Patterning Turkeys with BGL

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

Although running and gunning is a great strategy when turkeys are vocal, when they are silent, it’s a great way to inadvertently scare birds. Regardless, mapping the areas turkeys use frequently and recording the time they use those areas can pay off big on the days when they’re silent.

Although, I rarely see turkey hunters recording their observations in a notebook, I have noticed that most turkey hunters do carry their cell phones with them. The BGL app makes recording your observations a breeze! Simply create a notable called “Gobblers” or something similar, and then when you hear a turkey gobble or see one in the distance “Add a sighting” to your map where the bird is located and tag it as the “Gobblers” notable.

Mapping turkeys can help you plan your hunts strategically so you are in the best possible position to intercept a gobbler this season. For those of you who do not have the app, if you have web access on your smartphone, you can still use the website ( to access all of the features that BGL has to offer. Good luck in the turkey woods this spring!

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