to fire, move the safety from lock to fire position (red dot).

  9. Readjust your aim and slowly press the trigger. 

  10. Once the arrow shoots out, move the safety back to the safe position.

We did try to be very detailed in explaining the method to operate a Ravin R10. But if you are having difficulty following, you can check out the video below for visual instructions of the entire procedure. 


Ravin R10 is undoubtedly one of the best crossbows for hunting purposes. It utilizes a classic design that is very durable and fully functional. The high-quality build, combined with its unique cocking system, really makes it stand out from the competitors of the same range. 

It is as good as any rifle, even at a distance of 100 yards. Add the impressive 100-yard illuminated scope, and you have a devastating combination of accuracy and speed at your disposal. No game can escape its aim regardless of the size. You can truly rely on it to deliver impressive results every time you aim with it. 

People Also Ask

Ravin R10 caused a sensation back when it was released. Thanks to its uniqueness, it is considered one of the best hunting crossbows ever made even today. Such appreciation can confuse anyone. People often question its uniqueness. Here are some frequently asked questions about Ravin R10 that will help clear your doubts and point you in the right direction. 

What is the Warranty on a Ravin R10 Crossbow?

Ravin crossbows offer superior warranty coverage over their R10. The product is covered under a five-year limited warranty for all manufacturing and construction defects in material, cocking mechanism, stock, trigger, and limb assembly. But to avail of this warranty, you have to use the R10 in accordance with Ravin’s published instructions and guidelines. That includes using only the recommended arrows too. 

Where Are Ravin R10 Crossbows Made?

Ravin Crossbows is one of the most revolutionary crossbow companies in the outdoor industry. They are headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin, USA. It is here that they manufacture their innovative crossbows and accessories. The Ravin R10 is also manufactured here. 

How Far Can the Ravin R10 Crossbow Shoot?

The Ravin R10 Crossbow can shoot as far as 100 yards. Thanks to the included 100-yard illuminated scope, you can clearly see where you are aiming. Now, most expert bow hunters will not recommend hunting with a crossbow at 100 yards. But this amazing unit is capable of doing just that. 

When Was the Ravin R10 Released?

Hard-core hunters and product designers joined hands together at Ravin to produce world-class archery products. R10 is a culmination of years of experience. The compact crossbow was released back in 2018. It is equipped with advanced HeliCoil technology to produce devastatingly accurate shots. 

How Fast is the Ravin R10?

Ravin R10 is one of the fastest and most accurate crossbows ever made. Though the manufacturer is relatively new, they have managed to leave a lasting impression, thanks to their uniquely designed models. The R10 is solid proof of that. It can shoot at speeds as high as 400fps, and quite accurately at that. 

What Broadheads For Ravin R10?

Ravin R10 crossbow is a delight for hunting because of its excellent shooting speed and accuracy. Such a bow requires a strong, simple to use broadhead that exhibits an excellent cutting edge. 

Although there is a multitude of options available, we think that Muzzy Trocar Arrow Broadhead 100 or 125 Grain, Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Mechanical Broadhead, Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid Broadhead, and Grim Reaper Fatal Steel 100gr Broadhead are some of the best choices for your Ravin R10. 

How Do You Tune a Ravin R10 Crossbow

If you want to maintain your Ravin R10 in top shooting conditions, you have to tune it from time to time. Tuning means checking the strings and cables for stretches and twisting them back to the original length. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Check the cams to see if they are shifting.

  2. Next, measure the ATA (axle to axle distance).
  3. If both of these measurements have exceeded the original ones, you need to re-tune your R10. 

  4. Depending upon the reading, you are going to simply twist up both the right and left cables until the cams are centered, and the ATA is back to the original 10. 5 inches specification.

How to Sight in My Ravin R10

Sighting in your Ravin R10 can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Sighting in means adjusting the point of aim (POA) to match the point of impact (POI). Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Choose a suitable location and set up your target. 

  2. Rotate the FPS dial to match the speed with the recommended distance. 

  3. Now stand at a distance of 10 yards and take your first shot. 

  4. Notice how off it is from your point of aim (POA). 

  5. Adjust the windage and elevation dials to bring the point of impact (POI) closer to the point of aim (POA).

  6. Your aim is to get both the POA and POI to align with each other. Once they are at the same spot at 10 yards, repeat the same method at 20 yards and then at 50 yards. 

  7. At 50 yards, adjust the reticle at the 50-yard distance. 

  8. When you are satisfied with the performance at each distance, the sighting-in procedure of your Ravin R10 is complete.

What Yardage Should the Ravin R10 Be Sighted in?

Ravin R10 is one unique and unusual hunting gear. You have to use both the turrets and the speed dial for the perfect sighting in. The yardage it should be sighted in is 10, 20, and 50 yards. At this distance, you use the main crosshairs and turrets to find your original zero.

How Far Can You Kill a Deer With an R10 Ravin?

The Ravin R10 can accurately hit a six-inch bull’s-eye at 100 yards. But hunting a deer is a completely different scenario. It can take about a second for the arrow to travel downrange 100 yards. But where will the animal be when the arrow arrives? That’s why most professional hunters think that 50 yards are the maximum distance to shoot a deer head-on. 

How Much is the Ravin R10 Crossbow?

The Ravin R10 Crossbow is a classic crossbow from a reputable manufacturer. The unit is one of their best-selling ones thanks to the sleek, rifle-like feel. This is the main reason different vendors have jumped upon the opportunity to sell it at their desired prices. If you purchase or directly from Ravin, it will cost you $1324.99. Meanwhile, at other e-stores, the hunting device is available at a price range of $1299.99 to $1599.99.

What Size Arrows to Use on a Ravin R10 Crossbow?

You should only use the 20-inch Ravin Clip-on nock arrows with a Ravin R10 Crossbow. Since the cocking-sled design of this unit is unique, you should only be using the recommended arrows with it. In fact, using any others will also negate the five-year warranty coverage. But don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase them additionally. The package comes with six 400-grain arrows. 

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Ravin R10 Crossbow Suitable For?

Ravin R10 Crossbow is a hit amongst users of all ages and skill levels. Because of its integral cocking system, even a kid as young as ten years can master its use perfectly. Hence, it is suitable for people of all ages. The classic Ravin model is also suitable for beginners and shooters of all experiences.

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