Best Reverse Limb Crossbows of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

Finding a good reverse crossbow is a difficult job given the number of options available.

It is an expensive investment; therefore, you’d want to buy the best one out there. If you’re struggling with finding the right option for yourself, rest assured because we have got you covered!

We have some of the best reverse crossbows available in the market along with the information you need about to make a sound decision. So, have a look!

Comparison of the Best Reverse Limb Crossbows

  • It has a speed of 385 fps upon using Tenpoint Pro-lite bolts.
  • It has a three-piece C3 stock which reduces vibration and noise.
  • This product features a carbon stock and a carbon wrapped barrel and is our runner up.
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  • It comes with a Dedd sled cocking aid.
  • It has a speed of 385 fps using Tenpoint pro Lite bolts.
  • The device comes with a scope for long range accuracy and is the best for the money.
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  • Best Horton Reverse Crossbow
  • Comes with a self-locking limp pocket
  • Cap system provides added cushioning and and prevents limb twist
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What is a Reverse Crossbow?

We’ve all heard of conventional crossbows; however, it is a fact that they are being replaced by reverse limb crossbows. You must be wondering what a reverse limb crossbow is. Well, it is the kind which has its limbs in the opposite direction as compared to a conventional crossbow model.

Simple enough? Well, that is just its simplified definition.

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Dedd Sledd 50 Crossbow Kit

Typically, in a conventional crossbow, the riser is placed at the end of the barrel; however, in a reverse limb crossbow, it is placed back on the frame and at some instances even behind the trigger. This focuses most of the bow’s weight at the shoulder of the user and results in a bullpup configuration.

How to Choose a Reverse Crossbow

Crossbows can be hard to shop for. However, there are factors to consider before investing in one. These will help you make a smart decision.

Price Point

These are newer and more innovative technology. They are slowly replacing conventional crossbows due to their ease of use and easy maneuverability. However, with so many benefits, they do come with a guaranteed let down. They are much more expensive than a typical crossbow. The extra bucks are totally worth the investment, so it’s good to have a flexible budget when thinking of investing in these.


The speed of any crossbow is probably the most researched feature of the device. The reason behind this is it majorly affects the performance in two ways. The higher speed your device has, the more the arrow will penetrate into the game animal. Furthermore, the speed is also responsible for the flat trajectory of the arrow. So, high speed is equivalent to flatter trajectory.


The sound is very important while considering which device to choose. You would want to invest in the quietest device possible. The reason is, by the time the bolt reaches your quarry, the animal will have heard the noise of your shot and gotten away. The best bows are those which have little vibration and are quiet while operating.


The weight of a product greatly affects your decision of purchasing it. Even if you buy the fastest crossbow ever created, if it is too heavy to carry, it is useless. Therefore, a smart person would put their comfort first because without you being able to handle the device, you won’t really be able to shoot arrows from it.

What Are The Best Uses For a Reverse Crossbow?

Reverse draw crossbows are typically used for hunting purposes. However, there are a ton of different models that feature different specifications and serve different purposes. Moreover, it is not easy to find a suitable one since there are many different types available.

Some of the best uses for reverse crossbows include:


Reverse crossbows use modern technology that allows them to shoot arrows at blazing speeds. At such high velocity, it makes the arrows extremely deadly, even for large furry animals.

Animals like deer, boar, elks, and others seem to be an easy target for a reverse crossbow. Since the velocity is extremely high, the arrow penetrates right through the victim’s body.

TenPoint Nitro X ACUdraw Pro Crossbow Package (Source)

Target Shooting

Reverse crossbows are also used for target shooting. In some parts of the world, they are used in sports for shooting targets at different distances. They are used while taking all precautionary measures since they are lethal.

Military Use

Another important use of reverse crossbows is in the military. They have been used by military personnel to eliminate high-value targets while keeping a low profile. They are also considered much more efficient due to their sleek design and minimum noise output.

Review of the Best Reverse Crossbows

Let’s look at some of the top-notch reverse limb crossbows in the market. You will surely find at least one of them to be the best option for you. We have mentioned all the plus points as well as the things which could be improved so that you make an informed decision.

Best Overall:
TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX ACUdraw Crossbow Package


  • This Product is Extremely Quiet
  • It Gives a Smooth Performance With No Hiccups
  • They Have Great Customer Service and an Excellent Return Policy
  • It is Lightweight and Compact for Better Control and Easy Maneuverability
  • The Brand is a Trusted Manufacturer and Distributor of Crossbows All Around the World


  • Expensive for the Whole Package
  • Some People Complained That the String Isn’t Durable
  • Not Great for Professional Hunters as it Does Not Have Heavy-Duty Performance

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were in a state of euphoria upon receiving and trying their crossbows. They vouch for its excellent performance. This product features a compact and narrow design which provides a smooth experience and gives greater control over the device. It is user-friendly as well as easy to set up.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason this stood out to us and compelled us to feature it in our runner up category is the design and performance it delivers. Even though it is not as fast or as smooth as the previous product, it still does a great job of giving you an amazing hunting experience. You certainly won’t regret investing in this product.

Who Will Use This Most

It will be of great use to beginners and intermediate level hunters. Sophisticated and professional hunters may not be impressed by the very basic nature and design of this product. It is a great first crossbow to invest in. The simple and compact design allows it to be the perfect crossbow for a beginner.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement for this product would be to make the string more durable. Even though the customer service is great and their return policy is pretty good too, nobody wants to get involved in all that hassle. It would actually be better if they added more accessories in this package as the price point is not justified. They can also make a more budget-friendly variable of this product to make it available for a wider audience.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great product. The price point is pretty much the only major let down of this product as it may not be feasible for everyone. This product is a great investment given its excellent, narrow durable, high-quality design paired with smooth performance and easy to control hardware.

Best for the Money:
Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Dedd Sledd 50 Crossbow Kit


  • It is Easy to Maneuver
  • It Provides Accuracy For Long Ranges as Well
  • This Product Produces the Minimum Vibration and Noise
  • The Available Docking is the Best Suitable Option For This Type of Crossbow
  • The Carbon Wrapped Barrel and Carbon Stock Brings the Overall Weight Down to a Minimum


  • The Design is Too Complicated For Beginners
  • The Recoil Does Not Give Enough Tension to Lock Into Place
  • Too Expensive For the Design, Other Options Work Very Well at a Much Lower Price

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers thought that this product has great performance. Most of the buyers were very happy with this purchase. This product is surely a worthy investment, given its smooth performance and excellent design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out to us for its excellent performance and for being the most wholesome package. This product is well worth its price and is the most affordable out of the three options. The features, along with the cocking system, are best fitted for this type of crossbow. It gives the maximum accuracy and smooth performance.

Who Will Use This Most

This product will work best for more experienced hunters. The cocking system may be confusing for beginners. However, it is easy to learn to operate; thus, it could work for people with varying levels of expertise.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A probable improvement which will make this product tenfold better is a simpler design and a better price range. This product should have a budget-friendly variable as well.

Bottom Line

This product is the best money can buy you. It is the best option for the money. It is an extremely worthy investment which will give you a great hunting experience.

Best Horton Reverse Crossbow:
Horton Crossbow Innovations NH15001-7522


  • Comes with three 400 grain carbon arrows
  • Lightweight aluminum build makes it highly accurate
  • Uses stainless steel bearings to enhance performance and stability
  • A powerful crossbow that shoots 400-grain carbon arrows at 370 FPS
  • Features self-locking limb pocket and cap system to negate limb twist and stress


  • Quite bulky

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of users highly recommended this crossbow by Horton. They believe that Horton manufactures some of the best crossbows available in the market. Well, users praised this powerful model that is capable of firing arrows at extremely high speed. It comes with additional carbon arrows, which makes it a cost-effective product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of things that we like about this crossbow. It features an aluminum build, which makes it lightweight thus, more accurate. In addition, it has self-locking limb pockets and a cap system to eliminate limb twist and stress. The stainless-steel bearings improve its performance and stability while it can shoot arrows at a blazing 370 FPS.

Bottom Line

You are looking for the best crossbow, right? Well, here is one to take care of all your hunting needs. This powerful crossbow is a killing machine that is capable of delivering lethal carbon arrows at extremely high speeds.

Pros and Cons of Reverse Draw Crossbow

A reverse draw crossbow can be a great addition to your hunting arsenal. It is particularly because of its high accuracy and lethal arrows that make it extremely deadly. You can hunt small to large animals using it with a high possibility of an instant kill.

However, there are certain disadvantages of using reverse draw crossbows as well. In this section, we will be discussing some of the pros and cons of these.


Well, the pros of a reverse draw crossbow certainly outnumber its cons. Here are some advantages:

Slim Design

A reverse draw crossbow features a slim design, unlike the front-facing models that are quite bulky. In fact, it is quite narrow due to its reversed limbs. 

Build Quality

A reverse draw crossbow offers high stability, thanks to the position of the limbs and riser. Since they are located on the back, it greatly improves balance while shooting.

High Speed

Such crossbows feature modern technology that enables them to shoot at lightning-fast speeds. A quality reverse draw crossbow can shoot arrows as fast as 320 FPS.

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX™ ACUdraw Crossbow Package


Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of reverse draw crossbows as well. These are:

Lack of Replacement Components

It is not easy to find replacement components for these crossbows. Since they are not very common, it is quite hard to find its components.

Require Expertise

A reverse draw crossbow is not easy to handle by any means. So, you require a lot of practice and expertise before you can shoot perfectly.

Perks of Using a Reverse Limb Crossbow

The question why exactly you should invest in a reverse limb crossbow must have crossed your mind. What are the benefits or perks it has? Well, let’s take a look at them!


A reverse limb crossbow is much quieter than any other types of crossbows available in the market due to its construction speed and design. Having a quiet crossbow is very important while hunting. You do not want the animal to be aware of your attack; therefore, you should invest in this kind of crossbow.

Great Balance

The construction and design of this product are such that they give you more control and stability of the product. This product has most of its weight concentrated at the back of the design, directed towards the shoulder of the user. The center of gravity, therefore, also shifts in favor of the consumers. This is the reason why it provides better control.


These kind of bows are narrower and smaller in size, which gives you obvious benefits. They are lighter and easier to handle and work well for hunting in a smaller area where previously only rifles were useful. The narrower size also allows you to maneuver the design easily and have better control over the device.


This is another area where reverse limb crossbows excel. The performance provided by this kind of bow is far superior than other available options. Not only are these bows faster but give one more control and are easy to maneuver too. They are user-friendly and have better weight distribution. All of these factors make the overall performance excellent.


In conclusion, we would bring your attention to the fact that this review was aimed at helping you find the perfect reverse limb crossbow money can buy. If you closely stick to the tips mentioned, you should be able to research and find a great crossbow yourself. All the mentioned products are some of the best ones on the market, and you surely can’t go wrong with those.

People Also Ask

Buyers often ask questions regarding the products they use or those they are about to purchase. To make sure they are satisfied with the purchase, we have listed some frequently asked questions. These will help you understand and eliminate any ambiguities that you might have. Some of the questions are given below.

How Heavy is a Reverse Crossbow?

Reverse crossbows come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, the weight may vary from product to product. Moreover, different types feature different technology. Some of them have a slim design with a narrow stock, while others might be relatively bulkier.

How Fast Can a Reverse Crossbow Shoot?

Reverse draw crossbows can shoot at blazing speeds. Most modern ones can shoot arrows at extremely high velocities. To put it in perspective, a quality reverse crossbow can fire arrows as high as 385 FPS. Although the speed of the arrows may differ for different crossbows, they are still extremely fast and lethal.

How Accurate Are Reverse Crossbows?

Reverse crossbows can be highly accurate, provided you have quite a bit of expertise while using one. They are not easy to fire; however, if shot properly, they are extremely accurate. Also, the speed of the arrow is so fast that the chances of missing a moving target are pretty slim.

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