Best Rage Broadheads of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

If you go to a competitive hunting game, you will notice how most hunters will be carrying gear by Rage. That is how popular the brand is when it comes to bows and broadheads. It has existed in the market for quite some time now and has produced diverse products to cater to the needs of all hunters over the years.

Broadheads are typically known as sharp arrowheads that are either used for hunting large animals or for military purposes. Below, we will be focusing more on their use during hunts and competitive shooting exercises.

The article will also discuss some of the best models by Rage. These will be reviewed against their pros and cons to give you a clearer picture.

Comparison of the Best Rage Broadheads

  • Built with an enhanced ferrule alignment that provides high-velocity transfer
  • Features optimized shock collar technology to keep the blades in place
  • Tough and deadly razor-sharp stainless steel expandable blades
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  • Made with a special chisel tip to provide more power
  • Sharp stainless steel blades are designed for improved penetration
  • Equipped with shock collar to retain blades more effectively
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  • Best for the Money
  • Machined ferrule provides better aerodynamic flight
  • Features a hybrid tip and blade design to provide precision accuracy
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  • Best Rage Mechanical Broadhead
  • Blade are honed to surgical sharpness for superior lethality
  • Sweeping blade angle maintains velocity and improves penetration potential
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  • Best Rage Broadhead For Deer
  • Improved ferrule design creates better flight aerodynamics
  • Fitted with a shock collar for precision blade retention
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  • Best Rage Broadhead For Crossbow
  • Slip-cam rear-deploy blades are optimized for efficiency
  • Features shock collar for improved retention of the blades
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  • Best Rage 2 Blade Broadhead
  • Improved blade leading edge is designed to maintain momentum
  • Designed to be more effective even with low draw weight
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What Are Rage Broadheads and Why Are They So Popular?

Rage is known for being a leading manufacturer of crossbows and compound bows. But that's not all they are famous for. In recent times, they have also garnered a huge reputation for their excellent Broadheads that come with sharp-cutting-edge technology and greater durability. Here is what makes Rage so popular.

Reliable, Award-Winning Models

It is very rare to see a brand winning awards and accolades for its military equipment, but Rage has done this with ease. It leads the evolution in the market by introducing some of the best lethal technologies in the world. 

Many of its products have received a 5-star rating whilst also topping the list for most sold products. The durability of all these products is also unlike any other, further adding to the brand's appeal.

Advanced Slip Cam Technology

Almost all units produced by Rage come with advanced technology that can provide you with much better accuracy and precision. The design is available with two, three, or even four blades, thus ensuring greater diversity and variation. 

But that's not all; you will also be getting huge entry holes and a sharp-cutting-edge blade that ensures a humane kill. Moreover, you will be getting excellent penetration with these broadheads.

Better Compatibility

When you shop at Rage, you won’t feel restricted by a specific kind of unit. The brand produces arrowheads for both crossbows and regular bows. It is also known for its 100 and 125-grain models, as well as its mechanical, fixed, and hybrid blades. All these designs are constructed to offer greater compatibility with different bows in the market. 

Are Rage Broadheads Universal?

It is very rare to find a brand that produces every possible kind of design in the market, and that is exactly what Rage has done. It has a wide collection of broadheads that can be used with several crossbows and regular bows. Contrary to what people think, there aren't many differences between the units designed especially for a crossbow and those designed for other purposes.

The company also clarified this when they pointed out that any regular broadhead can be used with any bow in the market. The only difference is that models designed especially for crossbows tend to be more expensive and provide a slightly better cutting technology. 

Moreover, these units are available in 100-grain or 125-grain. This influences the weight and speed of the arrowheads only and does not affect compatibility at all. So once you find a suitable model, rest assured that you can use it with any bow that you have.

Review of the Best Rage Broadheads 

We have already established that compatibility is not an issue when it comes to Rage, so now it all boils down to the best unit for you. A product that suits your friend may not suit you, so you need to read this section objectively. At the end of it, you need to compare each broadhead against its pros and cons to see which is the best one for you.

Best Overall:
Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series 52000

RAGE Outdoors X-Treme Crossbow Broadhead (3-Pack), 100-Grain, Orange (52000)


  • Ferrule will enhance the aerodynamic flight
  • Stainless steel construction adds to the durability
  • Provides you with a massive cutting surface of .039 inches
  • Expandable cut causes more tissue damage to the prey’s body
  • Provides enhanced velocity and power during long-range shooting


  • Complex design makes it difficult to install

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were awestruck by the durability and strength that this unit offered. They were all praises for the high-end steel construction that ensures a fixed, yet resistant exterior. This not only provides a much better aerodynamic flight but also increases their chances of success during long-range shootings.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Several features stand out in this excellent arrowhead. It includes a SlipCam technology that provides better durability and excellent blade retention. This feature also provides large entry holes that are needed for an instant and humane kill. Gaping wound channels are also achieved by deep penetration that doesn’t leave any blood trail behind.

The product will also let you hunt the biggest animals in the field. It is available with the option of two, three, or four blades, thus providing you with greater diversity. The shock collar technology also stands out to us because it is a fail-safe design that holds the blade securely in position during the whole flight.

Bottom Line 

Being inexpensive is a disadvantage, but not when the model features so many exemplary features. This Xtreme series model comes with an expandable cut that causes more tissue damage than any other arrowhead in the market. It also boasts of great speed that is needed to achieve better accuracy with fast animals.

Rage Chisel Tip 2-Blade 65100

RAGE Chisel Tip 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain with Shock Collar Technology - 3 Pack, Red, Model:65100


  • Comes with an excellent SlipCam technology
  • Causes a wound channel ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches
  • Allows you to set up both lower and upper poundage bows
  • Provides unmatched accuracy and precision with its sharp blade
  • Can conserve all the kinetic energy thus ensuring better penetration


  • Repairs are slightly difficult
  • Slightly heavier than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Not many models can conserve all the kinetic energy in them perfectly upon impact, but buyers claim that this unit can do that and much more. According to recent reviews, this Rage broadhead allows for both lower and upper poundage bows. It also comes with a SlipCam technology that is necessary for blade retention. Among other things, this ensures that you don’t have to replace your blades again and again.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

For the most serious and enthusiastic hunters, the hunger for bowhunting is almost insatiable, and that is why passionate users require the best unit to go with their bow. To cater to that, the Blade 65100 comes with all the tactics and features needed for deeper penetration and better speeds.

One of the best qualities of this series is that it allows for a wide range of wound channels. You can have 1.5-inch poundage, or you can have a maximum limit of two inches. The design is also flexible and conserves most of the kinetic energy needed for setting up low poundage bows. You will also ensure that you are not causing a lot of pain to your prey.

Bottom Line

Chisel tips are known in the market to be the most precise and accurate when targeting large animals. This model does justice to the name of the brand because it incorporates excellent features like a strong and steady build along with a firm interior. The blade is also very sharp, which means that you will be able to cause maximum damage to the animal without inflicting a slow death.

Best for the Money:
Rage Hypodermic R38100

RAGE Hypodermic NC 2-Blade 100gr Hunting Broadhead (R38100), Hybrid Tip, No Collar Blade Lock.035” Thick Swept-Back Angled Blades with a 2” Cutting Diameter, Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule, 3-Pack


  • Perfect for both spot and stalk hunting
  • Provides you with reliable wound channels
  • Hybrid hypodermic design gives you a sharp tip
  • Comes with superior aerodynamics needed to give greater accuracy
  • Extra no-collar retention will ensure the blade doesn't deploy prematurely


  • Doesn’t offer very deep penetration
  • 100-grain is not suitable for some bows

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers didn't believe myths surrounding cheap hunting gear and still decided to invest in this Rage unit, and they haven't been disappointed. They love the extra no-collar retention that is ensured by the permanent deployment. They have also praised the hypodermic design that provides you with a very sharp and pointy tip.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Rage managed to shock everyone yet again with its introduction to this excellent hypodermic model. Unlike most other units in the market, this provides both precision and better blade retention. The pinpoint accuracy and the large and legendary wounds ensure you hit your target instantly.

Moreover, the model comes with a no-collar blade retention system. This ensures that your blade doesn't deploy prematurely and only expands on impact.

Its great aerodynamics also stands out. The use of stainless steel ferrule adds great durability to the design and makes it suitable for a high impact journey. It also uses a two-blade and a 100-grain feature that incorporates great features from both the fixed and mechanical types. So when you invest in this broadhead, you will be getting a two-in-one model.

Bottom Line

Affordability, compatibility, and durability come together to make this unique model. This hypodermic arrowhead doesn’t offer very deep penetration, but it does offer greater accuracy. This comes in handy when you are shooting smaller but faster animals like a turkey.

Best Rage Mechanical Broadhead:
Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series 55100

Rage Xtreme Chisel Tip 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain with Shock Collar Technology - 3 Pack, red, Model:55100


  • Blade is honed for surgical sharpness
  • Sweeping blade angle retains kinetic energy inside
  • SlipCam rear blade deployment adds to the accuracy
  • Excellent for competitive sport type hunting activities
  • Provides massive wound channels, making it suitable for larger targets


  • Might not be the best for beginners
  • Not recommended for draw weights of 55 pounds or less

What Recent Buyers Report

This model is only bought and recommended by pro hunters who have some level of experience in the field. It requires a greater draw weight, which makes it unsuitable for beginners. Pro hunters who recently invested in this Rage model found it to be reliable. They love the inclusion of a slip rear cam that adds accuracy to the design and makes it feel more sophisticated.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

There is a reason why these are considered as the best mechanical units in the market. They are useful for hunting the biggest animals in the forest. They are also designed to be compatible with any crossbow or compound bow. The leading-edge technology will also provide greater momentum needed for a larger entry point.

Not just this, but you will also get a cleaner and a more humane kill. Xtreme series is also known for conserving most of the kinetic energy in the blade, thus ensuring greater speed. We also found the shock collar technology amazing. This fail-safe technology ensures that all blades are securely held in place during the flight. It also ensures that they only expand on impact.

Bottom Line

There is a reason why mechanical arrowheads are so popular in the market. They aren’t only cheap but are also very advanced. This particular model comes with sweeping blades that can retain all the kinetic energy upon impact. This means that your arrow will hit the target with the maximum speed and velocity.

Best Rage Broadhead for Deer:
Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic 812109

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack


  • Ferrule alignment ensures an aerodynamic flight
  • Comes with a massive leading edge for extra sharpness
  • Includes all the necessary components for deer hunting
  • Comes with an excellent high-energy shock collar technology
  • Use of stainless steel adds to the durability and strength of the model


  • Storing this requires more space

What Recent Buyers Report

Users who were annoyed by the lack of concern by other brands were content with Rage thanks to this model. They were pleased by the fact that the package contained all the necessary accessories that they needed for tuning and sharpening the arrows. Buyers also rated this product very highly.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Hunting deer is no easy thing and requires a lot of accuracy and precision, and that is exactly what you get with this particular hunting gear. It comes with SlipCam deployment that initiates the blade opening on impact. A normal unit is more likely to lose speed upon impact, but this advanced technology prevents that. Moreover, it provides a streamlined profile needed for unmatched accuracy.

You will also get greater diversity with Rage as this unit is available in two, three, and four-blade variations. It is also available in 100-grain and 125-grain, so no matter which bow you have, you can always find a compatible broadhead to go with it.

Bottom Line

Equipped with leading-edge technology, this hypodermic unit boasts extra sharpness and deep penetration upon impact. None of these claims are false. This Rage arrowhead also offers a full ferrule alignment that ensures a perfect aerodynamic flight. This means that your unit is less likely to deviate from its trajectory during flight.

Best Rage Broadhead for Crossbow:
Rage Crossbow X

RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology (3-Pack)


  • Available in both 100 and 125-grain
  • Offers great compatibility with all crossbows
  • Blade is very sharp and ensures deep penetration
  • Shock collar technology provides good blade retention
  • Massive cutting surface comes with rear deployment technology


  • Tuning is hard to achieve
  • Requires some practice to perfect angle

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who owned crossbows had invested a lot of money on their bows and didn’t want to get a non-compatible and cheap quality Broadhead to go with it. This is why they chose this particular unit, and they haven’t been disappointed. It not only provided them with a sharp cutting edge but also a durable blade that they can use again and again.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It takes a lot for a model to stand up in the crowd, and this broadhead has done it with ease. It is mostly used with large crossbows that provide the best speeds and stability. But it can also be used with a regular bow of marginally good speed. The wide cutting surface is probably the best feature to come out of this design. It ensures a good razor-sharp cut.

Moreover, rear-deploying technology is worth mentioning here because it allows for proper blade retention. This also ensures that the blade doesn't split or lose balance before it touches the target. Moreover, you can get this model at a relatively low price. This greatly adds to its appeal.

Bottom Line

Crossbows tend to be very fast, and only a compatible arrowhead can be used with them. Rage introduced this special product because it offers a great velocity and deep penetration that enhances the function of the crossbow. So if you are looking for greater diversity and want a very reliable model for your bow, then this is one for you.

Best Rage 2-Blade Broadhead:
Rage 2-Blade 61000

Rage 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain with Shock Collar Technology - 3 Pack


  • Allows for a clean kill
  • Easier to maintain and repair this model
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Storing doesn’t require much space or attention


  • Takes longer time to kill the animal
  • Relatively less durable than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers didn’t invest in this model because it is cheap, though that would have been an excellent reason too. They did so because they fell in love with the specs. They found the compact design extremely comfortable and suitable for their small hunting requirements. Moreover, people who were beginners also had a fun time using this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

With so many excellent features to its name, it is no wonder that Rage products, especially its arrowheads, are considered by many professionals to be the best in the world. This particular unit offers a wide range of wound channels ranging from 1.5 to two inches.

Moreover, the whole hunting exercise boils down to the moment between the animal and the arrow. This unit will ensure you win over that moment by getting excellent speeds. You will also get consistent FPS throughout the journey.

Bottom Line

Whoever said less is more couldn’t be more right, especially in the case of broadheads. The inclusion of two blades gives the model more room for penetration and hence ensures great accuracy. It also means that you will be using a relatively lightweight and compact design that is easy to carry and store. It is also easier to maintain and sharpen.

Best Rage 3-Blade Broadhead:
Rage 3-Blade Chisel Tip 60100

RAGE 3 Blade Chisel Tip SC Mechanical Broadhead, 100 Grain, 1.6' Cut - 3 Pack


  • Takes relatively less time to kill your target
  • Causes great damage to the prey upon impact
  • Comes with a bone-crushing chisel tip for greater power
  • Blades ensure high performance by providing greater accuracy
  • Sweptback blade will provide a suitable angle for deeper penetration


  • Installation requires more time

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviewers are brutally honest when it comes to hunting gear, and no matter how many times we scoured the internet, we didn’t find a single completely negative review regarding this unit. Most buyers liked the sweptback blade, which provides a deeper angled movement and good penetration into the bones.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If you want to hunt big time, then this model is made just for you. It is one of the strongest in the market and comes with advanced SlipCam technology. Among other things, this ensures that you get a wide and sharp cutting diameter of up to three inches. It also provides you with relatively larger entry holes and large gaping wound channels. Together, these ensure a more humane and quick death for the animal.

Another feature that stood out for us was the sweptback blade. These will increase the penetration, while the impressively strengthened ferrules will provide you with a devastating bone strike. The unit is available in both 100 and 125-grain options, making it versatile.

Bottom Line

Rage 3 Blade Chisel completely revolutionized the market when it first entered it. It comes with a bone-crushing tip that allows for a great power draw. It is also able to retain a large amount of kinetic energy on impact. This, together with the extra durability of the three blades, makes this an excellent choice for serious hunters.

Best Turkey Rage Broadhead:
Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

RAGE Xtreme Turkey Broadhead 2.3' x .75' Cut, 100 Grain - 2 Pack


  • Slows the arrow enough to anchor the bird nicely
  • Surgically-ground blades provide greater sharpness
  • 100-grain weight leads to a lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a gigantic cutting diameter for more smoothness
  • Cut-on-contact broadhead that comes with a meat hook to inflict maximum damage


  • Relatively slower than other units
  • Not suitable for very large animals

What Recent Buyers Report

Hunters wanting to hunt larger animals didn’t recommend this unit, but the ones who wanted to catch turkey were ready to swear by it. They loved the large and surgically-ground blades that offer greater sharpness. They also liked the small size that makes it easy for them to store and carry the model around.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Turkey hunting looks very easy, but it isn't. The animal is fast and tends to escape the arrow many times. So to achieve success, you need a model that is more accurate than it is fast. The Xtreme unit provides a two-blade technology that comes with a meat hook. This not only provides you with a better cut-on-contact tip but also maximizes the damage you are inflicting to the bird.

Moreover, the gigantic cutting diameter comes in handy when you want to achieve greater precision. But what stands out about Xtreme is that it comes with surgically-ground blades. These are made with stainless steel and come with tips that slow down on impact. This is enough to hook the bird and ensure an instant hit.

Bottom Line

Small birds are very perceptive and smart, and you need a similar arrowhead to overthrow them. This one from the Xtreme series offers accuracy like none other. It features a gigantic cutting diameter that provides a smooth kill. Moreover, the arrowhead tends to slow down on impact so it can easily catch the fast bird.

Best Rage Hypodermic Broadhead:
Rage Hypodermic Trypan Titanium

RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Broadhead 100gr 3pk. Silver (35100)


  • Ideal for hunting of large and fast animals
  • Polymer shock collar provides better blade deployment
  • Provides a wide range of wound channels for greater diversity
  • Sweptback blade reduces friction and ensures greater penetration
  • Made with streamlined titanium ferrule that promotes an aerodynamic flight


  • Complex and hence difficult to master
  • Offers low compatibility with some crossbows

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all buyers were willing to overlook the low compatibility because they were smitten by the advanced shock collar technology of this hunting gear. They found the better blade deployment feature to stand out and make the most difference in their hunting experience. They also gave this model an excellent 5-star rating.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This three-blade arrowhead with a hypodermic tip stands out because of its excellent wound channels, but that isn’t the only reason for its popularity. Unlike most other Rage products, this one is made with titanium ferrule that is streamlined to provide you with a delicate yet strong product. The design is further enhanced by adding a .039-inch steel blade.

Another issue that the model seeks to resolve is the flight deviation that occurs with most broadheads. With this one, you will get a sweptback blade that reduces friction and performs a steady flight throughout. Moreover, the polymer shock collar technology ensures perfect blade retention.

Bottom Line

As a beginner, you may find it hard to practice hunting with this arrowhead, but you will learn to master it with time. All the waiting is also worth it because this hypodermic unit is made of titanium ferrules that are streamlined to give you a more sophisticated design.

Comparison Overview

Drawing comparisons between similar products is integral to make a more informed decision. There is a long-standing debate concerning Rage broadheads and those manufactured by others, so we decided to close this chapter once and for all. Here is a summary of how all broadheads compare with each other.

Toxic Broadhead vs. Rage

Both these models are really popular, and fans of each have a hard time choosing between the two. Toxic units tend to have good blood trails that come in handy when chasing your target. They also come with longer blades that penetrate deep into the skin of the target. Some of the units are also relatively less expensive than Rage units.

On the other hand, Rage units boast great design and durability. Aluminum ferrules are mostly used to construct these arrowheads that add to the unit's strength. Moreover, the speed and accuracy of Rage units are commendable.

So if you want to hunt smaller animals, then you go with Toxic, but if you want to hunt larger animals, then Rage is the better choice. 

Rage Broadhead vs. Crossbow Broadheads

The biggest difference between the two is that of compatibility. Rage tends to make models that can be used with any crossbow in the market. Even the designs that are specially made are compatible with regular bows. On the other hand, crossbow broadheads tend to offer a more specific function and hence are less compatible with compound or recurve bows.

Another difference is the cutting diameter and speeds. Rage units will work much better with crossbows of 320 FPS or less. Crossbow ones will work better if the speed of the bow exceeds 400 FPS. Moreover, the diameter of Rage units is slightly more, which results in deep penetration and instant death.

Rage 2 Blade Broadhead vs. Rage Hypodermic

As the name suggests, hypodermic tip blades tend to be smaller in size and offer better penetration. They are also relatively slimmer and are easy to sharpen and tune. Moreover, they kill animals instantly. They also offer great diversity by including a wide range of wound channels. Furthermore, they come with polymer shock collar technology for better blade retention upon impact.

Regular two-blade units tend to be faster and offer greater accuracy. They are also a bit large, which makes it easy to hunt and kill large animals. Moreover, they offer good blade retention, but they sometimes lack sharp hitting of the blade upon impact. As for cost comparisons, broadheads tend to be relatively more expensive than hypodermic arrowheads.

How to Install Rage Broadheads

Installing a Rage Broadhead is not very different from installing a regular one. The only difference that you might notice will be in the size and weight of the blade. The durability and extra coating may also allow for a more efficient process in the case of Rage units. There are many different ways to put an arrowhead; we will discuss the simplest one. 

Here is what you need to do.

  1. The first step is to understand the arrow. You need to look carefully at the shape so you can follow the guidelines correctly. 

  2. These are normally made of a thin and long projectile object that is then catapulted from a bow's string. There is a non-fletched side where you will insert the broadhead.

  3. Since your arrowhead's blades may be very sharp, you need to be careful during the installation process. You can also wear rubber gloves for added safety.

  4. You need to have several tools before you can start the installation process. Most of these tools are already available in the package. You can also use a good wrench for the purpose.

  5. The wrench will fit around the blades, and the ferrule will turn clockwise on the arrows threaded bolts. This action will also tighten sharper objects within seconds.

  6. You can also use your body or your fingers to put the arrowhead on the arrow. But this requires a lot of strength. Moreover, you will unnecessarily be putting yourself in harm’s way.

  7. To tighten the heads, you will have to apply a large force through your feet. The pressure applied will put the head over to the threads inside the arrow.

  8. You will also have to apply a twisting motion to decrease the likelihood of any injuries.

These are just a few ways to install the arrow. If you want a more detailed overview of this, here’s a video:


Getting a good bow for hunting is effective, but if you don't have compatible broadheads to go with them, you may not be successful. These not only add to the accuracy of the shoot but also allow for a much more humane kill.

When it comes to broadheads, there is no brand better than Rage. It is known for producing high-quality and affordable arrowheads that can be used with several different bows. The brand also offers a good warranty that will put the buyers' minds at ease.

So if you are looking to find a lifelong companion for your hunts, Rage is your perfect choice.

People Also Ask

If there is one brand that enjoys popularity more than any other, it is certainly Rage. It has many fans and loyal supporters who vouch for it. But their love for the company also compels them to know more about it, which results in many unanswered questions. Here are answers to some common questions:

Where Are Rage Broadheads Made?

Most broadheads by Rage are made in Wisconsin. They are also packed and shipped here. During construction, these models undergo heavy testing and quality checks. Manufacturers also ensure that every single model is free from defects before its shipment.

How Do Rage Broadheads Work?

They work like any other units in the market; however, they come with one major difference. Rage is known for producing very sharp pieces of gear that allow for a sharper cutting edge. The diameter of its blades is also smaller to ensure deeper penetration.

Do Rage Broadheads Shoot Like Field Tips?

Many people have compared Rage arrowheads to field points. This is because both of them provide better accuracy and precision. They are often similar in terms of their tuning process. Both also take relatively less time for tuning.

How to Sharpen Rage Broadheads

Sharpening your arrowheads is key to achieving better blade retention. One great way to do this is by using a good sharpener like a stone or wheel. You need to place your unit inside and rub the blade gently across the surface. You also need to apply consistent pressure to achieve better results. 

Are Rage Broadheads Good For Crossbows?

Many people seem to think that since the brand sells different types of broadheads for crossbows, their regular units lack compatibility. But that is certainly not the case. All products by Rage work perfectly well with crossbows. The bows don’t have to be by the same brand.

Who Makes The Rage Broadhead?

Rage is a subsidiary company that is owned by FeraDyne Outdoors corporations. It is a leading company that produces all kinds of archery and military weaponry. It was founded in the early 21st century and has many other subsidiaries to its name.

How to Close a Rage Broadhead

Since these come with very sharp blades, you need to ensure you keep your body, and especially your fingers, protected while closing the unit. You can either use a separate wrench or one of the tools that come in the package to close the product. 

Can You Reuse Rage Broadheads?

Like any other arrowheads, Rage units cannot be used again and again without re-sharpening the blades. You will have to use a stone or a special sharpener to ensure blade retention.

In some cases, you may also have to replace the blades altogether before you can use the broadhead again.

Are Rage Broadheads Made in the USA?

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series 52000

Rage is a large manufacturing company that has outlets all over the world, but most of the manufacturing and construction happens in the USA. There is a large factory in Wisconsin that produces all the models, including the broadheads for Rage.

What Year Did Rage Broadheads Come Out?

Most buyers are surprised to know that Rage broadheads haven’t been in the market for a very long time. Instead, they only appeared very recently in 2006. The first models were relatively simpler and more affordable. Now, Rage makes both affordable and expensive units that offer greater innovation.

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