How do I use/view the trophy room and what features does it offer?

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

To get a buck or doe in your trophy room you need to add harvest data on the map. 

To do this, please reference the instructions in the tutorial “How do I enter Harvest data”

Once you have entered at least one deer in your harvest data it will automatically enter into your trophy room. This is regardless of whether or not it was a notable deer you have been following. The difference is that you will have historical data of a notable deer you had been tracking and the trophy room will allow you to see all the sightings and photos of that notable deer.

To view the trophy room, click on the Trophy Room tab as seen below. We will be adding buttons to link to the trophy room soon.

Once you are in the trophy room you will see thumbnail pictures of all the deer you have entered on the map as harvest data. Just a note, when you enter harvest data on the map, it is stored as a sighting and is used to help predict future movement. 

Once you are at the trophy home page you will see the thumbnails of your kills and a brief description of the kill that includes name (if notable), harvest date, sex, weight, method, and score if applicable. 

Note: Entering harvest data also updates your Wall so that your friends know that you had taken down a trophy.

To view more detailed information on the kill, click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the harvest page for that kill. Along with the initial information previously mentioned, this page includes your initial cover photo (hopefully your pose with the animal), antler score if you chose to enter this data, a map with pinpoints of all the previous sightings (this only tracked if it was a notable deer, otherwise just shows where the harvest occurred) , and allows user to scroll through all the sightings if this was tracked using the notable feature. 

We hope you take advantage of this feature and start creating your bragging board. Make sure to double check your dates from the photo you use as the Harvest location. A lot of times these pictures were taken later and won’t accurately reflect the deer sighting that is added.

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