PSE Ferocity – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

If you are looking for a mighty and killer bow but do not wish to spend a fortune, then look no further; we have just the thing for you!

The PSE Ferocity is a smart, compact, and reasonably priced bow that will make just about any hunter fall in love with it. 

Read on to find out why countless other people and we recommend it so strongly. 

  • Great for use with different strength persons
  • Comes with a draw weight of 28 pounds and up to 70 pounds
  • A compact and lightweight design
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PSE Archery Ferocity RTS


  • Cost
  • Riser 
  • Limbs 
  • Draw Cycle
  • Eccentric System


  • Technology
  • Back Wall

PSE Ferocity Specs

Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs

Arrow Speed: 328 FPS

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Length: 6.5"

Width (axle to axle): 30.75"


This section highlights all the benefits and reasons to buy this amazing bow. You will see how it is better than the competition out there and exactly what you will be getting when you invest in it. 


It is hard to find quality equipment for your hunting arsenal at a reasonable price. Hence, hunters always keep a lookout for tools that won’t have them breaking the bank but still be deadly and fun. That’s exactly what you get with the PSE Ferocity. 

A binary cam bow with the kind of specifications and performance that you get with this one is hard to come across at such a price. The finish of this is also incredible. Usually, with budgeted options, manufacturers tend to compromise on this factor but not at PSE. 


The Ferocity by PSE features a compact design. Usually, bows that were short themselves often had short risers as well that made the bow feel a whole lot more unstable. While the PSE bow is still compact, they have still managed to maximize the riser length. Although the riser cutouts are not as fancy as expensive models, we still believe they did a decent job with them. 

The cable containment system is not the most technologically advanced, but it is fair enough for a bow in this price range. Moreover, the back-mounted string stop mechanism is pretty solid, and the front mounting stabilizer greatly helps to give the bow improved balance and minimize the vibration. 


Split limb bows were made a sensation by PSE a couple of years ago and have now become typical and distinctive for the brand. This gives a more petite limb configuration, which requires lower pre-stress levels at rest. However, this is also what ensures the compact design of the bow. 

The bow's draw weight is around 50-70 pounds that don’t seem to go too well with the short draw length. That’s where the limb bolts come in: they allow for full 12 rotations that allow for very significant and considerable adjustments in each draw weight configuration. 

While most bows only have a 10-pound adjustment, this Ferocity easily gives its user three times of that. This means that the target audience for the bow becomes much wider. The limb pockets themselves have been carved out of a polymer substance that has been denounced by some bloggers. However, you will see that the function is not only fine but great, and your bow is extremely durable. 

Eccentric System

The PSE Ferocity rocks the new three-track binary cam system. This gives it the feel of a more conventional binary cam system. The Ferocity cam manages to cape the cable on one side of the third track on the cam. Moreover, it allows 80% let-off while simultaneously giving an impeccable arrow speed of 328 FPS. 

Draw Cycle

You can make adjustments to the draw length with the help of the rotating module. These adjustments range from 24.5" to 30" with 0.5" increments just with the rotating module; it doesn’t even require a bow press

The Ferocity offers a smooth and jerk-less draw from the beginning to the point you lose the arrow and doesn’t require the shooter to put in heaps of input for arrow speed and performance. The bow feels nice and comfortable in the hands of the shooter as the short limbs and big cams keep a very convenient string angle at the shooter's face. 

Lastly, it is lightweight; hence, you can move it around with ease. 


We want to give our readers an honest idea about what they might be buying. Therefore, highlighting some drawbacks is just as important as highlighting the good points of the product. 


While the technology isn’t too problematic, it certainly is not the best that PSE has to offer. However, as mentioned earlier as well, this is rather expected of a bow that comes at a staggering price as the PSE Ferocity. 

Nonetheless, the containment system is composed of a conventional fixed carbon rode and a typical cable slide. Moreover, while most PSE equipment is equipped with moveable and flexible roller systems on other rigs, this seems to be absent from the Ferocity. 

Back Wall

It is not that the back wall is not solid; it is. However, if you pull hard enough into it, then you will come across a tiny sponge at the back. While this is not a significant hindrance, it does not have the sturdiness of a double limb stop bow. 

Furthermore, while the string angle sits nicely on the face of the shooter, it might prove to be a bit too steep for shooters that exist on the upper spectrum of the draw length range. 

Best Uses for the PSE Ferocity

The PSE Ferocity is good for a variety of uses. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among shooters and hunters. Below we have outlined only some of the top uses for the product. 

Compact Spaces

Since the bow itself features a very lightweight and compact design, it can fit into places and settings where big ones might not. Also, carrying it is really easy because of its weight. These factors make it fit and ideal to be used in compact spaces and allows you to take shots that larger bows might not be able to. For example, you can use it from a tree stand. 

Medium-Game Hunting

The Ferocity bow's draw weight is around 70 lbs, and it has an arrow speed of 328 FPS. While it is handy to use, you should not expect to shoot a very large game with this. However, that does not mean you should doubt its ability to deliver a striking to a moderately-sized animal with absolute perfection. 

Components and Included Accessories

The manufacturers realize the fact that not all people have the same expertise level or have had the same kind of experience in the field. Hence, it comes with three package options right from the factory. 

They have been carefully tailored to fit varying levels of expertise so that you have everything you could possibly need right out of the box. The details of all three options have been discussed briefly below:

Starter’s Package

An overwhelming amount of accessories can be enough to intimidate someone who is just starting out as the market is filled with literally hundreds of accessories. A lot of people prefer to have some accessories at hand, and then they can just experiment and explore with it and learn. 

PSE is aware of that. Therefore, their ‘Ready to Shoot’ package has just enough things to intrigue their new users but not to overwhelm them. It contains a whisker biscuit rest, Raven Quiver, an Amp sight, an FX 4 stabilizer, a peep, a nock loop, and a sling. 

Pro Package

Archers who want to go for better quality accessories and do not mind spending a little more money would find their Pro Package more to their liking. It only costs an additional $50 and contains a Phantom drop away rest, a Raven Quiver, wrist sling, peep, Spire stabilizer with adjustable weights, an Amp Micro-adjust site, and a nock loop. 

Decked Out Package

The last one is the most extravagant package and is designed for users that have many years of experience and are experts at the skill. In this one, buyers can get all the accessories mentioned above and further add an Element bow case, a True-Fire Hurricane Release, and a four-pack of arrows

What Ages and Skill Levels is the PSE Ferocity Suitable For?

This product gives the shooter what they are looking for in a bow. It allows for very smooth transitions, a high let-off draw cycle, and a decent enough speed reading that is something that everyone loves but is especially useful for new users. 

The Ferocity has been designed, keeping in mind that most shooters with varying degrees of expertise can use it. While its Pro Package and the expert package are for more experienced users, the bow itself allows beginners to use it as well. 

Entry-level archers will enjoy shooting more if they don’t constantly have to worry about the draw cycle on their bow. The Ferocity allows its user to draw rather smoothly and easily from the moment they start to the finish. Moreover, the highest draw weight starts to reduce somewhat soon when you draw, which allows you a smooth transition into the valley. 

What Makes the PSE Ferocity Stand Out From the Competition?

PSE Ferocity is a classic example of ‘it came, it saw, and it conquered.’ Soon after it was introduced into the market, it managed to win over many hearts. Many people have resorted to buying this even after considering some high-end brands.

Perhaps, the most incredible thing about the PSE Ferocity is the price at which it comes. Calling it cheap would be a crass misrepresentation. Rather we prefer the term appropriately priced. 

It gives you impeccable value for money, and the features and specifications that you get at this price really are unparalleled. This is the reason why it can compete with bows that are twice its price. It doesn’t compromise on performance and quality and still is affordable. 

PSE Ferocity vs. PSE Drive - Comparison Overview

If you are still on edge about whether to purchase this bow, want some more clarity, or would like a comparison of it with another quality bow from the brand, then you will find this section especially helpful. Here we have compared the Ferocity with the Drive. Read on to find out the details. 


While the PSE Ferocity has just a single version, the Drive actually features a lot many versions in this model. If we compare both the models from 2018, you will notice that the specifications are not that different from each other. 

They both have the same let-off of 80% and have a somewhat similar build in terms of size and weight. While their speed and draw weight are not identical, they surely do fall in the same ballpark. 


The difference between the two lies in terms of the components attached to them, which, in turn, has an impact on how they perform. The Ferocity has a relatively long riser, and the main focus lies in keeping the overall design of the bow compact. 

On the other hand, the riser on the Drive is shorter but focuses more on accuracy and precision. Both of them are pretty quiet; however, in the Ferocity, you can experience some vibration, but it is not noticeable enough to impact your shooting. 

Adjusting Draw Weight on PSE Ferocity

If this happens to be your first time with a bow or the process of adjusting the draw weight intimidates you, then don't worry, for we have you covered. This section will outline all the things you need to know to adjust the draw weight on your bow. 

  • Many people, if not most, happen to be shooting a little extra poundage, making the whole process uncomfortable. 

  • To fix this, shoot your bow somewhere around ten pounds lighter than you think you might require. 

  • With this bow, you can get the kinetic energy and appropriate momentum at a smaller weight as well. So, use that to your advantage. 

  • Higher weight will make you get tired easily and will compromise your shooting game. 

If you want further clarification or details about what has been explained above, then make sure that you check out the video added below. It would really help with your understanding. 


The PSE Ferocity is indeed a ferocious bow, and you would love to have it in your arsenal. This article discusses all the major features that make it great and even talk about some tradeoffs. We have tried to make this review as honest as possible, and we hope that you find it helpful. Happy Shooting! 

People Also Ask 

While the topic has been covered in the article in a rather comprehensive manner, there can still be some questions that can arise in readers' minds that haven’t been answered directly. This section is really helpful regarding that. Make sure you go through it. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the PSE Ferocity Come With?

To activate the warranty of any PSE archery product, including the Ferocity, you need to send in the warranty registration form that comes with the product within 30 days of receiving it. The details of that would be mentioned there, or you can inquire about it by calling their helpline. 

Where Are PSE Ferocity Crossbows Made?

The brand takes great pride in manufacturing all its products locally. This means that the Ferocity is also produced here in America from engineering to production and even assembling. Their compound bows production takes place in a production facility situated in Tucson, AZ. 

How Far Can the PSE Ferocity Crossbow Shoot?

If you are only shooting an arrow to check its range, then maybe you can get up to 500 yards. However, at this range, the arrow will lose all its speed and won’t be able to hit a target with a deadly blow. For experienced hunters, they can get up to 80 yards; however, most people will get 60 yards with the ability to kill the target. 

What Yardage Should the PSE Ferocity Be Sighted in?

If you are not buying online, ask your local shop's dealer to sight the bow for you. The staff is usually helpful and cooperative in this regard. However, if you have to do it yourself, then starting with ten yards is a good option. After that, you can move up to your preferred reading. 

How Many Pounds Per Turn on a PSE Ferocity?

There is no exact science to this, and the best way to assess this would be to use a bow scale. However, to give a vague idea, with each turn, you could maybe get about 10-15 lbs with each turn. Be mindful not to exceed the turn limit as that could give birth to unwanted problems.

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