Horton Storm RDX – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

Crossbows are one of the best hunting equipment even today, as they are speedier and more fun. This is why most manufacturers offer crossbows to keep you hooked on to your favorite hunting spots. 

But, the one crossbow that struck a fine chord with us is the Horton Storm RDX. It beats other crossbows by a long shot with its dexterity and overall construction. Its build has a well-balanced amalgam of the traditional and modern hunting gears. This makes it even better for hunters who want to experience the raw thrills of hunting. 

So, let’s find out what makes Horton Storm RDX such an amazing model. 

  • Very easy handling capability and hard hitting
  • Adjustable front grip with large finger guards
  • Made from composite lightweight materials
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Horton Crossbow Innovations NH15001-7522 Storm RDX


  • Better Built
  • High Accuracy
  • Well-Balanced
  • Excellent Speed
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation


  • Slightly Heavy
  • Pricier Than Other Crossbows

Horton Storm RDX Specs

Draw Weight: 165 lbs

Arrow Speed: 370 fps

Weight: 8.2 lbs

Length: 35.25″

Width (axle to axle): 15.5“ un-cocked and 10” cocked

Power Stroke: 122 ft-lbs

Draw Style: Reverse draw

Trigger Pull Weight: 1.9 and 2.1 lbs

Type: Recurve


Experts have deemed Horton Storm RDX to be one of the best crossbows. This is primarily because of the amazing features that the product comes with. There are some major perks that you are sure to enjoy on investing in this one, including: 

High Accuracy

The first thing that any hunter looks for in hunting gear is the accuracy of the aim. And, this crossbow does not disappoint you in this regard. It has a narrow design that does not obstruct your view in any way. This helps in locating and aiming at your game without any chances of error. 

The crossbow offers reverse draw-based use, so there is a high chance of you aiming at your game correctly. The accuracy increases further as the arrow takes no time to leave and reach your game. This way, you get to have a better hunting game. 

Excellent Speed

Usually, hunters set their eyes on the target and have the right aim. But, the arrow just takes too long to leave the bow, which gives the targeted animals enough time to get alarmed and run off. 

Well, this is something that you do not have to sweat over if you have Horton Storm RDX. The crossbow offers a velocity of 370 FPS, which ensures a quick launch of the arrows. It has a kinetic energy of 122 ft-lbs, which further minimizes the time it takes for the arrow to reach its target. 

Better Built

Now, the build quality of hunting gear is another major concern of hunters. And Horton Storm RDX satisfies you regarding this aspect by offering highly durable construction. The frame has its parts manufactured from different durable metals. The bearings have 440 stainless-steel while the cams and riser have aluminum material. They increase the life of the crossbow without jeopardizing its working or efficiency. 


Another amazing benefit of choosing this crossbow is that it has a very well-balanced design. It has an un-cocked length of 15.5" while a cocked length of 10". This enables the shooters to get a better idea of where to aim. 

It also enables the crossbow to accommodate the sleek, long arrows that are generally preferred for hunting. The center of gravity is also oriented at a desirable point, improving the balance even more. 

Ultra-Quiet Operation

One of the best things about Horton Storm RDX is that it has an effective noise control technology. The string stop system at the end of the barrel minimizes the amount of vibration and noise. This works in your favor as even minor noise can tip off your game, causing it to escape. There is also a nylon filament brush that not only grips the arrow tighter but makes its flight noiseless as well. 


With so many amazing features, there are some minor drawbacks to this crossbow as well. You should view them too before making a final decision.

Slightly Heavy

The major setback that you will encounter with this crossbow is its weight. It weighs 8.2 pounds without accessories, but once you add all the accessories and arrows, it becomes quite heavy. The reverse draw of 165 pounds can be hard to handle for beginner-level hunters. So, make sure you have the required arm strength before getting your hands on this one.

Pricier Than Other Crossbows

Like all other good things, you have to make a considerable investment in this crossbow. It seems pricey when you compare it with other models on the market. But, its features make up for its higher price. So, if you do not have any budget constraints, then do not miss out on it.

Best Uses For the Horton Storm RDX

The Horton Storm RDX offers a diverse range of uses to its buyers, as it has a multifunctional design. The draw weight of 165 lbs comes on the heavier side of the weight spectrum, but it helps in improving the stability of the aim. This stability then helps people use this crossbow in several situations, which include:


Well, like all other crossbows, the primary purpose of Horton Storm RDX is to aid in hunting. It has a reverse draw, which improves your chances of catching the game without much hassle. The arrow speed of 370 FPS further enhances your chances of successful hunting. It results in efficient shooting without tipping the animals off.

Target Shooting

Another common use of this incredible crossbow is that it helps you in target shooting. If you are into target shooting and like to try your hand at different equipment, this is a great option. It has sleek construction and quick functioning. With a design that increases the accuracy of shooting, you are bound to enjoy using it. 


Crossbows have been used in the fishing industry quite extensively. This is because of their fast speed of shooting and the ability to catch both small and large fish. So, if you like to go fishing with your buddies, this could be a nice companion to take along too.

Shot Cycle Improvement

Shot cycle improvement is another great way of using this beauty by Horton Crossbows Innovations. It helps you practice your archery lessons and techniques even when your traditional bow is not working. 

Is the Horton Storm RDX Hard to Use?

Well, it is not exactly hard to use since it has a quick reverse draw. It has an easy-to-use frame with well-proportioned parts. So, it is quite easy to control the different parts of the crossbow. The only issue can be its weight if you do not have strong upper limbs. 

Components and Included Accessories

Several useful accessories come along with the crossbow. You can also invest in some other accessories to improve your shooting. But, here are the basic components and accessories that you can look forward to in this model.

Cocking Devices

Horton sells the Dedd Sled along with its reverse draw crossbows to help with easy usage. It is a kind of rope cocking device that helps you control your aim better. Another cocking device can be the small five-lbs crank that you need to cock the crossbow more securely. 


Like other crossbows, this one comes with many quivers too. You need to keep all the arrows at hand, and a quiver helps you in it greatly. 


Now, it would be pointless to have a crossbow but no arrows while you go hunting, right? Since Horton Crossbows Innovations is quite considerate of its users' needs, there are many high-quality arrows in the package. 


Scopes and other optical accessories help you have a better idea of where your game is. They also improve the accuracy of your aim, so this crossbow comes with one too.

Crossbow Manual

There is an easy to read and understand user manual in the package as well. It helps you understand the product and know the right way of using it. 

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Horton Storm RDX Suitable For?

Horton Storm RDX is one of those crossbows that do not have any strict age limitations. If you are an adult and know some basics of hunting, you can go ahead and use it. 

It is advisable not to let your children use it. It is better to get them a light-duty crossbow if they are venturing into the exciting world of hunting. But, all adults can have their fun shooting with this amazing crossbow. 

As far as skill level is concerned, both novice and pro hunters can use it. You do not have to apply any complex techniques to shoot with this one. However, you need to learn how to use a reverse draw crossbow as that is something everyone is not used to. 

What Makes the Horton Storm RDX Stand Out From the Competition?

This crossbow beats its competition with some of its remarkable features. The best thing is the kinetic energy of 122 ft-lbs, which enables you to launch the arrows quickly and without much effort. 

The dexterity of its frame is quite impressive as well. It enables you to shoot without having to think about drawing the arrow too far. This provides additional protection against breakage as well. 

To add to all this, Horton Storm RDX has a scope in its package as well, which helps you locate the game better. This way, there are lesser chances of you missing any shots. 

Another incredible difference from other crossbows is that it has an ultra-quiet operation. So, you will not have to worry about forewarning your target animal with unnecessary noise from the crossbow.

Comparison Overview

Now, it is time to compare our favorite Horton Storm RDX with some other popular crossbows on the market. So, let’s see what makes them similar and what distinguishes them. 

Horton Storm RDX vs. Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX is almost as popular as this Horton crossbow. Here are their major similarities and differences for a comparison.


Here is what makes them stand on the same page for us.

Kinetic Energy

Both of these have a kinetic energy value of 122 FP. This means that they use the same amount of energy to launch the arrows.


The two models have a spectacular camouflage appearance, which helps hunters blend well into the surroundings. This way, you can have a better chance of catching your game off-guard as they will not be able to locate your weapon. 


Now, let’s have a look at the features that make these two distinct from each other. 

The launch speed offered by both of them is different despite having the same kinetic energy. The Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX provides a speed of 385 FPS in contrast to the 340 FPS of the other one. 

The vibration level is different in both of these, which results in different levels of noise production. Horton is quieter with its nylon filament brush, while the Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX does produce some noise.

Wicked Ridge 400 RDX vs. Horton Storm RDX

Wicked Ridge 400 RDX and Horton Storm RDX are both amazing in their own ways. Here is a quick comparison to help you see which one will be better for you. 


Let’s see what these two have in common.


The powerstroke rating for both these crossbows is 15.5 inches. This ensures an equal level of efficiency when it comes to initial power delivery.


Here are some of the major factors that differentiate these two.

Cocking Aid

They are different based on the cocking aid that each of them uses. The Wicked Ridge 400 RDX uses ACUdraw, while for Horton, it is their signature Dedd Sled.


There are different values of kinetic energy in both of these crossbows as well. The Wicked Ridge has a kinetic energy rating of 140 ft-lbs as compared to 122 ft-lbs of Horton. This accounts for the differences in speed, too, since the former offers greater speed.

Basic Dimensions

As far as the size dimensions are concerned, the Wicked Ridge 400 RDX is larger than the Horton one. It has a width of 15 inches, while the Horton crossbow has a width of 15.5 inches. The draw weight is also different, as, for Wicked Ridge 400, it is 175 lbs. And the other one has a draw weight of 165 lbs.

Horton Storm RDX Shooting Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Success

Horton Storm RDX is a wonderful crossbow, but it gets even better if you know the right shooting techniques. So, we have listed some tips and hacks that you can rely on for the best hunting experiences. 

  • The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that most of the weight is proportioned at the crossbow's rear. This way, you do not have to balance out the front, which makes shooting easier. So, try to position the crossbow in a way that the weight is still at the rear for comfortable shooting.
  • The trigger needs some careful treatment on your part. This crossbow does not use a zero trigger like others, so you have to give it enough time to glide smoothly. 
  • The best way of balancing it is to grip the front edge so that the crossbow does not slide down your shoulders. This helps you get a firmer grip of the gear while leaving enough room for recoil. 

How to Cock a Horton Storm RDX

The most crucial part of setting up your crossbow for hunting is to cock it. So, you need to be very careful while you are at it. To make it easier for you, we have described the whole process in some simple steps here. 

  1. Horton Storm RDX and other similar crossbows need a proper tool for cocking. Manufacturers recommend using a Dedd Sled to cock this hunting gear, so make sure you get one as well.

  2. First of all, set the safety position on fire and then place your foot through the stirrup firmly. 

  3. Now, attach the Dedd Sled with the crossbow by fixing its guide post inside the channel. 

  4. Then, grasp the handles in both your hands and start pulling it up. You have to keep pulling it upwards until you hear a soft click when the string latch engages. 

  5. The safety position goes to the safe or white mark, indicating that the latch has been engaged fully. 

  6. Once the safety position reaches the white mark, remove the Dedd Sled. You are all set to go hunting with your trusted gear and are ready for an amazing game catch.

This is the simplest and safest way of cocking this crossbow. You can refer to the video below for a clear demonstration of the procedure defined above.  


Summing it all up, the Horton Storm RDX is one amazing crossbow that you can get your hands on. It is great for people having all kinds of hunting experience as it is quite easy to operate it. It has a multifunctional design and has an artistic camo appearance. So, adding this to your hunting gear will be a decision that you will surely thank yourself for. 

People Also Ask

We have discussed all the aspects related to Horton Storm RDX at length. However, some queries usually pop up in people’s minds regarding it. So, let’s have a look at all the answers to clear all of your confusion as well. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the Horton Storm RDX Come With?

Well, this crossbow is a reliable option for all hunters and recreational shooters. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know that you can trust it while making your purchase. 

Where Are Horton Storm RDX Crossbows Made?

This durable crossbow is made in the USA. This means that there are no import duties or hidden custom duty charges. The crossbow company is now owned by the TenPoint group who keeps thriving every day. 

How Far Can the Horton Storm RDX Crossbow Shoot?

The area coverage for this crossbow is pretty unbelievable, considering its narrow frame. The arrows are shot up to 122 feet, which is possible only because of the velocity of 340 FPS. This is primarily possible due to the 400-grain carbon used in it. 

Horton Storm Rdx

What Yardage Should the Horton Storm RDX Be Sighted in?

The yardage that you specify for your hunting gear depends on several factors. The kind of arrow used, the bow's weight, and other factors like your own shooting preferences make a huge difference. But, ideally, you should stay within the range of 15 to 20 yards.

What is the Limb Gap For the Horton Storm?

The limb gap for this bow is from 1-1/16″ to 1-⅜.″ It helps in using and setting up the crossbow more effectively for safe shooting. 

How to Assemble a Horton Storm

Assembly of this crossbow does not take a lot of time or effort. All you have to do is get all the required tools with you. Then read the instructions manual and follow the instructions on it to set up your gear.

How Long Can I Leave a Horton Storm Cocked?

It is advisable to cock a crossbow right before you are about to use it. But, if you like to prepare ahead of the hunting adventures, do not leave the bow cocked for over 24 hours. It will lead to a loss of dexterity and strength of the wire. This will then affect the overall performance of the bow. 

How Hard is it to Cock the Horton Storm?

It is not too hard to cock this crossbow. All you have to do is to invest a few bucks in the Dedd Sled that comes recommended from the manufacturers. It helps you cock the bow without injuring your fingers or back. It also provides a greater reduction in draw weight if the bow feels too heavy. 

Can Half Moon Nocks Be Used on a Horton RDX Storm?

Yes, half moon nocks can be used on a Horton RDX Storm as it can accommodate all the accessories of this type. So, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

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