Centerpoint Amped 415 – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

If you’re looking for a crossbow that offers value and performance, then don’t hesitate to buy the Centerpoint Amped 415.

The crossbow packs a multitude of features at a reasonable price. In fact, anyone seeking a budget-friendly model should definitely consider it. 

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Centerpoint Amped 415 crossbow.

  • Very quiet crossbow to use for hunting
  • Very compact design of only 12 inches from axle-to-axle
  • Adjustable cheek comb and AR-style butt stock
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CenterPoint Amped 415


  • Silent Operation
  • High Arrow Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Adjustable buttstock and Foregrip
  • Compact Design with Multiple Accessories Included


  • Color
  • Kinetic Energy

Centerpoint Amped 415 Specs

Draw Weight: 200lbs

Arrow Speed: 415 FPS

Weight: 7.80lbs

Length: 36 inches

Width (axle to axle): 15.75/12 inches

Power Stroke: 14.50 inches

Draw Style: Power Draw System

Trigger Pull Weight: 3.6 pounds

Type- Compound


The following are some of the great advantages of using this crossbow.

Enhanced Durability

The Centerpoint Amped 415 is a sturdy crossbow that features a durable build quality. Its strength comes from the rugged CNC-machined riser that lays its foundation. You can feel its sturdy design while holding it in your own hands. Plus, its sturdiness guarantees long-lasting use.

Silent Operation

Standard crossbows can be loud at times, which can compromise your position and stealth while hunting. However, Amped 415 focuses on delivering a vibration-free system. Its Whisper Silencing System is its main highlight that uses string stops, string silencers, and limb dampeners to minimize the noise output. As a result, this combination helps in achieving significantly lower shot noise and vibration.

High Arrow Speed

There is no doubt that the Amped 415 delivers premium features that only the most high-end models deliver. But luckily, you can enjoy such features at a considerably lower price. Out of those, its ability to shoot arrows at an incredible speed is worth noticing. The crossbow delivers a lethal blow while shooting arrows at blazing 415 FPS. Consequently, it makes for a perfect choice for close-range endeavors with greater accuracy and deeper penetration.

Adjustable Buttstock and Foregrip

The Amped 415 also adds some uniqueness with its versatile design. Its adjustable foregrip and buttstock allow you an ideal fit for a great hunting experience. Whether you are just a kid or a full-grown professional hunter, these options promise an ideal use for any age or skill level.

Compact Design With Multiple Accessories Included

The Centerpoint Amped 415 features a compact design, unlike any other conventional model. While most crossbows tend to be bulky, this model offers a compact body that is easy to carry and balance. It also allows easy storage as it requires minimal space when not in use. 


Here are some disadvantages to using this crossbow.

Kinetic Energy

The arrows shot from the Amped 415 are speedy but not as fast as top-tier models. It's obvious at its price point, but it's something that doesn’t allow it to come at par with premium models. Premium models deliver a much faster arrow speed and higher kinetic energy as compared to this crossbow. As a result, such crossbows can provide additional accuracy and deeper penetration.

However, be mindful of the price of such units. You can buy several Amped 415 crossbows for the price of a single top-tier model. A reduced arrow speed would mean a relatively lower kinetic energy. The Amped 415 delivers a 153 FPE, which is quite decent but still not good enough as its high-end rivals.


Centerpoint has equipped the Amped 415 with a wide range of features, including an attractive body color. The desert camo color of this model acts as camouflage during your hunting expeditions. Whether it's hunting in a tropical rainforest or on plains, it blends quite nicely with the surroundings. 

Unfortunately, it is the only color that this model comes with. There are no other color options available to fulfill the needs of users who love bright colors. Although it's not a deal-breaker, it’s a downside to this model. Most premium models do promise multiple colors, which give them an edge over this unit.

Best Uses For the Centerpoint Amped 415

The Amped 415 is a remarkable crossbow that is hard to beat with the value and performance it delivers. It is considered as a budget-friendly model that makes almost no compromise on quality. It also packs a punch with its blazing arrow speed combined with silent operation. But what is the ideal use of this crossbow? Let’s find out.

Close-Range Shooting

Without a doubt, this crossbow is fully equipped to serve you as a perfect killing machine when it comes to hunting. Its high accuracy, decent penetration, and stealthy operation make it a great all-round purchase. At the same time, it also makes it the perfect companion when shooting in close quarters.

Big Game Hunting

This model's deadly accuracy and precision make it a lethal weapon that can be used for hunting big game. Its ability to penetrate relatively deeper than standard models makes it an ideal choice to put down large and furry animals.

Target Practice

The Amped 415 can also be used for target practice. Since it targets the vast majority of the hunting community with adjustable properties, it's the perfect pick for both amateurs and professionals.

Is the Centerpoint Amped 415 Hard to Use? 

The Centerpoint Amped 415 is one of the most user-friendly models that you can purchase. Its ability to adjust makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality bow. Its variety of features promotes ease of use for the user. Examples include convenient Power Draw cocking, safety mechanisms, and more!

Components and Included Accessories 

The Amped 415 is one of the best crossbows out there. It not only provides consistent performance but also delivers value with its quality components and included accessories. Here are some of the key components of this model that make it unique and effective at the same time.

Adjustable Foregrip

This model provides its users with the luxury of an adjustable foregrip. The foregrip can be adjusted accordingly to ensure you have a perfect grip and balance while shooting. As a result, your accuracy improves along with your shooting experience.

Adjustable Buttstock

The crossbow also features an adjustable buttstock that adds versatility to this model. Most standard crossbows do not allow this feature, while models who deliver such qualities are very expensive. However, the Amped 415 comes with an adjustable buttstock at a reasonable price that makes it suitable for all skills and ages.

Power Draw Cocking 

Conventional crossbows are hard to cock with inefficient cocking systems. Meanwhile, the Power Draw cocking system of the Amped 415 is quite efficient. While exerting a minimum amount of force, you can conveniently crank your crossbow without any hassle.

What Does the Center Point Amped 415 Crossbow Come With?

The Centerpoint Amped 415 promises a handful of accessories to its owners who have decided to invest in this quality model. These include a 4 X 32mm scope, quiver, and three 20-inch carbon arrows for hunting. It also includes a Power Draw cocking device that allows you to cock your crossbow effortlessly.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Centerpoint Amped 415 Suitable For?

The hunting community has always admired the Amped 415 for its extraordinary performance and quality. But what pleases them more is that it is adjustable. This crossbow is one of the most reliable options that meet the needs of all ages and skills. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, it's tailor-made for all.

The adjustable buttstock, paired with a versatile foregrip, makes it perfect for everyone. You can use it conveniently as a kid or as an adult without compromising on your shooting experience.

What Makes the Centerpoint Amped 415 Stand Out From the Competition?

It's quite difficult to put your hands on a crossbow and declare it as one of the best. However, with the Centerpoint Amped 415, you can comfortably consider it as a standout product. What makes it superior is the value and performance it delivers to its customers. While most quality crossbows tend to be quite expensive, the Amped 415 comes at a reasonable price.

Also, don’t be fooled by its low-price tag as the crossbow's performance is comparable to the most high-end models. Its versatility backed with a robust design, and user-friendly nature makes it one of the best crossbows.

Centerpoint Amped 415 vs. Patriot 415 - Comparison Overview

If you are looking for a high-quality crossbow, it sometimes poses a challenge. Choosing from an ocean of products makes it truly difficult to decide which one to opt for. It gets even harder when it comes to deciding between two incredible crossbows. To help you find the right fit, we have compared the Amped 415 with the Centerpoint's Patriot 415.


Here are some of the similarities found between these two models.

Arrow Speed

Both the crossbows share the same arrow speed of 415 FPS. They are quite fast and allow you to shoot accurately and precisely. Moreover, the arrow offers deeper penetration at such high speed, which is ideal for big-game hunting.

Silent Operation

These crossbows share great resemblance when it comes to noise output. They offer a stealthy operation as compared to conventional crossbows. Their Whisper Silencing System allows them to minimize noise and vibration.

Cocking System

When it comes to cocking these crossbows, the Power Draw cocking device allows you to do so quite comfortably. As a result, both products are considered user-friendly.


The only edge that the Centerpoint Amped 415 has over the Patriot 415 is the ability to camouflage. Its desert camo color allows it to blend with the surroundings so that your prey isn’t alerted.

How to Cock the Centerpoint Amped 415

This Centerpoint model uses a Power Draw cocking device for convenient cocking. As a beginner, it might be difficult and dangerous without proper guidance. Therefore, this section tells you how to cock your crossbow comfortably and safely.

  1. The first thing you need to do is try and locate the small indentation found on the frame. It is located just below the scope.

  2. After finding the indentation, lay the cocking rope across it and run it down along each side of the rail. Keep your fingers away from the crossbow rail and hold the unit firmly during the process.

  3. Attach the back hooks on to the string. Do so on either side of the rail.

  4. Now pull the handles towards yourself, and it cocks easily.

  5. Once your unit is cocked, place the arrow in the crossbow rail and slide it backward. Make sure it's properly placed and can’t go in any further. 

  6. You are now ready to shoot the arrow from your crossbow.

If you are still unsure of the cocking process, refer to the video below for a complete demonstration.


Choosing a crossbow for yourself is quite difficult, while there exists a myriad of similar products. However, you can always rely on the Center Amped 415, which promises value and performance to its users. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to compromise on quality, then this model is the way forward.

People Also Ask

A lot of crossbow buyers are curious about the model they purchase or wish to invest in. Whether it's troubleshooting your model or just for the sake of knowledge, their questions must be answered. This is why we have compiled some commonly asked questions that buyers tend to ask about the Amped 415.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Centerpoint Amped 415 Come With?

Top manufacturers almost always take care of their customers. They do so by providing a warranty with their products to safeguard the investment of customers. Like any other renowned crossbow manufacturers, Centerpoint Amped 415 also comes with a warranty. It promises a five-year limited lifetime warranty.

Where Are Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbows Made?

Centerpoint crossbows are known for their reliable quality and performance all around the globe. The famous Centerpoint Amped 415 crossbow is made in the United States.

How Far Can the Center Point Amped 415 Crossbow Shoot Accurately?

Different crossbows feature various accuracy and precision readings. Some are deadly accurate, while others are not. Although your crossbow's accuracy greatly depends on the user, a certain accuracy rating is often associated with different models. As for the Amped 415, it can shoot accurately at a distance between 20 and 50 yards.

What Yardage Should the Centerpoint Amped 415 Be Sighted in?

Sighting your crossbow at particular yardage is key for desirable results. Different models tend to sight in at numerous yardages. As far as the Centerpoint Amped 415 is concerned, it should be sighted in at 30 yards. Anything lower than that increases the risk of damaging your arrows.

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