Best Drop Away Arrow Rests of 2021 – Rated & Reviewed

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Are you looking for the best drop-away arrow rests on the market?

Do you want to learn more about drop-away arrow rests and what they offer? Well, we have the perfect guide for you!

Not only do we answer your questions, but we also share our list of the best ones to help you make an informed buying decision. Let’s begin!

Comparison Chart of the Best Drop-Away Arrow Rests

  • Best Overall Drop Away Arrow Rest.
  • The Advanced Vibration Technology decreases vibration.
  • It features a Full-Draw indicator for a better launch position.
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  • It features a “Firefall” Design.
  • Runner-up Drop Away Arrow Rest.
  • It offers more than 45% vane clearance.
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  • Best for the Money Arrow Rest.
  • It has soundproof launcher arms.
  • Windage and Elevation adjustments are easy to make.
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  • Best for QAD arrow rest.
  • It features total arrow containment.
  • It offers right and left-hand usage models.
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  • Best from Trophy Ridge arrow rest.
  • It offers a smooth and reliable draw cycle.
  • This is a full containment drop away arrow rest.
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  • Best from Mathews arrow rest.
  • It can be used for the shortest arrows.
  • It keeps your arrow locked until you’re ready to shoot.
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  • It features Velocity Draw Technology
  • The timing cord can be easily adjusted
  • Best Left-handed drop away arrow rest
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What is a Drop-Away Arrow Rest and How Does it Work?

You should know that drop-away arrow rests ended up becoming popular back during the 1980s, as the technology used for creating compound bows began to grow more advanced. Arrow rests which were able to fall away were considered necessary because the traditional shelf rest could decrease an arrow’s accuracy.

A drop away arrow rest’s job is to hold your arrow in place while you draw and calculate your aim. When you shoot the arrow, the flipper falls away with your arrow's momentum.

Furthermore, they are great for minimizing friction with the arrow, so the velocity is increased. A skilled archer can use this to improve overall accuracy.

Do keep in mind that not opting for a reliable one can mess up your aim.

Are All Drop-Away Arrow Rests The Same

When you begin your search for the perfect drop-away arrow rest, you will notice there are different types to go through. In this guide, we have reviewed numerous products belonging to different types.

While the primary function of all kinds is the same, there are certain variations you should know about.

Full Arrow Containment

Some drop-down arrow rests offer full arrow containment. This means your arrow will stay in place until you are ready to shoot it. For example, the Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro from our review list.

Shorter Arrows

Some of the arrow rests we are talking about are meant for shooting shorter arrows. For example, QAD Ultra Rest Hunter from our review list.


Some of these attach to the compound bow's limbs, as is the case with the Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V from our review list. So, remember to take your time and go through all of the available types to find the one perfect for you.

Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest – Compound Bow Hunting Archery Accessory (Source)

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

To purchase a drop-away arrow rest, there are certain factors you should keep in mind. We want you to make an informed arrow rest buying decision. So, here are some aspects to consider.


Archers use arrow rests for accuracy in their shots. So, opt for one which works efficiently to offer you the accuracy and stability you need in your arrow.

Ease of Use

It should be easy to use. This includes the installation process.


Durability is crucial for bow hunters. You need an arrow rest which can withstand numerous weather conditions, along with physical abuse.

Noise Reduction

A reliable drop-away arrow rest is one which reduces the noise when you shoot an arrow, as not to alert the prey.

Arrow Clearance

This kind of arrow rest should give your arrows as much clearance as possible. This includes minimizing friction and preventing issues related to fletching.

Review of the Best Drop-Away Arrow Rests

For those interested in purchasing a drop-away arrow rest, we have done our research to help you out. There are numerous products available on the market. To make your decision easier, we have created a list of those we found to be the best available. 

Best Overall:
Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Right Hand

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand


  • Durable arrow rest
  • Helps reduce metal-on-metal noise
  • Easy to install or attach 
  • Provides better stability to the arrow
  • Vibrations are reduced when bowhunting
  • The capture bar is sleekly curved for increased versatility


  • Meant for right-hand use only

We are going to begin our review list with the Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX. This item is our best overall selection because of the features it offers. This product is considered to be one of the most compatible and versatile arrow rests out there. Also, QAD is a name you can rely on if you’re someone who likes bowhunting.

This arrow rest features lock-down technology, which helps get rid of rest bounce back. Furthermore, this model has a full-draw indicator. Such a feature aids with ensuring you get proper launch position. It also decreases vibration due to the advanced vibration technology. All of these features are sure to help you better your hunting experience.

Moreover, it is quite durable, which is excellent for hunting excursions. The CNC-aluminum stainless steel and Delrin components can withstand accidental drops, as well as other physical abuse it might encounter on the hunting trail. A product like this can give your arrow a bit more power and stability, and that is what this offers.

Bottom Line

The Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX is our best overall selection because of its construction and features. It is recommended for bowhunters who would like to have more precision and power in their shots. It does away with the metal-on-metal noise to make close-range hunting easier for you. Plus, it is hassle-free to install and adjust.

Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH

Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH


  • Works with a range of arrows
  • Recommended for bowhunting
  • Easy to adjust to your shooting style
  • Gives you better control over the vane launcher


  • Getting used to all of the adjustments can take time

For bowhunters, it is vital to have an arrow rest they can rely on. A good one can work wonders to improve your hunting experience by bettering accuracy. Created by Ripcord Technologies, the Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest is our runner-up on this review list. This model is all about giving you flexibility, as well as being very easy to use. It provides you containment capability and hassle-free adjustability to work with a range of arrows.

While you're out hunting, you are likely going to be shooting a lot, along with covering large areas (likely on foot). This is the kind of arrow rest which can withstand the rough weather you will encounter. Not only that, it is easy to carry around, so you don't end up feeling uncomfortable lugging it on your adventures. This unit, made of metal, has a rubber coating. Such a surface enables arrow loading to be silent. The capture base will keep your arrows secure.

The “Firefall” design is its most impressive feature. So, when you shoot an arrow using this unit, the launcher will automatically fall. However, if you intentionally or unintentionally let yourself down, your arrow will stay in place. The Vance Launcher Design also helps give you more than 45% vane clearance compared to other traditional launchers.

Bottom Line

Our runner-up, the Ripcord Camo Arrow Rest RH, is another great model you should know about. It has all of the features which can help improve your hunting experience. It is easy to adjust and gives you more control over the vane launcher.

Best for the Money:
TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest

TRUGLO Downdraft Drop-Away Arrow Rest Reatree XTRA


  • Prevents bounce-back
  • Can withstand weather conditions
  • Can easily adjust to your preference
  • Reduces noise when drawing and launching arrows


  • Launcher arms don’t give arrow containment unless fully drawn

For those interested in knowing which product provides the best value for money, we have the TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest. For those who aren’t familiar, Truglo is considered a well-respected brand in the archery world. This model is a great example of what this company can offer you.

You will notice that it has a circular arrow housing with a large diameter. However, the outside is quite thin. The design works well and the entire top containment arm is constructed from rubber.

Furthermore, the launcher arms are soundproof. Using it to reduce the noise when you draw or launch arrows is a great way to come closer to your prey without alerting it.

Moreover, with its help, you won't experience bounce-back with the arms. So, no more worries about any fletching contact when you release an arrow. Of course, the elevation and windage adjustments are easy to make. The overall construction allows it to be durable. However, compared to similar items, the durability can feel a bit lacking.

Bottom Line

The TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest is one you should keep in mind if you want to buy an affordable piece. With this, you can experience better arrow shooting. The soundproof launches ensure your prey doesn't notice you, by getting rid of any unnecessary noise made when shooting an arrow.

Adjusting for elevation and windage is easy. While it only gives arrow containment when fully drawn, this is still a reliable arrow rest to have.

Best from QAD:
 QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Pro Series Black Right Hand Arrow Rest


  • Reduces noise while firing
  • Made to be highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Get right and left-hand variations


  • Some might not appreciate the sticky padding

QAD is a brand name you can trust. If you are wondering about the best arrow rest from QAD, which is also a drop-away model, then we have the QAD Pro Series LD for you. This unit is one of the premium offerings from this brand. It is recommended for seasonal hunters.

You will be glad to know the drop-away mechanism used in this is regarded as nearly perfect. You will experience a lot of clearance for your arrow. It can be used for making quiet shots, which is great for close-range hunting.

The build is CNC-machined aluminum, making it quite durable. You can continue using it numerous times during bad weather. Along with the aluminum construction, this model also has stainless steel and Delrin parts. You know this is an arrow rest which has been made to serve you well. The design makes sure the arrow remains contained even when you let your bow down.

Furthermore, laser-cut felt covers the drop-away to reduce the noise made from arrows during draws and shots. While the sticky backing on the felt pads isn't great, you can still rely on it. This model gives you a cam brake and rubber dampeners which work together to reduce noise further.

Bottom Line

The QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest is a fantastic model from QAD, a company you can rely on. It is a durable one which is sure to keep serving you for a long time. It is recommended for seasonal hunters and ensures decreased noise from arrows.

Best from Trophy Ridge:
Trophy Ridge® Sync Drop-Away Arrow Rest


  • Reliable arrow rest
  • Construction is quite durable
  • Easily fine-tune it the way you prefer
  • Will keep your bow ready because of the full containment drop-away


  • Finding the best adjustment might be a hassle for some

Introducing another reliable brand to bowhunters, we have Trophy Ridge. It is a well-known company which has been offering durable arrow rests for a long time. So, for those interested in knowing about the best model from this brand, we have the Sync Drop-Away arrow rest. This is a full-containment kind, which ensures your bow stays ready when you need it.

Having an unhindered arrow draw and release will make your hunting experience better and this product offers you just that. Installing this item to your bow helps keep your aim accurate. The installation process is easy. Furthermore, this is a full-containment, drop-away rest, which keeps your bow ready at all times.

You get full fletching clearance because the launcher drops away after a shot has been made. This item gives you a smooth and reliable draw cycle because of the cable driven rest. You can fine tune it the way you want, since it offers horizontal and vertical adjustments.

Bottom Line

Our selection for the Best from Trophy Ridge being the Trophy Ridge® Sync Drop-Away Arrow Rest is for a reason. It provides you with the features you need to improve your bowhunting. You can adjust this to your style. It reduces noise and keeps your bow ready at all times.

Editor's Pick: 
QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop-Away Rest Right-Hand

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Righthand


  • Erases fletching contact
  • Durable arrow rest
  • Recommended for hunters
  • Works with shorter arrows
  • Can be used for left and right-hand usage


  • Trying to find the perfect adjustments can take time

Another reliable product for you to know about is the QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop-Away arrow rest. It is recommended for bowhunters who want an arrow rest which can keep up with their highly-active hunting sessions. It is very likely you will be taking aim from uneven planes and difficult positions while hunting. That is why it is essential to keep your drawn arrow steady.

Furthermore, you want to reduce the metal-on-metal noise to prevent alerting your prey. Overall, it gives you everything you need.

This unit will keep your arrow locked in place until you are ready to shoot. The design also gives your arrow a bit more power, accuracy, and speed. All of these things are great to ensure your arrow has a higher chance of hitting the target. This arrow rest comfortably accommodates the shortest types of arrows.

The Velocity Drop-Away technology along with the smart-rest makes sure the launcher doesn’t drop-away until you have taken a shot. Plus, with this, you will experience zero fletching contact and minimal friction. This unit is available for left and right-hand usage.

Bottom Line

The QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Right-Hand is quite reliable for hunters. It will keep your arrow locked in position until you are ready to shoot it. You won’t experience annoying friction and the fletching contact is zero. It can take a bit of time to figure out the perfect setting for you, but if you’re able to figure it out, it is great.

Best Left-Handed Drop-Away Arrow Rest: 
Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest (Left-Hand)

Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away (Left Hand)


  • Durable product
  • Offers total fletching clearance
  • Recommended for shooting shorter arrows
  • Recommended for left-handed shooting


  • Slight vibration might be a concern for some users

If you’re someone who is a left-handed bow shooter, we have an arrow rest which will work perfectly for you. The QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest is our selection for the best left-handed drop-away arrow rest. The design features a felt-lined launcher arm, as well as a safety bar. It is a unit which gives you arrow containment. The installation is easy. It uses an “EZ-Clamp” to properly attach to the bus cable.

With this product, you won't have to worry about fletching. This unit gives you complete arrow fletching clearance. The lock-down technology incorporated into the design means your bow stays ready until you shoot it. There is a bit of vibration when you shoot an arrow, however, it isn't a deal breaker when you are hunting prey from a close-range.

Moreover, it can be used for shooting shorter arrows. It does away with the wear arrows face when shot from bows. There is also a breakaway safety feature. Adjusting this rest to meet your left-handed shooting style won't take more than a few minutes.

Bottom Line

The Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop-Away is a great model to know about for left-handed hunters. Its design ensures you get full arrow containment. There is a slight vibration when an arrow is shot. However, it isn’t loud. Plus, it provides you with fletching clearance and can shoot shorter arrows.

Best for Compound Bows:
Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro

Trophy Taker RH Smackdown Pro Rest, Black


  • Easy to install
  • Fine-tuning it is quite easy
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Features fleece to reduce noise
  • Keeps the arrow in place while you move


  • Might be a slight wobble if not perfectly fine-tuned

If you have a compound bow, you need a drop-away arrow rest which is compatible with such a bow. Our selection for the best compound bow arrow rest is the Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away. Trophy Taker is a company you can rely on as a bowhunter.

This model has a very appealing design. It has a rugged look to it, which tells you how highly durable it is going to be. Furthermore, it is simple to install. You will be out hunting with this in no time.

Purchasing this will give you the rest and an arrow cradle, as well as some pads and adhesives, along with a washer and a single attachment bolt. The instructions on the manual are easy to follow. Take note, this is a limb-driven rest. It will offer you a quick shot reaction and easy tuning to fit your style.

As mentioned, it is recommended for bowhunters. It has a rubber over-molded steel containment ring, as well as a quiet launcher. Your arrow will remain in place and ready for you to take the shot when you are ready. The arrow will stay in the launcher as you make your way through a thick forest, bushes, and such. This model is covered with fleece to ensure a quiet shot which won’t alert your prey.

Bottom Line

The Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest is perfect for compound bows. It will keep your arrow in place until you are ready to shoot it. It is quite durable and can withstand numerous weather conditions. It is recommended for hunting.

Best for Hunting:
Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH

Vapor Trail Archery LimbDriver Pro V Rest, Right, Black


  • Easy to install
  • Makes shooting arrows a quieter process
  • Recommended for hunting
  • Little to no vibration when arrows are shot
  • Durable construction ensures it withstands physical abuse


  • Some might prefer the launcher arm to be completely covered in felt

The last unit on our list is the best choice for hunting. We are going to talk about the Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH. Take note, this arrow rest attaches to one of the bow’s limbs (as mentioned in the name). Vapor Trail Archery is a brand you can trust, and this model is a good example of why you should continue to trust them.

Your arrow will sit in the launcher bar’s V-shaped groove. When you release the arrow, the launcher falls away with the flexing limb’s tension. This process gives you total arrow clearance.

Furthermore, the V, present on the launcher bar, is covered with felt to ensure quietness as you shoot your arrows. Knowing that your arrows will remain quiet is great as a hunter. You don’t want to alert your prey, right?

Since it is created for hunters, it can withstand harsh weather and physical conditions. Whether you are trying to aim from behind a tree or crawling through bushes, this arrow rest won't break. Accidentally dropping your bow is likely. So, it is a good thing to know that this can face such bumps head-on.

Bottom Line

The Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH is a great hunting companion for those who want to buy a drop-away arrow rest. It is easy to install and will ensure your shots are as silent as possible. The durable construction is a bonus that allows it to continue serving you.

Best Nap Drop Away Arrow Rest:
NAP Apache Drop Away Arrow Rests


  • Very easy to set up and make adjustments
  • Present in both right-handed and left-handed models
  • Dependable metal construction protected against rust and corrosion
  • Sound dampening system minimizes the noise during loading the arrow
  • Drop-away technology ensures perfect alignment in vertical and horizontal positions


  • A bit bulky and heavy to hold
  • Not compatible with a recurve bow because it is a drop-away rest

What Recent Buyers Report 

Recent buyers are very satisfied with the arrow rest. They find it very simple to use and easy to set up and tune. It was used on many bows, and it worked flawlessly on all. Moreover, users find it to be very well-built since it withstood rigorous hunting season and was very quiet to use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The rest is loaded with amazing features. It is very quiet to load and makes no sound to startle the prey nearby. The Drop Away Technology allows you to securely hold the arrow in perfect alignment in whichever position required. Also, it comes in separate models for left-handed and right-handed users to maximize user satisfaction.

Bottom Line

A great option of a drop away arrow rest, this unit provides use that surpasses its price worth. It has a strong metal construction with easy to tune adjustments. The machinery is robust and precise, making a perfect shot every time.

Best Trophy Taker Drop Away Arrow Rest:
Trophy Taker RH X-Treme Pro Rest


  • Easy-to-use adjustments make sure every shot is precise
  • Custom arrow containment ring makes loading the arrow easy
  • Fleece-covered arrows rest aid in damping noise during operation
  • Strong metal construction is very durable, yet lightweight at the same time
  • Rubber-covered steel containment ring minimizes sound during draw and release


  • Available only as a right-handed model
  • Adjustments are a bit tight and require some force to move

What Recent Buyers Report 

For most recent buyers, the rest gave great value for money. It made the whole operation quite easy and precise. The shooting accuracy of many improved and the custom ring for the arrow was a great help in it. Buyers were able to use tighter grouping as well. It was deemed very useful for quick draw/release situations.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The sound dampening system in this rest is incredible. The metal containment ring is padded with rubber to make zero noise during loading and drawing. Moreover, it is covered with fleece, which further dampens any noise. This allows you to load your bow even when you are very close to the prey.

Bottom Line 

The arrow rest comes in a complete package with a very intelligently built design. The kit includes arrow guides and limb mounts. The rest is brass cable-actuated and allows tighter adjustments to shoot precisely over long distances. It is easy to install and super-efficient in its working.

Drop Away Arrow Rest vs Whisker Biscuit - Comparison Overview

The two types of arrow rest serve the same purpose of holding the arrow securely before release. Despite the same function and almost the same working principles, there are a few differences that may make one a better choice than the other given the circumstances.


Let’s first go over the similarities between the two: 

Easy Installation

Both the styles of arrow rest are easy to set up. They have a simple structure that does not take very long to figure out. Moreover, they both also serve many types of bows, with each showing exception to a few. They are easy to install, use, and calibrate.

Secure Holding

The main purpose of both devices is the same and is served well by both. While the whisker biscuit utilizes synthetic bristles to form a parameter to hold the arrow, the drop away rests have containment rings to hold the arrow in place.

Sound Damping

The slightest of the noise produced during loading, drawing, or releasing would make your alert prey go running within the blink of an eye. To avoid that, it is crucial that the whole assembly produces minimal to no noise. Both the types of rests ensure that. They are equipped with sound damping mechanisms such as rubber paddings.


Meanwhile, they differ in the following aspects:

Release Velocity

This is where both devices usually differ. While whisker biscuits are easier to install compared to drop away rests, the latter gives more speed to the released arrow. They reduce friction between the arrow and the machinery, which in return accounts for better velocity.

Mechanical Failure

Whisker biscuits have a non-complicated and simplified assembly. They utilize bristles to hold the arrow and cushion it against the effects of bumping. Thanks to its simplified working, it has almost zero chances of mechanical failures in the field. Drop away has more mechanized machinery, which also puts it at stake if the machinery undergoes any sort of technical problem.

Overall Accuracy

Overall, for accuracy and tighter grouping, drop away rests seem to be more useful. With their many adjustments, they open new horizons for distant shooting and precise aims with tighter groupings.

Pros and Cons of Drop Away Arrow Rests

Drop away arrow rests are gaining popularity in the archery world. This is because of their many pros and advantages over other types of rests. However, these pros are accompanied with a few cons that you need to be mindful of. Below we discuss both the pros and cons associated with drop away arrow rests.


First, let’s see the benefits you can get from these:

Incredible Speed

Drop away arrow rests ensure that there is minimal contact with the arrow. They securely hold the arrow in a containment ring. Upon release, due to negligible contact, the arrow experiences very little friction. As a result, the speed of the arrow is not compromised even at larger distances.

Strong Build

Drop away rests do not utilize techniques like bristles, which might wear out due to constant usage. Rather, they have a well mechanized and easy to tune machinery. They are also built using strong metal construction and make for a very reliable and dependable piece of equipment. They are known to serve for many years without losing their accuracy.


These arrow rests have designated containment rings often covered on the inside by sound damping material like rubber. The ring, along with easy to set adjustments, makes it very easy to master accuracy of aim. Moreover, they can be held easily in any position without losing any points on the accuracy of the shoot.


On the other hand, some limitations include:

Mechanical Failure

Since drop away rests utilize a mechanized assembly, they are prone to failure. If any part of the machinery encounters a fault, the whole rest becomes useless. Out in the field, it is more prone to undergo failures due to technical issues or breakage.


Owning to the ease of use and accuracy these rests provide, they naturally tend to fall towards the pricier end of the spectrum. Although the advantages outweigh the price by a great deal, they are still a little pricier than other rests such as whisker biscuits. 

How to Install a Drop Away Arrow Rest

It is very easy to install a drop away arrow rest. If you follow the instructions carefully, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. In this section, we give a step by step guide as to how to install one.

  1. Mostly, drop away rests that are driven by string are installed to the downward bass cable, which is closer to the grip.

  2. Measure 3-4” below the rest.

  3. At the measured distance, loosely attach the clamp that comes in the kit. Or tie a half hitch in the same way in which you would make a D-Loop.

  4. Afterward, slowly draw back the bow by hand or in a press.

  5. As you do so, let the clamp/cord slide in place.

  6. Once in position, lock the clamp down or serve the rest cord in the string.

  7. In the last few inches of the draw cycle, the rest should reach its maximum height.

  8. In case a clamp was used, the rest of the cord should be cut or melted.

If this is still unclear, have a look at the following video for visual guidance:


We hope we were able to offer you useful information about the best drop-away arrow rests available on the market. As mentioned, there are different types for you to choose from. So, take your time to find the best one to ensure your bowhunting or bow shooting experience is the best it can be.

People Also Ask

The choice of the arrow rest can make or break your hunting game. It is the difference between making a successful kill and making your prey run away before you even release the arrow. Hence, before settling on one, it is important to get to know as much about the rests as possible. In this section, we will answer the most sought after questions related to drop away arrow rests.

Why Use a Drop Away Arrow Rest?

A drop away arrow rest is a great device that helps the archer a lot. It provides incredible speed to the arrow and can be used for tighter groupings. It gives great accuracy and precision to the shooting of arrows. All this is done while making a minimal sound. Moreover, such arrow rests are perfect for situations that require fast draw and release and for long-distance archery.

How to Nock an Arrow With a Drop Away Rest?

  1. Grab an arrow from the quiver and hold it by the nock end.

  2. Position the bow so that it faces the ground.

  3. Position the arrow on the rest in the containment ring.

  4. The index vane may point up or towards the ground, depending on your ease of use.

  5. Align the arrow correctly. 

  6. Lastly, snap the nock onto the bowstring under the nock locater to nock your fletching.

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