Best Arrow Rests For Target Shooting – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

If anything can make target shooting a fun activity, it is having a good arrow rest. This is because it is the foremost feature that adds to the rest of the archery gear's precision. Even sighting and shooting forms are secondary aspects when it comes to precision targeting. 

The impact an arrow rest can have on accuracy is often overlooked. But for the people who are aware of its importance, there have been several options introduced to the market.  

Since choosing a good arrow rest requires many aspects to be understood, we have compiled all the information regarding its usage and reviewed the best ones in the market below. 

Comparison of the Best Arrow Rests For Target Shooting

  • Can be used by all skill level shooters
  • Usable by left-handed as well as right-handed users
  • Comes with advanced windage settings for easy targeting
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  • A limited lifetime warranty is included with the rest
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Very easy to use by all skill levels
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes with the friction-reducing feature included
  • Can contain all types of arrows
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  • Best Drop Away Arrow Rest
  • Equipped with the velocity draw technology
  • The break-away safety feature is included
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  • Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow
  • Made from high-quality plastic materials to last longer
  • Very easy to use to install on the bow
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  • Best Arrow Rest For Compound Bow
  • Comes with the containment brushes included
  • Dual launcher is easily adjustable and replaceable
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What Makes an Arrow Rest Great for Target Shooting? 

An arrow rest helps in stabilizing the arrow until it is released from the string. It helps prevent any wobbling from taking place and ensures a smooth launching of the arrow. It is usually considered great for target shooting because of the following: 


Compound bow hunters need an arrow rest that is durable and able to securely hold the bolt in a level position or pointed down when firing from a tree stand. You also want it to be able to hold the arrow in place when you draw the bow. If the arrow is moved even a fraction of an inch when the bow is being drawn, there is a good chance that your shot will be off. 

Hunters also want to choose one that is quiet, so the prey isn’t startled when the bolt is released. For some hunters, a drop-away rest is more comfortable because it guarantees zero interaction with the arrow path. 


They are long-lasting, and most of them offer resistance against various weather conditions and are built to withstand accidental drops on rough terrains. This durability means you will not have to keep re-purchasing new arrow rests as soon as the old ones wear out. 


Combined with durability, a lightweight arrow rest allows the user to stabilize the shot and reduce any external forces that may hinder a precise shot. 

Noise Reduction

Most of them have a noise reduction feature that prevents the prey from getting alerted when the user draws and shoots the arrow. This can be very beneficial for the overall target hunting experience.

Ease of Use

Having a quick installation and adjustment process makes their usage fun and easy, which is why most users have found them to be user-friendly. They offer a consistent release and take away any contact with the shaft. 

Is an Arrow Rest Important While Target Shooting? 

Now that you are aware of the reasons why an arrow rest is great for target shooting, it is important to expand on its benefits. Here is what you can expect to gain by using it for target shooting:


These rests hold the arrow securely in place to provide stability for the arrow, thereby ensuring a straight-flying trajectory.

Flexible Aiming 

They offer flexibility, allowing the archer to shoot from various angles. This automatically allows the archer to have more freedom in terms of positions and arm movements. 

Low Noise 

Additional features such as low noise help the user concentrate on the target so they can proceed with caution without the target getting alerted that they are being hunted. 

Arrow Shaft Protection

A consistent arrow rest delays any wear and tear that the user may experience if it comes in contact with the arrow shaft while shooting. Any hindrance in the way of the arrow shaft changes its course and speed. This leads to the arrow oscillating elsewhere instead of hitting the target.

Review of the Best Arrow Rests For Target Shooting 

After hours of scouting, practicing, and walking for miles, it would be a disappointment to spend your money on an arrow rest that is not up to your expectations. To help you make a wise decision, we have compiled the top-quality units in the market below. 

Best Overall:
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit AWB500M

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Brown


  • Offers a more silent approach to hunting
  • Body is made of aluminum, thereby promising durability 
  • Windage and elevation are easily adjustable for quick corrections
  • Mount design is made to be reversible and for both left and right-hand bow users


  • Might not be suitable for those looking to learn how to shoot, as it has a lot of features that provide ease and shortcuts for the user

What Recent Buyers Report

Trophy Ridge arrow rests have been reported to be super easy to use, thanks to the versatile design. The majority favors it because of its compatibility with both left and right-hand users. It is also liked for its low-noise feature, which gives better outcomes when hunting in quiet areas. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

An outstanding feature offered by this arrow rest is the adjustment setting for the windage and elevation. This means that users get endless options for modifying it to suit their style and preferences. It has been in the market for about 20 years now, which speaks for its quality and reliability. 

Another aspect that makes it unique from the competition is its ability to become accustomed to all levels of bowhunters, thereby being a suitable option for beginners or experts alike. Its body is composite-encased, which offers resistance against high pressures. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this is the most reliable product on this list. It has been reviewed positively by most users for its help in increasing the field performance. Known for its silent loading of arrows, it is also sure to make great hunting equipment that you would want to make your staple. 

Quality Archery HDX UHXBK-R

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest


  • Contains a full containment system
  • Offers durability and sturdiness through design 
  • Settings are adjustable, thereby offering flexibility to the user
  • Lifetime warranty offered by the brand is a guarantee of product reliability


  • Can drop beyond the parallel position of the arrow shelf, leading to erratic shots 

What Recent Buyers Report

Target shooters and hunters alike have reported this arrow rest to be super consistent when it comes to making accurate shots. It is also liked for its unhindered design that addresses the need for non-interference in the way of the arrow. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the most important things in this unit is how it facilitates a safer use of the bow when the user has to draw and release it. The design is super sleek, which is why it makes for a great aesthetic fit with any bow. Owing to its lightweight nature, it is not likely to impact the usual balance of the bow. It is equipped with a curved capture bar to make horizontal and vertical firing easy for the user. 

The unit is easy to adjust before and after mounting, and it also hosts a timing cord. Users can change the length of this cord according to the distance. To guarantee each shot's accuracy, it has vibration technology, which informs the user when the bolt is loaded without alerting the prey. This ensures a straight flight for the arrow to pass through. 

Bottom Line

Made using extremely sturdy and lightweight aluminum, this model can last ages without wearing out by atmospheric conditions. Its complex features also make it a great choice for professional target shooters.

Best for the Money:
SAS Brush Capture

SAS Brush Capture Arrow Rest for Archery Compound Recurve Bow Bowfishing - Right & Left Hand - Total Arrow Containment - Little to No Damage to Arrows


  • Poses no hindrance with the shaft or fletching of arrows 
  • Consists of a high-quality, full draw indicator which aids in precise launches
  • For adjustability, a timing cord with a lock is given to suit everyone's unique shooting styles
  • Comes with advanced vibration, lockdown technology, and velocity drop, which help increase the success rate 


  • Overall design is a bit bulky aesthetic-wise, which may lead to hindrance in the vision for any vertical adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

Having the most sturdy built amongst its competition, this arrow rest is known for its advanced drop-away technology. Users have frequently reported the benefit of having the safety feature, which helps the rest move forward as soon as the bowstring is drawn.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The velocity drop-away technology that this model contains helps aim accurate shots and allows for a better, more versatile setting. The capture bar is curved and enables locking down the shaft, thus helping the arrow fly straight. It comes in a stainless steel build, a material with everlasting durability. 

Using a molded rubber, the rest can lower the vibration rate to the bare minimum. This reduction of noise level helps in hunting from a close range setting without the prey getting alerted and running away.  

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the convenience offered by this SAS Brush Capture in terms of timing, locking, and positioning features is beyond comparison. Users are also sure to benefit from its price point as they get to save some extra few bucks while getting all the necessary features required for the smooth functioning of the draw. 

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest:
QAD Ultra Rest Hunter

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Left Hand


  • Composite construction style allows for durability
  • Provides full fletching clearance for on-point draws
  • Provides adjustability for high and low anchor points
  • Increases the accurateness of shots with the velocity drop-away technology
  • Includes high-end features such as the HD extended lever and thumbwheel


  • Setting up without the help of the installation manual can be a bit tricky

What Recent Buyers Report

For those who like to shoot shorter arrows, this has been of great help. It is also adored for its active camouflage design, which makes a great accessory to have when hunters want to intermingle with their surroundings for better prey hits. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The design of this rest breaks away from others to secure the arrows steadily, allowing for the desired speed and accuracy. It is great for both vertical and horizontal shots, so the user gets the flexibility to take shots while sitting on the ground or standing in the trees. 

The unit is also specifically made to provide a quiet draw, so the prey does not get scared and runs away. The durable aluminum and stainless steel body construction also guarantee that it lasts for a number of years, so the need for replacement or repairs is taken away from the user. It is also super convenient to mount on and make changes according to the conditioned preferences. 

Bottom Line

Apart from the fact that this arrow rest is designed to be used by right-handed shooters only, it has all the universal flexible features one would expect. If an accurate drop is your main concern and you are a professional shooter, this is your best bet to go forward with. 

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow:
The Little Green Change COSMOS

The Little Green Change Plastic Arrow Rest for Recurve Bow 3 pcs, Simple Installation Durable Archery Shelf Pad Recurve Bow Accessories for Bow and Arrow Rest for Compound Bows to Right-Hand Rests


  • Comes with an internal brake system
  • Minimum tuning required for drawing the arrow 
  • Body is super lightweight, which results in more concentrated shooting 
  • Design allows for a more comfortable experience while drawing the shaft
  • Space for holding the arrow is made to be steady, thus allowing for a tighter grip


  • Some users have reported issues with its durability
  • Arrow precision may drop after 30 meters in distance

What Recent Buyers Report

The Little Green Change COSMOS is a simple drop-away arrow rest that is preferred over others for its ability to have a tight grip on the arrow while the user draws. Furthermore, upon release, it gives way to offer a touch-free and precise draw. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Perhaps a unique feature offered by this arrow rest is its internal brake system, which helps in getting rid of inertia to provide clearer shots without the user having to move the arrow from its original direction. The lightweight body also helps in keeping the shots super balanced without the need for intervention by the user. 

To add to this, the aluminum components have been over-molded completely to get rid of any potential noise while drawing. This means that hunting big or small prey from close ranges is possible. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a simple yet effective arrow rest that would call for minimum intervention and not cost you a lot, this one is your best bet. It shoots successfully and noiselessly, directing the arrow with extreme precision.  

Best Arrow Rest For Compound Bow:

TRUGLO EZ-Rest Full Containment Brush Arrow Rest EZ-Rest Full Containment Brush Arrow Rest, Black


  • Built is in metal, which ensures durability 
  • Users would not need a bow press to set it up 
  • Offers basic, easy-to-use features which makes it good for beginners
  • Designed using rubber dampeners which give noise-free loading of the arrow


  • Rubber dampeners are not resistant to different weather conditions

What Recent Buyers Report

This arrow rest is known for its ‘drop-away’ aesthetic, which releases the arrow without the fletching. It is also known for its easy installation process. If you are looking for a rest that can be used from multiple sitting or standing positions, this one has been reported to be flexible enough to cater to all shooter poses. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many enthusiastic bow hunters prefer using this arrow rest and for a good reason - it features a camouflage design which allows them to merge with the surrounding so that the prey does not get alerted. The rubber dampeners are another unique feature that offers silent draws; however, you may have to think about maintaining them as they are not weather-resistant. 

It comes with hard-wearing bushings that are covered completely to work towards the increased speed of the shot once it is released. The bounce-back design also ensures the prevention of the shot going off in an offset direction. 

Bottom Line

With its camouflaging ability, along with the flexibility it offers for users to use it in multiple positions, it is an overall win in terms of functionality. So if the rest's technical working is your main concern, you are sure to enjoy using this TRUGLO arrow rest.  

Types of Arrow Rests for Target Shooting

The main types of arrow rest currently on the market can be divided into three categories, each having their own use and unique features. These include:

Shoot Through Rest

These are also known as the Whisker Biscuit style rest. They make use of a disk with a centered hole as a base to handle the fitness. It solves the issues about earlier arrow rest styles by making the bristles more flexible. These remain in link with the arrow until the user shoots on a certain flight. 

Since they shoot at the last minute, some beginners may have issues with the target being downrange if the arm goes slightly off. About two feet per second can be lost with this type, but the flexibility it offers is still unmatchable. 

Drop Away Arrow Rests 

These are more recent, and they are true to their name; even before the fletching occurs, they drop away, which allows for a zero-contact situation sought by most hunters. Everything else can be connected to a small cord, which draws everything into place by drawing the bow. 

The only thing its usage requires is the correct tuning to ensure drop at the right timing. This makes it more suitable for professional target shooters who know how to work their way around maximum arrow speeds. 

Standard Arrow Rests 

Such units usually imitate a flipper aesthetic when it comes to design, enabling the arrow to sit on a small, loaded arm that is usually constructed using metal. However, the metal is always given a second outer layer in plastic to prevent any potential noises during its usage. 

Because they are easy to tune and flexible, they make a great choice for beginners who wish to gain command over arrow flight and accuracy.

How to Install an Arrow Rest

Knowing the proper usage of arrow rests extends their shelf life by preventing wear and tear regularly. It also helps in keeping the shot aligned to the target. Follow these four simple steps below to install it:

  1. Make sure that the surface is meant for installation in oil and dust-free. It is always better to use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. 

  2. Now, align the arrow rest with the bow handle, leaving a gap of ⅝ inches from the middle of the arrow to the bottom of the sight frame. You can locate the latter on the bottom of the bow, directly above the handle. Once aligned, apply a little pressure to set it in place. 

  3. Next, set the nocking point on the string. You can find this as a compact, U-shaped metal piece. It is used to lock down the accurate position of the arrow, five mm above the square of the string.

  4. To test your setup, engage in a try-out shooting. Keep fine-tuning and adjusting until you are happy with the results. In case you experience rotation, you can increase the nocking point one to two millimeters. 

If you need a pictorial reference to these steps, you can refer to the video below:


You are probably aware of how useful an arrow rest is to the bow. A good-quality one can help you achieve stability and power in the long run and helps to contain the arrows while making usage quieter. Hopefully, you can make an informed decision by taking all the aspects mentioned above into account. 

People Also Ask

Many questions may surface once you start to choose between brands or actually start using an arrow rest. To help guide you through its proper usage, we have answered some of these in a concise manner below:

Are Drop Away Rests More Accurate?

Even though the drop-away rest is usually thought to provide more accuracy in comparison to the Whisker Biscuit, their difference is still negligible. If the speed of both is measured, a difference of three to six feet per second (fps) can be found. This has directly to do with the drop, and in this case, the drop-away rest is just about a little faster. 

However, it is of no concern to modern compound bow hunters. In the drop away rest, groupings may be a bit tighter, but that is of no concern if the target size for hunting is big. 

Why is My Arrow Hitting My Drop Away Rest?

This happens when the fletching gets in touch with the equipment, leading to a poor arrow flight. Some other reasons may be inappropriate nock rotation or an inappropriately tuned bow. In these cases, you can try out the ‘powder test.’ This involves the use of some powder.

You can powder the arrow thoroughly and then nock it without settling the powder. After drawing the arrow, if there is any change in the powder, it is an indication that the nock point needs to be adjusted. 

Can You Shoot a Compound Bow Without an Arrow Rest?

A modern compound bow requires a good arrow rest as an important counterpart to function efficiently. Without it, you would end up losing precision and accuracy. This causes a lot of uncertainty, which could otherwise be prevented. Therefore, the final verdict is no; you cannot shoot a compound bow without an arrow rest. 

Which Way Do I Move My Arrow Rest?

Dissimilar to the sighting, where the arrow has to be chased using the sight's pin, tuning calls for the arrow rest to be moved in a way where the arrow might head. So if the arrows are predicted to drop to the centerline's left, the arrow rest should be moved to the right.

How Far Should an Arrow Go Past the Rest?

The safest distance for an arrow to go past the rest is 1 inch when the user is planning on a full draw. This allows for more precise drawing and overall target placement. 

What Happens if Your Arrow Rest is Not Center Shot?

Center point alignment allows for the rest and nock point to be in alignment for the arrow to fly right in the string's direction. This is why the centerline of the arrow precisely aligned with the bowstring with force applied to it does not truly go right to the center. 

What is the Difference Between an Arrow Rest For Target Shooting and One For Hunting?

There is only a slight difference; target archers can simply draw the bow again and shoot. However, when it comes to hunters, the target may not remain fixed, which is why a second draw needs to happen. For this reason, hunting arrow rests call for a more firm hold on the bow.

Is an Arrow Rest Hard to Use?

If set up as it should be, an arrow can fly smoothly in the direction of the intended target without being offset. It might be a tad bit difficult for beginners to get control of it, but with practice, it should not be an impossible task. In reality, it provides zero contact with the bow while letting it be stable for maximum precision.

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