Centerpoint Sniper 370 – 2020 Review

| Last Updated February 9, 2021

As the hunting season approaches us, we all want to upgrade our weapons, and undoubtedly CenterPoint Sniper 370 is one of the best options.

It offers you high quality and excellent performance while being super affordable. It has an innovative design, and it is safe to use.

We further shed light on its great utility in the following review. 

  • Comes with an 18-inch and draw weight of 185 pounds
  • Comes with a fully adjustable stock and front grip
  • Made from lightweight but strong and durable materials
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CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package


  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Safety Features
  • Power and Speed


  • Bolts
  • Trigger Creep


Draw Weight: 185 lbs

Arrow Speed: 370 FPS

Weight: 7.9 lbs

Length: 36 inches

Width (axle to axle): 21 inches un-cocked, 18 inches cocked

Power Stroke: 13.5 inches

Draw Style: Reverse Draw 

Trigger Pull Weight: 5 lbs

Type - Compound


The Sniper 370 Crossbow features various valuable features that promise multiple benefits. It is a high-quality weapon packed with excellence at a very affordable price. Some of such pros are as follows.


Design is definitely one of Sniper 370’s standout features. It is designed in such a way that every person can customize it to fit their personal requirements. You can easily adjust the AR-style stock and grip. What remains constant is that it has a sturdy build that feels firm in your hands.

This crossbow was specially designed to be durable and highly efficient. It is made from high-quality aluminum that ensures that it can be used in harsh outdoor conditions. Whether it’s the strong sun or rain, Sniper 370 will withstand everything while enabling you to have a great hunting experience.

Power and Speed

When it comes to crossbows, power and speed are very important to consider. These factors define the range of your crossbow and the impact with which the target will be hit.

Sniper 370 has exceptional power and speed. Most crossbows of the same quality offer a speed of 300 feet per second, while Sniper 370 offers an effortless 370 feet per second. This speed allows the crossbow to generate power of up to 128 ft-lbs. Such power in your bow will be enough to take down the toughest targets

Safety Features

When using a weapon, safety always comes first. It is essential to consider the safety options available. Sniper 370 offers you with several such options.

Firstly, you have the foregrip. It is the place where you are supposed to position your hands while taking a shot. It is easy for your fingers to get hurt with a crossbow. However, that is not the case with Sniper 370. The foregrip is positioned in such a way that your fingers are not in danger of getting hurt while you shoot the arrow.

Secondly, the crossbow features an anti-dry fire mechanism. This feature makes sure that you do not accidentally release the arrow and hurt yourself or others around you.


Sniper 370 has a very slim design, and it weighs only about 7.9 lbs. This means that you can easily lift it and carry it around without straining your arms and shoulders. Furthermore, its low weight will also allow you to balance well while trying to hit the target.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package


There are many great things about Sniper 370 that make it an ideal choice for people who want quality and affordability. However, like every other product, it also has some negatives that you need to consider before you decide to purchase it.

Trigger Creep

Trigger creep is basically the distance you must pull your trigger to drop the sear and shoot the arrow. A slight problem with Sniper 370 is that it has a more significant trigger creep than most other crossbows in the market. This can affect your accuracy, and you might end up missing the target.

However, this is a temporary con. You only need a little bit of practice with the crossbow, and you’ll be able to figure out how to shoot accurately. 


The weight of the bolts defines how much momentum and kinetic energy will be created. The heavier the bolts, the more kinetic energy, and momentum they will be able to produce and transfer to the arrow.

The sad thing about Sniper 370 is that they don’t have the heaviest bolts. Instead, they are only average in terms of weight and performance. If you want to increase the range of your weapon, then go for crossbows with heavier bolts.

Best Uses For the CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370 is a very handy weapon. Although its purpose is pretty simple, people still use it for multiple purposes, including:


The primary use of Sniper 370 is obviously hunting, considering that it is a weapon. It is used by hunters of all skill levels and ages. Normally, people who are into archery use this crossbow. You can hunt all sorts of animals with this, whether you like hunting birds, deer, or bears. 

Recreational Activity

If you are someone who doesn’t like hunting because you are sensitive about killing animals, yet you enjoy archery, then this crossbow will be great for you. You can simply go to a shooting range and enjoy shooting with the Sniper 370 there.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

Is the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Hard to Use?

No, not at all. Sniper 370 is one of the most user-friendly crossbows in the market. It is simple to operate, and since it is a compound bow, you don’t have to use much force to cock or shoot it. You can use this bow even if you are only a beginner.

Components and Included Accessories

You get a full package of tools and accessories when you buy yourself a brand new Sniper 370. We have listed them as follows to help you understand how affordable this crossbow really is:

Allen Wrench & Bolts

You will get all the bolts required to piece together the crossbow. You also get a wrench to tighten those bolts.


What is more important in a crossbow package than the arrows themselves? You will get three high-quality carbon arrows, each of 20 inches.

Rope Cocker

There is also a rope cocker in the package, which will help you cock the rope with ease.

Parallel Quiver

You will need to store the arrows somewhere; you can’t just hold them in your hand. For this very purpose, CenterPoint has added a parallel quiver in the package that you can hang on your back and carry your arrows in it with ease.

What Kind of Scope is on CenterPoint Sniper 370?

You get a 4 x 32 mm scope in the package. It is a high-quality scope with various features. It is illuminated and has five different brightness settings. With this scope, you will be able to clearly watch one-inch patterns at 30 yards.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Suitable For?

CenterPoint Sniper 370 is easy to use. It doesn’t require you to have an in-depth understanding of how to use a crossbow. Moreover, it is not complex in any way. However, it is very powerful, durable, and accurate despite being simple and easy to use.

Hence, people of all ages and skill levels can use it. It is made simple enough to be ideal for beginners and amateurs. It is also powerful enough for professional hunters to take down the toughest of targets as far as 100 yards.

Comparison Overview

To understand why CenterPoint Sniper 370 is the best option for you, you need to compare it to the different variants available in the market. This will give you more clarity in terms of the value that you will be getting.

Barnett Jackal vs. CenterPoint Sniper 370

Barnett Jackal is one of the main competitors of Sniper 370, and hence it is only right to draw a comparison between the two. 


Both the crossbows are suitable for beginners since both of them are easy to use.


Barnett Jackal is not ideal for professionals since it is not very powerful. Sniper 370, on the other hand, is suitable for all skill levels, including professionals. 

They both offer different speeds. The latter has an arrow speed of 370 FPS, while the former has an arrow speed of only 315 FPS.

Sniper 370 vs. Whisper 380

Both models come from the same brand, but they have different specs. Let’s see how the two fare against each other. 


You will get the same arrow speeds of 370 FPS from both crossbows.


Whisper 380 is almost 1.3 pounds heavier than the Sniper 370. The scope of the former is also not as advanced as that of the latter. You get more brightness options and clearer vision with the Sniper 370’s scope. The arrows that you receive with the Sniper 370 are also superior in quality. 

Hence, overall, even if both products look the same, you will get better quality in Sniper 370.

Center Point Sniper Elite vs. Sniper 370

Another Sniper 370’s competitor is the Sniper Elite. Here’s a comparison between the two:


Both products are budget-friendly and have high quality.


Sniper Elite doesn’t have an illuminated scope, while Sniper 370’s scope is illuminated, and it has five different brightness settings.

The latter’s trigger pulls weight is 5 lbs, while the former’s pull weight is 3.5 lbs. This means it is easier to pull the Sniper Elite.

How to Assemble a CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

You need to properly assemble your crossbow to get the best out of it. The instructions that come with it are good enough, but you might still be confused. To gain some clarity on the assembly, you can refer to the following instructions as well.

  1. Firstly, take the package with the Allen wrenches, a big bolt, and small black plastic brackets.

  2. Mount the black clip that you took out on the strings and make it ride on the rail, so the strings are clipped with the main body.

  3. Make sure that the flared end of the clip is facing the opposite of the riser.

  4. Now mount the arc on the main body. For that, line up the black clip on the rails.

  5. Make the string slide over the top as the clip slides on the rail.

  6. Take the other black clip with a V on it and attach it to the V on the arc.

  7. Then line up the holes on the arc and the main body and press them together to attach the two.

  8. Use the bug bolt now and put it through the holes so you can permanently attach both bodies together, and you are done.

That’s about it. To get a visual idea of how everything works, you can refer to the video as follows.


CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow is one of the most powerful and efficient crossbows available in the market. It provides you with great value for money, making it a great investment. Equip yourself with one of the best weapons in the market and enjoy the hunting season as much as you can.

People Also Ask

If you are considering Sniper 370 for the first time, then it is only natural to have many questions about it. You will be curious about how to use it or how easy it is to use it. Hence, we decided to answer some most frequently asked questions to satisfy your curiosity.

What Kind of Warranty Does the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Come With?

CenterPoint Sniper 370 comes with a five-year warranty. It covers all aspects of the crossbow. However, the warranty is only valid for the original owner and cannot be used by you if you are buying the bow secondhand.

Where Are CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbows Made?

All high-quality professionally-made CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbows are made in the state of Alabama, U.S. A state-of-the-art manufacturing plant manufactures them and then ships them.

How Far Can the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Shoot?

The range of the crossbow primarily depends on the bolts. The heavier the bolts are, the farther will be the range of the crossbow. However, as a rule of thumb, the CenterPoint Sniper 370 can shoot a target 20 to 50 yards from it.

What Yardage Should the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Be Sighted in?

This will depend on your level of skill. You can start from ten yards, and then as you improve your skill level, you can easily go up to 50 yards. In addition, with a little bit of modification in the crossbow, you can also aim for 100 yards.

How to Sight in a Sniper 370 Crossbow

Firstly, you need to mount your scope on the crossbow. Then, start taking shots at targets at ten yards of distance. When they are accurate, you can start to aim further. As you do so, you should adjust the vertical and horizontal knobs. 

When the aim is accurate, only then should you set the knobs to zero. Repeat this till you can accurately aim at targets at 50 yards of distance. Your crossbow will be properly sighted now.

How to Cock a Crosman CenterPoint Sniper 370 Black Crossbow

To cock your crossbow, you will first need a cocking rope. Then attach one hook of the cocking rope to the string. You can wrap the excess rope over the cocking string groove. Next, hook the opposite side. Once done, all you need to do is pull the cocking rope's hands as you pull the string back and cock it. And you are all set.

How to Adjust the Cocking String on a CenterPoint 370

You can adjust the cocking string by either shortening it or lengthening it. For this, you must adjust the screws at the extreme right and left sides of the crossbow. You can tighten and loosen them to adjust the cocking string to your liking.

How Much Force Required to Cock the CenterPoint 370 Crossbow?

This depends on the kind of bow you are using. Cocking a recurve bow requires a lot of force, while you only need to use a moderate amount with a compound bow. Since Sniper 370 is a compound bow, you will be able to easily cock your crossbow. While it has a draw weight of 185 pounds, the included cocking rope reduces the draw weight by up to 50% and makes cocking relatively easier.

How Reliable is the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow?

CenterPoint Sniper 370 is highly reliable within its initial range of 10 to 40 yards. You will be able to take accurate shots very easily. However, any more than that and then the reliability will depend more on your skill than the crossbow itself.

What Weight Broadhead For a CenterPoint 370?

Ideally, for a CenterPoint Sniper 370, broadheads should be around 125 grams. Any more or less will affect the performance of the crossbow.

How to Silence a Sniper 370

There are several ways to silence your crossbow. One of the most effective ways to do so is by rubberizing it. You can put rubber silencers on the limbs. Another popular method is to tighten all the fasteners properly.

However, you probably won’t even need to do this yourself because Sniper 370 comes with integrated string suppressors. You will, by default, get a quiet, vibration-free shot.


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