Best Broadheads For Elk – 2021 Complete Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world filled with firearms, hunting manually with a bow and arrow can be a difficult thing to do. However, there is a novelty in the technique of taking down your prey in the same way that your ancestors used to do. 

Nevertheless, the first thing to keep in mind when embarking on your hunting trip is that you don’t have to only get a good bow but also a fitting complementary arrow. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of broadheads present in the market. However, finding the best one can be a task for you. [sc name=”biggamelogic-trust-us-section”]

If you are planning on finding the best broadheads for elk hunting, then you have come to the right place. Read on below to find out more about these and which one is the best one for you. 

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Comparison of the Best Broadheads For Elk Hunting

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Types of Broadheads

There are three main types of broadheads present on the market. All three of these have a different design and come with their own pros and cons. 

Fixed Blade Broadhead

A fixed blade broadhead is considered to be the most simple and conventional design option available today. All of these fixed broadheads are mostly secured and attached to the arrow shaft via an adhesive or a screw. You can utilize them using lower pull weight bows. 

Also, the majority of these fixed broadheads have very sharp tips. These tips are so precise that they can pierce the prey upon contact, which is very advantageous for hunters who are looking to hunt animals with solid skin, especially elk and bears. 

On the other hand, they have a major disadvantage too, which is their tip needs re-sharpening frequently and have an inability when it comes down to quicker bows. 


Replaceable Blade Broadhead

These are incredibly versatile and are suitable for many different kinds of bows. Another significant benefit of these blades is that when they become dull, they can be replaced easily. The majority of these blades have a contemporary design and have good flight and penetration features; nevertheless, these blades can be very expensive. Also, they are comparatively less durable than other kinds.  

Mechanical Broadhead

A mechanical broadhead is also known as expandable broadheads and is a state-of-the-art broadhead creation. When it comes down to flight features, it is very useful. Hunters who go after animals with thin skin along with those who know what position to place themselves in can accomplish astonishing results with this. 

However, even though they provide broadhead functions effectively along with excellent penetration even with fussy bows, they are not satisfying in shots prepared poorly. 

How to Choose the Broadheads for Elk Hunting

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing the right broadheads for elk hunting. These include:

Kinetic Energy And Arrow Weight

Before we talk about the hottest debate present around broadheads, of choosing fixed or mechanical ones, let’s first discuss the best arrow setup to choose and how to assess your bow. This means that you will have to calculate the kinetic energy being produced by your arrow and bow. You can do this easily by going to Google and finding a KE calculator; simply enter in the specifics of your setup, and this will let you know. 

In order to use a mechanical broadhead, you will have to shoot around 75 lbs. of kinetic energy; more if you can create it. Arrow weight is a thing that plays an essential part when it comes down to kinetic energy. If you want to make use of a mechanical unit for an elk, then you should increase the arrow weight by 450 to 500 grains or even more. Make sure that you carry out your own research before you take down an elk. 

If this sounds very complicated for you, then you can simply use a fixed blade broadhead. 


Fixed vs. Mechanical

Many elk hunters tend to see fixed blade broadheads as a much safer option since they can penetrate through the bone and thick skin in a better way. They also do not take extra kinetic energy to open up like mechanical blades do nor do you have to worry about these blades not opening up. If you are the kind of hunter who requires a fool proof hunting setup, then a fixed blade is the way to go. 

However, the big downside of these blades is that they don’t fly well in high winds. Opting for mechanical broadheads has become a much better option even though some hunters still find it taboo. Mechanical blades have better characteristics in terms of flight. Also, they are less vulnerable to wind drift. 

However, the best thing about these broadheads is that they have a larger cutting diameter. The only downside of this is that if they do not produce enough energy, then passing through an elk can be difficult. 

Cutting Diameter

Many archers end up shopping for broadheads in a hurry without thinking of the cutting diameter they provide. The cutting diameter is how effectively a fixed broadhead blade will fly. Keep in mind that fixed blades with a small cutting diameter will fly in a much better way than the one with a large diameter. 

Mechanical blades, on the other hand, will fly in the same way regardless of their cutting diameter. 

Review of the Best Broadheads For Elk

In order to get the best broadheads for elk for you, we have compiled the top ones present on the market along with their features and pros and cons. So read on to find which one you should buy!

Best Overall: Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 85-Grain

[amazon fields=”B003WHISIE” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • It is an accurate broadhead
  • The bleeder blades are detachable
  • This unit is good for elk, as well as deer ones
  • It is straightforward and has no gimmick structure
  • Small diameter makes it much better for shooting elk


  • It needs to be sharpened frequently
  • It requires tuning for better accuracy

What Recent Buyers Report 

The Stinger Broadhead not only has excellent performance but has great customer service as well. According to users, these blades allow proper orientation of muscles and tissues, and this makes it easy to hunt. This is important because the grain does not reseal right away. This leads to a better blood trail and more bleeding. Why it Stands Out to UsThe thing that stands out on this is that the bleeder blades are very small. This does not affect the entire penetration of the arrow entirely, and this is important for hunters who pull low draw weights. Also, since they are surgically sharp, once they reach you, then you can easily hunt without any problem. Who Will Use This MostThis broadhead can be used by people who go hunting once a month and tend to hunt animals with thick skin on top. They are precise, which makes them ideal for every shot no matter what the time. What Could Be Improved and WhyThese broadheads need to be sharpened frequently, and this should be something that needs improvement. However, since they fly well and do not require a lot of tuning, this makes them good to use, but the sharpness is something that can be improved.Bottom LineOverall, this broadhead is a good one to invest in. It is accurate, precise, and leaves a greater trail of blood. Even though it requires sharpness occasionally but since it comes in a pack of three, you can use them easily throughout the day without worrying about sharpening them.

Runner-up: QAD Exodus Broadhead Full Blade


  • It can fly easily up to seventy yards
  • Tuning this broadhead is a simple task
  • It is a very tough fixed broadhead blade
  • The design of this blade is very sharp and durable
  • The replaceable blade allows you to use it for a long time


  • This is a slightly expensive broadhead

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this is a very sharp and strong blade. It has the ability to provide a quick and clean kill to your prey and outperforms many of the more expensive broadheads present on the market. Not only is this product easy to tune but can also be used easily with a compound bow. Its superb accuracy and precise penetration ability are what make it ideal to buy. Why it Stands Out to UsThis broadhead is expensive but has a 1.25″ cutting diameter. This provides users with good precision when hunting and is loved by hunters. Since it has a super-strong yet short head design and consistent weight distribution, it can burst through even the toughest of bones with ease. Who Will Use This MostDue to its toughness, sharpness, and strength, this broadhead can be used for hunting deer, as well as animals such as elk. Since it flies like field points, it allows hunters who are in a hurry to hunt easily and get their prey before sunset. This broadhead is for hunters who look for precision and accuracy during their hunting session.What Could Be Improved and WhyThe only drawback present with this is that it is slightly expensive, but considering how this product performs in the field, the price tag on it becomes justified. You can easily get a clear and clean shot of your prey before it runs away.Bottom LineThis is a very accurate and precise unit that helps hunters tremendously. It comes with superstring blades that are razor sharp and a blade present over the shaft design. Also, the cutting diameter on this blade provides shorter blood trails, which makes it one of the best broadheads for elk.

Best for the Money: Carbon Express Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead – 3 Pack


  • They come in a pack of three
  • They have detachable bleeder blades
  • The precision and accuracy present with these help with hunting
  • These come with a straightforward design and no weird structure
  • Muzzy blades are good for not only elk and other big animals but smaller ones too, like deer


  • They require some tuning in order to get proper accuracy
  • Replacing these blades is slightly difficult since it has a complex design

What Recent Buyers Report

These Muzzy Trocars are one of the best broadheads for elk present on the market. They are strong, sharp, and have the ability to fly straight. Also, the heads do not need frequent replacement of the bands, nor do the arrows get easily chewed up due to the expansion of the bands. They provide a straight and consistent flight. Why it Stands Out to UsThese broadheads have sharp razor-like blades with a cutting diameter of 1.1875″. This diameter helps with proper accuracy and precision. Since the flight is straight and consistent, it cuts deep and leaves massive blood trails. Also, the helix design provides hunters with maximum accuracy. Who Will Use This MostThis kind of broadhead with a unique design requires special technique and practice to use it; for this reason, this product is best for professional hunters who have an idea of hunting and taking accurate shots. Also, its snub-nosed design provides a low profile look and keeps the blade firm on its target that experts need. What Could Be Improved and WhyThe drawback of this product is that the helix design makes replacing the blades difficult. Since it comes in a pack of three, replacing is something that will be done occasionally, especially if the hunter is a novice. Reducing the frequency of replacements and making it easier could save the hunter’s time and effort. Bottom LineThe three-blade Trocar flaunts its high accuracy and precision proudly along with its tough construction. The incredibly unique helix blade design provides users with optimal performance on their target. Also, since it comes with solid steel ferrule and incredibly sharp blades, it leads to large blood trails and deep penetration, making it one of the best broadheads for elk.

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads:Slick Trick 1-1/16″ Viper Trick 4pk

[amazon fields=”B00RFYV2HY” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • This blade is made from a robust material
  • It can easily cut on contact due to its design
  • It is sure to last for a considerably long time
  • With high precision and accuracy, experts find it to be a good option
  • The blade lock system on this helps in keeping the blades interlocked when in the ferrule


  • It requires frequent sharpening
  • When in flight, this broadhead makes noise

What Recent Buyers Report

This is, no doubt, one of the best broadheads for elk present on the market. This has accuracy and precision and can also cut on contact, which makes it stand out to many users. It also comes with a solid reputation of reliability and toughness, and since it makes use of tough material, it can last for a long period of time. This blade, however, is slightly noisy, which gives it an off touch and makes some users dislike it.Why it Stands Out to UsThe design of this blade is what sets it apart from the other units present on the market. Many other units have a chisel tip placed in front of the blades, which is not ideal for penetration. The style of this Viper Trick has a cut on contact design that helps hunters in hunting their prey immediately. Who Will Use This MostThis blade is ideal for people who want their prey dead on the first shot. Its design is such that the main blade extends back from the steel point. This design is efficient and helps in quick hunting for professional and expert hunters. Also, the bleeder blades present in this unit provides it with a bigger cut. What Could Be Improved and WhyThese Viper Trick broadheads are vented, which causes them to produce slight noise as they fly. Now, some hunters are fine with the noise being produced, but many aren’t, and this can be a problem for them. However, these are better in flight than a solid head. Bottom LineOverall, these have been a success in the field of hunting. Even though they are not very cheap, they do not fall apart when it comes down to hunting the big game. They are worth buying if you prefer a replaceable blade over a solid one.

Best Mechanical Broadheads:Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX


  • It comes at a cheaper price point
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The blades on this broadhead are detachable
  • This product flies faster than many other broadheads
  • Thanks to its superior construction, it is highly durable


  • The color combination is not attractive
  • The sharpness of the blade can cause slight injury

What Recent Buyers Report

This incredible mechanical broad head is not only sturdy but is also long-lasting. Since it has a ferrule made from aluminum, it is durable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. Also, aluminum is rust and corrosion free, so your broad head won’t be damaged soon. Why it Stands Out to UsThis stands out since it comes with shock collar technology. This technology ensures that the collar does not get loose or fall off the pet, but with this machine, it ensures that the blades remain intact. With this technology, your blades will never get misplaced or lost even after using it thousands of times. Who Will Use This MostIt is ideal for people who do not go hunting often, yet when they do; they need all of their things in place. Since it has shock collar technology, the blades do not get lost, and the aluminum construction on this broadhead helps in keeping it rust-free and away from corrosion. This ensures this broadhead has a long and durable use.What Could Be Improved and WhyThis unit has a very unattractive color, which is what makes hunters think twice before choosing it. However, introducing different and manly colors instead of orange and golden can increase its purchases and make it a much better pick for hunters. Bottom LineOverall, this is a very good broad head for elk. It has accuracy and precision both, and since it can pierce through tough skin, it is ideal for usage. It stands out due to its exceptional features and small cutting diameter that makes hunting easy.

How to Sharpen Broad heads

When it comes down to hunting an elk, having a sharp broad head is as important as mastering the art of archery. Sharpening a broad head can be done easily and is as simple as sharpening a knife. In order to do so, you need to either invest in a broad head sharpener or a sharpening stone. 

Once you have bought a sharpener; simply place the arrow in the middle of the two plates and then sharpen the head by running it along with the plates. This will make sure that your arrows pierce the hunt right away. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

In order to buy the best broad heads for elk, there are certain factors you must consider. These factors are as follows: 

Penetration Capacity

For a more effective experience of hunting, penetration, and bone-crushing capacity are considered the most dependable factors for broad heads. Hunting without these two elements can be distressing. In order to avoid deflection, clean cuts are essential when shooting your hunting target since you do not want the bolt to jump out of the hunted animal.

Sharpness of the Blade

The word “sharpness” in hunting explains the importance of it on its own. So, it’s essential that you do not forget about the sharpness when buying the best unit. Elks have a strong skin on them, and for this reason, a sharp broad head is very helpful. You can also sharpen it, but it is good to have a sharpened blade at the start at least.

Blood Trails

The blood trail left behind the animal is an important consideration as well. Fixed blades help in providing deep penetration with a low blood trail, and for this reason, mechanical blades have more benefit over these fixed ones. On the other hand, many different fixed blades do provide a better advantage in this factor. 


When investing in the best broad head for elk, it is important to keep all factors and considerations in mind. You need to think about the weight, kinetic energy, cutting diameter, and even the smallest thing such as the noise it makes when it flies and the color it comes in. This way, you can ensure that the product you buy is perfect for you.