BGL Basics: Tracking Deer Movement

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

Big Game Logic allows you to predict future deer movement based on the data you post to your camp now. Some of the most important data you can post are deer sightings from your hunts and off-season scouting.

You can post these sightings using interactive maps within your camps. You can track all sightings on the map whether they are sightings from a hunt or from images you have captured on trail cameras. And, as with all other camp information, deer sighting data is private and can only be seen by camp members.

If you are noting a deer sighting from a hunt, you can input the date and time of the sighting. If you are uploading a trail camera photo as a sighting, Big Game Logic will automatically collect date and time stamps from the game camera photos. Once Big Game Logic has date and time information, it will provide accurate historical weather and moon phase data for the specific date and time of the sighting.

In addition to a general weather description (e.g., clear, foggy, rainy) and moon phase (e.g., waning crescent, full moon, new moon), wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and rut phase are also provided. This data can be populated from as far back as 2008. Once this data is in the system, heat map technology will then display hot spots on your camp map.

The more you start posting these sightings, the more you will start realizing that there a few deer that you want to keep a closer eye on than others. Big Game Logic has a feature just for these situations. You can keep an eye on up-and-comers or track that management or trophy buck using the Notables tab on your camp's homepage.

Create a "notable" by entering the deer's basic information including its name, sex, and approximate age. Once this notable is on your list, you can continue to track it by tagging photos or sightings of the animal during the data entry process.

With Big Game Logic, you can use deer sighting data, hot spots, and the Notables feature to pattern deer and predict future movement. The more data you post now, the more knowledge you have to predict where those big bucks in your camp will be moving in the future. So don't wait to post sightings. Start entering data from years past now to start the season off with an advantage

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