How can I edit or delete past sightings?

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

Click on “Manage Deer Sightings” link on the Camp Home page next to the query input fields.

 This will take you to the “Deer Sighting Edit Map” screen. On the left will be the map and on the right will be a scrollable list of all the sightings. It will show 30 per page. You can toggle to the next page from the top of the window. Hover the cursor over the sighting to see the location on the map. The deer sighting icon will appear where that sighting was entered.

Each sighting is group by date. It will display the time, sex, and if a photo was used for the sighting, the photo. If it was a Notable buck the name of the notable will appear. Once you find the sighting that you want to edit just click the red X to delete. This will delete it completely off the map. To “edit” you must re enter the sighting by clicking the Add/Edit Items button from the main map. There is a reason why we didn’t want user to be able to edit the info from this screen.

It’s actually easier to delete completely and re enter using the add sighting feature. If the sighting was a complete mistake then just delete it and leave it off the map.

You can also go back and tag bucks that you previously didn’t have set up as a notable and now want to track. Scroll through the sightings until you find the desired photo or sighting and click “Tag Notable”. This will take you to a window with a list of all your notables. Just tag the notable and click save.

To return to the camp page, click on the green button on the top left corner of the page.

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