Best Single Bevel Broadheads – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

An arrowhead or tip is the sharpened end of the arrow that is used to improve penetration and make it more effective. There are different types of arrowheads from the earliest stone ones to the modern mechanical ones. 

The shape of the head varies widely, including the most common arrowhead shape, a long and thin spear type shape. Another variation is single bevel broadheads, which we will discuss in detail here.

Before getting into the best single broadheads, let’s see what you can use them for and what they actually are. 

Comparison of the Best Single Bevel Broadheads

  • Solid one-piece construction that is durable and easy to sharpen
  • Blade design enhances flight potential for swift accuracy
  • Sharp blades ensure efficient penetration
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  • Best for the Money
  • Strong, thick stainless steel blades is easy to re-sharpen
  • Multi-purpose design ideal for bow and crossbow use
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  • Made from knife grade stainless steel for strength and a keen edge
  • Self-retaining blade design
  • Multi-compatible screw-in ferrule that is easy to use
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  • Glue-on styled fixed blade
  • Dual beveled for improved efficiency
  • 130 grain rated hunting broadhead
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What is a Single Bevel Broadhead?

A normal broadhead is a 3-D type arrowhead with three or four sharp edges extending out from each corner. This increases the damage done to the target. Previously, it was used for warfare and has now been retired to hunting purposes.

As for a single bevel broadhead, it has only two sharp edges and is a little thicker. Generally speaking, a single bevel is when there is only one inclined cutting edge like on knives. Unlike many modern arrowheads, there are no mechanical parts, but they are dependable and highly effective. The rotation and weight of this type of arrowhead make them very deadly, and they are reasonably priced.

Best Uses For a Single Bevel Broadhead

Single bevel broadheads are thick and steep, giving them unique properties that can be made use of in various types of hunting. Here are some of the ways you can use them:

Breaking Bone

Unlike double bevel broadheads, single bevels have the additional feature of rotating even after penetrating the target. The rotational force, added with the forward driving force, makes breaking the bone much easier. This way, even after breaking through the bone, this type of arrowhead has more effect on the tissue. It can be because the rotational force is lost much more slowly than the directional force. By the time the arrow stops, it has already done a lot of damage.

Large Wounds

Another effect of the rotational force is that instead of a small wound in the shape of the arrowhead that decreases in size, you get a more circular and broad injury. These broadheads also penetrate deeper, giving a mechanical advantage. 

Big Game

Because of both of the properties of single bevel broadheads that lead to easier bone-breaking, large wounds, and deeper penetration, it leads us to a simple conclusion that these arrowheads are very effective for big game hunting. 

Not every type of bow and arrow can penetrate through and easily kill the big game like a bear. Because you want to kill the target instead of an injury that just causes pain, having an arrowhead that does the most damage is preferred over any other.  

Why Did These Single Bevel Broadheads Make Our List? 

The important question is that out of all the single bevel broadheads, what makes for the best one? What should you look for when investing in a particular product? Some of the features to keep in mind are given below.


Most modern broadheads are made of stainless steel made by combining different alloys, including nickel, carbon, iron, magnesium, silicon, nitrogen, and chromium. The main components are iron and carbon. The varying values of all these alloys change the properties of the final product.

Out of the different types of stainless steels, martensitic is the hardest and strongest. It contains 13% chromium and is the type used most for knives and blades. 

Blade Count 

A broadhead has either two, three, or four sharp edges. For most damage, you go for the four-edge version, but two-edge versions are more reasonably priced. It depends on your preference, but we have included both types on our list.  


The shaft determines the correct weight of your arrowhead. It is recommended to use 100-grain arrowheads for carbon and other lightweight shafts, while 125-grain ones are recommended for heavy aluminum shafts. This is important for maintaining the balance and straight flight of the arrow. 

Review of the Best Single Bevel Broadheads

Arrowheads can be found in many forms and sizes; therefore, choosing one for your particular bow setup and hunting conditions can be confusing. Hopefully, the above sections helped you understand if the single bevel broadhead is what you are looking for. Now having a better idea of what you are looking for, let’s check the best single bevel broadheads.

Best Overall:
ZCISSY Crossbow Broadheads

ZCISSY Crossbow Broadheads 100 Grain - Deep Penetration, Razor Sharp, Solid,Tough Steel 100 Gain Broadheads fit Compound and Crossbow(6 Pack) (X3)


  • Has four blades
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Simple and one-piece design
  • Sharp blades provide deep penetration


  • Not the most durable

What Recent Buyers Report

Given the price, this broadhead is accurate and dependable. It penetrates deep in the target and gives a kill shot. It is very effective, has a good flight, and is sharp out of the box. You might not be able to use it consecutively, but it gives good results when sharp. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a 100-grain tough steel broadhead with four blades. This combination is one of the most effective ones that you can have for hunting. It penetrates deep into the game and gives a kill shot. The four-blade design causes the most damage.

Moreover, the one-piece screw-in design makes it very easy to use. Because there are no moving or mechanical parts, it is not easily damaged. It has a one to 1⅛-inch cutting diameter and is easy to sharpen.   

Bottom Line

These broadheads from ZCISSY are made for crossbows and can be bought in different variations of blades. This one has four blades and is highly effective. It is not in any way expensive, considering its design and quality level.  

Savage Village Fix Blade

Savage Village Fix Blade Broadheads 125 Grain Hunting Broadhead Strong Right Bevel Blade Stainless Steel for Compound Bow and Crossbow (12 broadheads)


  • Can be easily re-sharpened
  • Has a thickness of 1.79 mm
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Suitable to use with heavy shafts
  • Compatible with both compound and crossbows


  • Not the sharpest

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, these need to be sharpened before use, but once that is done, they can fly accurately for even 35 yards. Even on a 180-pound target, it does not get damaged. It is one of the best options if you want a cheap broadhead. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product from Savage Village is in a ninja-throwing star shape and is a little thicker at 1.79mm. They are made of stainless steel and can be re-sharpened for use again.

Their weight is 125-grain with a 1.4-inch cutting diameter. They might not be the best broadheads out there, but they get the job done on a reasonably-sized prey. The steel is very tough and accurate. You just have to remember to sharpen it before use. 

Bottom Line

Pro-level archery products don’t come cheap, but for non-competitive usage, you might not want to spend too much of your money on them. This is why searching for cheap products that give good results is important. This is one of those products. 

3. Steel Force Premium

Steel Force 3-Pk Premium 100-gr. Broadheads


  • Razor-sharp finishing
  • Blades are replaceable
  • Good penetrating power
  • Uses knife-grade stainless steel
  • Has both two and four-blade options


  • Replacing the blades can be hard

What Recent Buyers Report

Shooting deer with quality arrowheads at a reasonable price has become easy with this product. They are of great quality, can fly at long distances, and are very durable. They easily penetrate deep into the target and hit the bone. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Steel force Premium is known for making arrowheads from quality steel. This broadhead is constructed from 440-grade stainless steel. It is cut from laser technology, giving razor-sharp results. Each blade is also ground and stopped for the best results.

The main and bleeder blades are both replaceable if needed. It weighs 100 grains with a 1” cutting diameter. Its sharpness gives cut-on-contact results, and it penetrates deep into the target easily with both two and four-blade versions.  

Bottom Line

Replaceable blades can come in handy if one loses its sharpness or gets accidentally damaged. They are made from laser cutting technology and are very precise. You get great results for games, even 350 pounds heavy.

4. Zwickey 11/32 No Mercy

Zwickey 11/32 No Mercy Broadhead 2bld 130gr Tapered Hole 3pk


  • Weighs 130 grains
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Installation is simple
  • Simple fixed blade design
  • Comes in 2 and 4-blade options


  • Needs a lot of re-sharpening

What Recent Buyers Report

Despite the fact that this unit needs frequent resharpening, users love that this is a simple broadhead that is easy to use and install. These properties make it an ideal pick for beginners. Although they are not suitable for large game, for practicing, these are ideal. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Fixed blade designs are always easy to work with. This arrowhead has a glue-on design rather than a screw-in one. The blades are solid and fixed with a cutting diameter of 1-3/16 inches. You can buy them in both two and four-blade options. It is a 130-grain option and is easy to use. The green color makes it stand out.  

Bottom Line

While this is our last pick for best single bevel broadheads, it isn’t less effective than other options. It is perfect for those that are just starting out. This does not mean that it is not sharp. Although it needs to be re-sharpened, it is razor-sharp to start with. 

5. Stinger 2-Blade Arrow Broadhead

STINGER 2 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 125-Grain


  • Patented diamond tip
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Spin-tested for alignment
  • Uses knife-grade stainless steel
  • Available in four different grain sizes


  • 85-grain version is not effective

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that this unit works well with a lightweight bow and is very sharp. They are durable and fly well, but even if yours gets damaged, there is a lifetime replacement warranty, so your investment is never wasted. They have a strong build and are easy to sharpen.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Stinger two-blade broadhead comes in 85, 100, and 125-grain options. The 100 and 125-grain are the most used ones. This gives you more range, and you can use them with different setups.

The sharp end is made from knife-grade stainless steel, which is hard and razor-sharp. The ferrule part is made from aircraft-quality aluminum, making it light and giving it a good and straight flight path.

For increased damage, the tip of the broadhead is made from a patented hard diamond. This causes more bone damage.    

Bottom Line

Two-blade broadheads are common for budget-friendly options. They are widely used and cause a great deal of damage on their own. This broadhead combined stainless steel, aluminum, and diamond tip for maximum effect.   

Pros and Cons of Single Bevel Broadheads

Before you invest in single bevel broadheads, it is better to know the pros and cons so that you know what to expect. 


You can expect the following advantages when using a single bevel broadhead.


The rotation is the major advantage of a single bevel broadhead. It causes more damage to the target, and, as we discussed above, it makes the shattering of the bone easier. It inflicts far more trauma and has more energy remaining, even after getting through the bone.

Deep Penetration 

Single bevels penetrate more deeply because the rotation stops, and the arrow loses energy more slowly. This gives it a chance to get further and cause more damage. It is one of the major features of a single bevel broadhead.

Easy to Sharpen

Since it only has one sharp edge, you only need to work on that side when you are resharpening it. This saves you a lot of time and energy.


On the flip-side, the disadvantages you might come across include:

One Sharp Edge

Single bevel means that there is only one sharp edge, like on a cutting knife. While it makes sharpening the blade easier, it might not be something that every archer is looking for. They have to be hard, and the cutting edge needs to be razor-sharp because it is the only one. 

Comparison Overview 

While single bevel broadheads have many advantages, these are not the only types of broadheads available. Different people use and prefer different types of arrowheads, and sometimes different heads are used for different animals. Here’s a comparison of single bevel broadheads and other variations.  

Single Bevel Broadhead vs. 3 Blade

We have discussed in detail what a single bevel broadhead is. The three-blade arrowhead is, as the name suggests, an arrowhead with three heads. Here is a contrast between the two:

Blade Count

A single bevel can have either two, three, or four edges. This type is recognized by having one sharp edge, although the most effective and common single bevel broadheads are the two-blade ones.

On the other hand, a three-blade arrowhead is one with three blades. Its sharp edges do not characterize it. It can be a double bevel as well.  


Two-blade single bevel broadhead is most effective for bone-shattering. Meanwhile, the three-blade option is mostly used for target practice and small game hunting; it isn’t suitable for activities like hunting big game. 

Single Bevel vs. Double Bevel Broadhead

A double bevel broadhead will have both of its edges sharpened. Here’s what makes it different from a single bevel broadhead:


The major difference between the two is rotation. As we have already established, rotation is a great advantage to have. Otherwise, a double bevel would win all the time.

All arrows rotate while flying, but the double bevel stops once it hits the target.


Single bevel broadheads are thick and heavier, while double bevel options are very thin. They are also much sharper than single bevels because they don't need a certain angle.   

How to Sharpen a Single Bevel Broadhead 

Keeping arrowheads sharp is important. Although the force of hitting the target reduces a lot of effort needed by the sharp edge itself to get in, you still need a good edge to do the maximum damage. If your broadhead has gotten dull, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Use a clamp from a knife-sharpening jig to hold the broadhead horizontally while sharpening.

  2. Match the bevel edge of the blade to the sharpener and start filing up and down.

  3. Don’t change the angle of the filer.

  4. When you have some burr buildup at the button end, stop filing.

  5. Place your filer at the bottom of the blade and move it slowly from top to bottom to cut off the burr.

  6. To take it one step further, roll down your car window and maintain the bevel similar to what you did with the stone filer.

  7. Move the broadhead up and down as you move along the length of the window.

  8. Take a piece of leather with a buffing compound on it.

  9. Press the blade on the leather and move it slowly down the length.

  10. You can check for sharpness on your arm hair.

For more details and tips and to get a clear idea of what to do, here’s a video: 


When it comes to archery, everyone has their own preferences. As long as you are meeting the safety standards, there is no right or wrong answer. If you know what you are doing and if the product is of good quality, you will get consistent results. All the broadheads on our list have been chosen while keeping in mind the product's budget and quality. 

People Also Ask

If you are still confused about this type of arrowhead, read our frequently asked questions for answers. 

Are Single Bevel Broadheads Better?

They are better if you want a blade that is easy to sharpen and can better cut through bone.

Will a Single Bevel Broadhead Go Through Bone?

Yes, a single level broadhead will go through bone. Cutting the bone with its rotational force is one of its major advantages.

How Do You Match a Single Bevel Broadhead to Fletching?

Fletchings are the fin-shaped stabilizers attached to the other end of the arrow. They have different rotational directions. If your arrows are fletched with right-wing feathers, you should use right bevel broadheads and use left bevel broadheads if you use left-wing feathers.

How Much Damage Can a Single Bevel Broadhead Do?

Single bevel broadheads are widely used for big game hunting and cause a lot of damage when properly used. They penetrate very deep.

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