Best Traditional Broadheads of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

Broadheads were primarily used during wars or for hunting in ancient times. But now, they are used for things such as target practice, hunting small or big animals.

They come in different forms for use with different bows. Traditional or modern, all are readily available on the market with various features and qualities. But, it is hard to decide which one is the best for you when it comes to traditional models.

In this article, we give you the top picks of traditional broadheads and why we think they are the best.

Comparison of the Best Traditional Broadheads

  • Old-school styled arrow design
  • Remarkably precise and fast
  • Provides incredible piercing power
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  • Made from durable high carbon steel
  • Heat-treated for improved hardness
  • Provides superior accuracy and piercing ability
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  • Best for the Money
  • Broadhead designed with field point accuracy
  • All-steel construction designed for durability
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  • Cast from strong steel
  • Made with a spin optimized blade design to improve flight and piercing quality
  • Very stable and highly accurate
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  • Nitridized metal for superior durability
  • Designed for extreme accuracy and deep piercing power
  • Compatible with a variety of arrow bodies
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What is a Traditional Broadhead, and What is it Used For?

A broadhead is an arrowhead that is used for bow hunting. In ancient times, it was also used in war and combat, but since our weapons have evolved to guns and tanks, they are no longer required.

Different types are manufactured nowadays. There are traditional and modern broadheads. When it comes to their design and construction, these are three distinct categories. These include fixed, removable, and mechanical broadheads.

Fixed models are those used for more traditional bows. These don't move or change when fired and the blades run the entire length of the broadhead. Removable and mechanical ones are often considered better for modern types of bows.

What Are The Best Uses For a Traditional Broadhead?

A traditional broadhead has quite a lot of uses, some of which are listed below.


Broadheads are widely used for hunting purposes. Nowadays, the heads are designed to be super sharp and have excellent penetration power, so that they can get the animal in one clean shot. The sharpness and aerodynamic design also make them more accurate and robust.

Target Practice

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to shooting bows. Archery or bow hunting is not easy to master. For that, you need to take part in a lot of target practice and use high-quality equipment. At indoor practice ranges or out in the wild, broadheads can be used for practice targets.

What to Look For When Buying Traditional Broadheads

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying traditional broadheads. These include: 


In hunting, you do not want to use a dull arrowhead and make the animal suffer or be in pain. The sharpness and penetration power are essential because they make sure that the very instant they come in contact with the target, the job is done, and the animal does not suffer. Dull broadheads make the targets bleed and cause injury easily.


Tips vary for each broadhead. Some are cone-shaped, some are beveled, while others are pyramid-shaped and chiseled. There are many choices, and it all depends on your preference and what you are comfortable using.


Broadheads are composed of multiple blades. You can choose either the traditional two blades, modern three-blade, an exceptional four-blade unit, or a single-beveled blade design according to your preference.


As mentioned before, there are fixed, removable, and mechanical broadheads. Fixed blades are preferable for traditional bows, while removable and mechanical broadheads are better suited for modern bows.

Review of the Best Traditional Broadheads

Now that we have explained a bit about broadheads let's dig into the reviews of the best products from the market. We have also listed down some critical pros and features that may be of value to a user.

Best Overall:
Huntingdoor Medieval Arrow Tips

Huntingdoor Traditional Broadheads 12Pcs Hunting Arrowheads 150grain Screw-in Solid Metal Medieval Archery Arrow Tips Old School for Hunting and Target


  • Comes in a set of 12
  • Easily screwable that fits any arrow
  • Super sharp, remarkably accurate and deep piercing power
  • Shorter profile and less blade surface for better performance
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel with a standard thread design


  • Delivered in bad condition in some cases
  • Not sharp enough according to some users

What Recent Buyers Report

People, including professionals, who bought and used this product have become its fan. Reports tell us that these heads are highly accurate, sharp, and have a fantastic flight. The smooth and fast flight is an essential feature of this unit. It worked well with speedy arrows, making it easier to use for practice sessions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its deep piercing power. This feature is an improvement compared to the previous models from this brand and outdoes many competitor's products too. The piercing power ensures that the animal you are hunting does not suffer.

The unit fits comfortably at the end of the arrow shaft, as it is screwable. It is also shorter in size than most other units, which gives it less blade surface and better precision. This is great when it comes to arrow flight, as a short head is not massive and therefore is a lot more efficient.

Bottom Line

A high-quality unit that is as sharp as this one penetrates quickly and accurately when hitting a target surely impresses us. People have loved its performance for many years and seasons of hunting. These heads can help slow down speedy arrows. In short, this is an excellent product for bow hunters.

EOOENOON Archery Broadheads

Archery Broadheads 150 Grain Traditional Hunting Arrow Head for Compound Bow,Pack of 6


  • Great for use with carbon fiber and fiberglass bows
  • Manufactured out of solid metal in a medieval style
  • Feature integrated processing with excellent concentricity
  • Traditional wide head standard screw makes it easy to fit all kinds of arrows
  • Highly accurate with penetration power enough for field practice and small animals


  • Not best for large game hunting

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent users have liked these broadheads for their sturdy and robust construction quality. Buyers strongly recommend this product for beginners. As the heads are small and hard to sharpen, these were mostly used for small game hunting and target practice. Overall, buyers were satisfied with the performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the traditional wide heads with standard screws impressive, as they meet the needs of most professional and beginner-level hunters.

Traditional heads are usually either screwable or glued onto the shaft, just like this one is. This unit is also perfect for use with carbon fiber arrows, that are, by far, the most lightweight arrows with an excellent flight. It also features advanced integrated design and construction that ensure precision. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this unit is the perfect equipment for all conventional bow hunters. It is simple to use, easy to fit and is pretty sharp. For beginners, small game purposes, and target practice, this unit is really good.

Best for the Money:
Wasp Archery Sharpshooter

Wasp Archery SharpShooter Traditional 150 Grain Cut On Contact Broadhead


  • Four-blade design makes it powerful
  • Reported to be highly accurate and sharp
  • Perfect for recurve and longbow shooting
  • Comes with a replaceable thick bleeder blade
  • Self-aligning and blade locking system makes it precise


  • Smaller than some other units
  • Poor packaging caused trouble to buyers

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of positive feedback backs this product primarily for its advanced four-blade design. Many buyers used it for hunting a blackbuck and reported the shot to be clean, accurate, and went fully through the target. There was little to worry about as the animal was instantly killed because of the penetrating power.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The self-aligning system is something that is found in compound broadheads more often. But this company has somehow integrated it into this unit's design to make it the perfect head for a traditional bow.

Because of this, it proves to be accurate and precise. Along with being self-aligning, it can also lock the heads into place so that each arrow that is launched will be highly precise. As a result, there's more security and comfort while using this equipment in your hunting experience.

Bottom Line

We think that the product by Wasp Archery lives up to its claims and expectations. Many professional-level hunters used this product and now recommend it to others. The self-aligning and blade locking features make this unit precise, while the lethally sharp tips make them one of the best arrowheads on the market for big game hunting.

4. LiuMing Screw-In Broadheads

LiuMing 6pcs 150 Grain 3 Edges Archery Screw-In Broadheads Traditional Hunting Arrow Head


  • Has a massive chiseled tip
  • Surgically sharp blade kills on spot
  • High cutting surface for maximum penetration
  • Beveled blade with a single edge makes a larger wound than a regular pointed blade
  • Features the Arcuate Blade Technology that is usually seen in kitchen or medical equipment


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Requires immense care while using

What Recent Buyers Report

Many of the reports from buyers show that these broadheads are sharp enough to go through and kill the target on the spot easily. Buyers were impressed by the massive chiseled tip, making it a perfect head to use for larger game hunting as it creates a larger opening wound. Overall, the majority of buyers were professionals and had nothing bad to say about it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Arcuate blade technology makes this arrowhead stand out. Usually, these types of blades are seen in surgical equipment or kitchen knives. However, LiuMing has incorporated these sharp-edged blades in this unit to make it extra sharp and lethal. Therefore, it is highly recommended for professionals and experts.

The bow-shaped blade that is also beveled is another great feature because the head will leave a larger opening on the animal than a regular pointed blade. So, we think that it is highly suitable for hunting larger-sized animals.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, we think that this is a supremely sharp broadhead that can easily kill any big target. It is accurate, and its massive chiseled top only adds to the devastation it can cause. It is perfect for a quick and relatively painless kill, especially in the wild, where you have to be fast and precise.

5. Hunting Baby Archery Parts

Archery Parts 125 Grain Traditional Hunting Broadheads 3 Razor Blade Arrow Head for Wooden Arrows and Crossbow Bolts (12 Pack)


  • Fixed screwable heads with three blades
  • Highly durable because of the nitrided surface
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain flight after launch
  • Each head weighs 125-grain which is quite lightweight
  • Perfect for a majority of arrow types such as wood, carbon, bamboo, etc


  • Not for big game hunting
  • Might be too light to work in windy conditions

What Recent Buyers Report

Due to the limited usability of the head during windy days, some buyers struggled in windy conditions and environments. However, other hunters who were practicing using broadheads for the first time report this unit to be really easy to use. It can be used with a wide range of arrow shafts.

It may be too light for drastic weather conditions, but no performance issues were reported in normal conditions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many manufacturers are now making metal products that are nitrided. It is a process that preserves metals. This unit has also undergone this process, which means there will be greater durability and sturdiness. Due to the preservation, your metal broadhead will be resistant to rust, wear and tear, and corrosion. You can use this unit in the rain and places with lots of moisture without any worries.

This head is also more advanced in design, with its three blades instead of the regular two. This makes it sharper, more lethal and gives it the ability to penetrate easily. This unit is also light and can fly a much greater distance compared to other units.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is a highly durable arrowhead that can be used in different climates without it wearing off and losing its sturdiness. The robust construction, along with the three-blade design and penetrating power, guarantees a stable flight.

Comparison Overview

Now that we are done with the reviews let's compare a few different types of broadheads with the traditional ones.

Traditional vs Compound Broadheads

Here’s a comparison of traditional and mechanical broadheads to help you understand which one would be the better choice for you. 


The similarities between the two are:

  1. They are both used for hunting and target practice.

  2. Both of them are highly lethal and accurate in hitting their targets.

  3. They both feed the same purpose and purpose of use, which is to hunt larger-sized animals.


The differences between both types are listed below:

  1. Traditional units are designed primarily for recurve bows, while compound ones are manufactured for compound bows.

  2. They have different levels of speed and flight, with compounds taking the lead.

  3. Compound models are more versatile; they can be mechanical, removable, or deployable. They also have more variety in terms of the different number of blades and weight.

Mechanical vs Traditional Broadheads

Here we have compared mechanical and traditional broadheads. Let's see what makes them similar or different from each other.


Here are some ways in which the two types are similar:

  1. Both can be used for bow hunting and target practicing. They are sharp, accurate, and have a lot of penetrating power.

  2. Both heads are of high quality and remain intact after the arrow is launched.


Meanwhile, some differences include:

  1. Traditional models are fixed and embody what one generally thinks of on the end of an arrow. These look and operated like a traditional arrowhead. 

  2. Mechanical units are versatile and can be removed when required. They also don't need as much tuning as traditional ones. These are not as effective with a traditional bow. 

Pros and Cons of Traditional Broadheads

Just like every product, these heads also have their positive and negative aspects. We have discussed the important ones below.


The pros of traditional broadheads are:

Highly Durable

These heads are highly durable. They have a lot of resistance because they are usually made of metal. Some of them are nitrided as well, which further adds on to their longevity. You can invest in the best quality products and use them for years without any issues.

Sharp and Penetrating

Their power and strength to penetrate through animal skin or thick materials are good because they can easily hit the target and lessen the suffering. When it comes to animals, these heads just sail right through. This leads to extensive blood loss and hemorrhaging for the animal, which is the ethical way to hunt.

Light and Accurate

Traditional broadheads are usually lightweight and do not make it hard for the shaft to fly towards the target. This also leads them to hit their targets effectively. This is how we know that the animal will, for sure, be hit precisely where you aim.

Moreover, for hunters who are on the go and have lots of equipment to carry, these units are convenient as they add little weight to your backpack.


The cons of traditional models are given below.

Lack of Versatility

Traditional broadheads are mostly fixed. Therefore, it limits the type of heads a professional hunter or a true hunting enthusiast can use. Therefore, some hunters prefer trying other types of modern models.

How to Sharpen Traditional Broadheads

Here are the steps required to sharpen a traditional broadhead. Remember, you need to be cautious and extremely careful to avoid serious injuries.

1.   First of all, you need to make a burr on the broadhead. For that, you can use a file. Use it to go down the front of the broadhead, turn it, and do the same thing to the back with opposite strokes.

2.   Keep doing it. You'll hear the sound and notice how it is different from before.

3.   Now take your fine honer and with even strokes, run it over the front and then the back.

4.   Do it until the head starts to become extremely sharp. Take care of the sides as well.

5.   Now, take your extra fine honer and repeat the same steps as before.

6.   As your tools become sharper, use lighter strokes. This will prevent the head from any damage.

7.   Now check your head from all sides. It should be smooth and sharp. There should be no weak spots.

8.   If there are, take up the extra-fine homer again and repeat the steps.

9.   After you are done sharpening the unit, take a Q-tip and dip it into some plain, unscented Vaseline and run it along the edges. This will keep them from rusting.

That’s all there is to sharpening your broadhead. If you are still unsure about something, here’s a video that can help:


Bowhunting is a traditional and widely used method for hunting. Its roots are embedded in ancient times but have now evolved from a necessary survival skill to a recreational activity. No matter what, broadheads are still used for it.

These are an integral part of your hunting equipment. We have done a thorough research and read through thousands of customer reviews to make sure that only the best ones make it to this article. The broadheads listed in this article are durable, accurate, and sharp.

People Also Ask

Even though we have given all the required information about the best products, there may still be some confusion about the topic left. So, we have answered a few questions that might help.

2 Blade or 4 Blade Broadhead For Traditional Archery?

It depends on personal preference for most people. Two-blade units are more traditional and have been used for a long time. But four-blade ones are just as good and are better in some aspects, including leaving a blood trail from the animal. So, in the end, it depends on what you are comfortable with.

Traditional Bowhunting - What Weight Broadhead?

It varies according to your level of hunting experience and expertise, as well as the type of shaft you are using. Experts have recommended that 100-grain broadheads should be used with carbon and lighter aluminum shafts. However, 125-grain broadheads should be used with more massive aluminum shafts.

As the range of weights increases, you should understand that the head should not be too big for the shaft and too small for the animal. You need to find something that will balance both of them.

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